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Math, Count & Numbers for Kids

Math, Count & Numbers for Kids – not just exciting tasks a child can solve while playing, but also the whole adventure of happy animal-friends travelling from the city to the sea and the beach. Learning the numbers and counting never was so much fun – see for yourself! Works perfectly for kids of 3 and up.***What will your child learn?***With the help of Math Numbers & Counting for Kids your child will:
- Learn the numbers
- Learn to count to 10
- Learn addition and subtraction
- Learn what “zero” means
- Remember the order of numbers from 1 to 10 and backwards
***How to Play?***Happy friends – Crocodile, Monkey, Lemur and Hippo decided to go to the sea for vacation. On the way to the beach they will pass through different locations – the city, the forest, the lake and the desert. In every place there are new interesting tasks waiting for them:
- In the city we’ll learn the numbers up to 10
- In the forest the neighbor numbers are lost – we’ll be looking for them together
- Next to the lake we’ll learn to count all kinds of objects
- In the desert it will be time for lunch and we’ll see who ate what and how much
- By the sea we can play a bit and revise what we’ve learned by doing exciting tasks

***Key features***
- Nice lovable characters
- Learn while playing – turning learning into fun
- No advertisements – nothing distracts from playing
- Everything is very simple, clear and pretty – works even for the smallest kids
- A great way for your kid to learn math!

In the free version you can learn numbers from 1 to 5 and do the tasks for numbers memorizing, numbers order (up to 5), addition and subtraction for numbers up to 5. No advertisements. For just $2.99 you can purchase the full version, which has numbers up to 10 and more tasks for revision.

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We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and hear you suggestions. Please write to info@flexymind.com and together we’ll make the Math, Count & Numbers for Kids the best learning app for small children!

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Reviews (30)

Chr. S. Jan 15, 2015     

I thought there would be different lands to travel to on their pathway with more math activities since I am spending 3 bucks on it, but it doesn't go beyond what u see. Kind of deceiving. Also instructions don't come with audio and I have to read instructions to my child. Don't waste u r money

Jos. M. Jul 25, 2014     

I bought the full version on my account but it doesn't show the full version on my kids restricted account. Really bad experience.

Bes. H. Nov 8, 2015     

it was just fine it helped me learned a lot i liked it helped me learned counting, numbers, addition, subtraction, desending order, and assending order math happens all around.

A. G. u. Dec 30, 2014     

My son loves the game. Only gave it 3 stars because I've tried to purchase the full version but every time I try it tells me to try again :-(

Don. G. Apr 19, 2015     

Yes, it would be much better if the questions were spoken but my 3year old does fine. Yes, in the beginning I spent time with her explaining the games but now she does great on her own. It is visual and makes sense without reading.

Hay. S. Mar 9, 2015     

Great game my son who is in kindergarten loves it and its been helping him like his least favorite subject...math ☺

Abe. B. Apr 21, 2015     

To hard my brother is 3 he does not know what to do but it's a good app for 5 years old's

Vin. N. Jan 4, 2015     

Not suitable for kids who haven't yet learn't reading (3-5 yrs). It funny that questions are only displayed as text and not spoken while the feedback uses speech.

A. G. u. Jul 16, 2014     

Thats soooo good bcz my kids can enjoy playing it and then with this game they will be profetionals in maths LOL Laugh Out Loud

Sua. H. Mar 7, 2015     

It ok but it for 5-6 not suitable for 1-2

Vil. V. Jan 23, 2015     

I think I will like it because it's sounds very fun to me.yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I am a kid.

4th. t. Aug 12, 2014     

Its expensive i will teach my child manually

Ros. A. Apr 16, 2015     

No voice to tell kids what's the question. Loves the graphic though.

Lea. E. Aug 12, 2014     

My 3year old just turned loves this app with the money

Tab. A. Jul 29, 2014     

My daughter loves this app. Wish it was free but otherwise amazing

Han. G. Aug 13, 2016     

Very good watch your kids don't buy full version

Tra. C. Jan 19, 2015     

My 4 yr old really loved it

Cor. M. Jun 14, 2014     

Over all good app my son loved it

Kan. M. Dec 6, 2014     

Good for my kids.. they can learn math with fun

pri. s. Aug 23, 2014     

It's help to learn maths to my child

Cec. L. Jun 11, 2014     

This game is great for preschoolers

Zia. U. A. Oct 5, 2015     

Grabs my childs attention well

Chr. S. Dec 29, 2015     

It helps my children learn

Sho. B. Jul 19, 2014     

This is a wonderful game for my baby girl

Mik. S. Aug 2, 2015     

Should be clear when purchasing

Asi. M. Jan 25, 2015     

Its good learning for kid

Spa. Jan 8, 2015     

My baby bro likes this thx

Hea. C. Jan 4, 2015     

My 4 year old plays this all day!

Sha. B. Nov 10, 2014     

I downloaded this game for my son to learn his math numbers nd counting lol it only goes up to 5 really my son wants to play all the way up to 10 nd it says download the full the game nd it wont let me download it this game is bullshit

wil. a. Sep 6, 2014     

It's really help my child........