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With the ADESA Marketplace app, licensed auto dealers can access the power of the ADESA.c website from mobile devices. Search for inventory across all ADESA sites and use the GPS function to locate vehicles on the auction lot. Scan VIN numbers to quickly access vehicle history reports and conduct pre-sale research from your phone.
Marketplace lets you:

• Search across all ADESA inventory
• Review detailed condition reports and photos
• Determine vehicle location on the auction lot
• Scan VIN number for detailed information
• Create watch lists to track vehicles of interest
• Filter auction run lists for specific lanes
• Use ADESA Market Guide to research pricing
• Place bids and buy selected vehicles

Be powerfully connected with the ADESA Marketplace mobile app.

NOTE: This app is available for registered ADESA users. You must be a licensed automobile dealer with a valid AuctionACCESS membership to register. Please contact Customer Connection at 888-526-7326 to register.

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