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Mapitare Road Map Finland

Coverage: Finland
Finnish National Survey
- part Finnish base GIS dataset
- place names
- streets and addresses

Finnish Road Management
- digiroad

Finnish National Forestry
- snowmobile routes

We offer high quality and up-to-date vector map products for mission critical use. New generation MAPITARE products include latest information from authority sources. You can download the whole Finland into your phone and browse map without any internet connection. You are able to search addresses and placenames, measure distances and store POIs and routes smoothly! Our products are easy to use and reliable for critical uses, too. You will no longer suffer of latencies of online services, but enjoy responsive offline material on your mobile device or workstation. When you demand quality GIS products and excellent service MAPITARE is Your choice. You will save your time and money when focusing yourself on the essential.

Category : Travel & Local

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