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migme - chat, play & have fun

migme is a fun place to be social, meet new friends, and get close to the latest stars.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~KEY FEATURES~~~~~~~~~~~~~

★ Chat and send gifts Send a gift, when you chat and share with friends.

★ Meet new people Find interesting people in our chatrooms, miniblogs and key influencer community.

★ Live chat with the latest stars Chat, gift and join in the conversation with popular singing, TV and social media stars.

★ Play with games and appsGrab a friend and challenge them in chatroom, mobile and web-based games.

Available on Google Play, Apple App Store, J2ME and web.

~~~~~~~~~~~WHAT'S NEW~~~~~~~~~~~
* Faster Post feed load times
* Quicker display of images
* Improved page load times
* Reduced data consumption
* Improved stability and responsiveness
* Other performance improvements and bug fixes

Category : Social

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Reviews (30)

Adi. A. Aug 9, 2017     

Hello Migme Team, Since a long duration of time, I am facing problem in logging my ID. Even after having strong and WLAN internet, I am getting error message [Connect Server Error, please try again later!]. Please try to fix this out as I'm old user and don't want to miss any moment with my MigFriends. Thank you.

An. U. C. Mar 23, 2017     

Despite having thousands of users, whenever I log in I can only see icha_shapuetry either online or in blog. It seems like none other users even exists for me. Well sometimes one is enough to break and build. I hate her but even I don't hate her actually. I don't know if am writing a review of mig or her. Anyways, would like to thank mig for giving me lots & lots of experiences.

URP. E. Mar 27, 2017     

This migme is full of abusers moderators who think mig as if it's their personal heritage.BD moderator snowydreamgirl is misusing her powe're to get her personal revenges against users & even after so many complaints migme staffs aren't taking any action against her. just a useless & corrupted site.I Boycott migme :)

Gay. B. C. Jul 6, 2017     

Migme is fun to use. You get to communicate and get along with people and celebrities. There are so many giveaways where users can join and get a chance in winning. But the sad thing is, migne could not handle, and then eventually stops working, whenever i post or comment a lot. It says system error due to high load, when i have only made comments thrice. Migme automatically logs out accounts too. I do hope creators of migme can do something about this.

Yas. Sep 4, 2017     

Will mig ever be smooth or at least work, it has been over 10 years and the app is not stable yet , weeks passed and the app is not working always says network problem and nothing loads out. Is selling imojies and gifts all you aim for. And making profit What about the messaging experience and server stabelity for a start ha Tell you what i have never bought and will never buy any of your emojies or points or anything you offer

Ren. C. Sep 10, 2017     

This absolutely gud, but you must learn so much more on this. First, when I tried to sign up, I was in trouble there, I had to repeat the sign up process due over than 30minutes just because of word "oops, something went wrong". Second, I tried to syncronise it with my facebook, but "hang, on". Third, when I tried to sign up in "sign up" options, there was "failed to fetch". So that, it will be potensial appcation if you want to spend more time to kick away the bug or something like that. I mean, you can beat fb, beetalk or wechat someday, but not in your way of work right now. Thanks.. And actually, I just missing mig33 so much

Sha. S. Mar 24, 2018     

Several times i tried to sign up it says Server error. Even if i try to sign up using face book the result remains the same. This is really disappointing.

Ros. R. Mar 25, 2017     

Migme is not working in browsers(mobile&web) when your internet is very slow unlike facebook or twitter I can still use whatever is the status of my internet connection unless it really doesn't have a connection. Why is that? Am I the only who only expreinced this situation? And in mobile browser, notifications is forever loading.

abd. e. Oct 28, 2017     

Doesn't work plz fix it soon I tried to login since 3 days and it give me one msg : connection errors : plz tell me a reason

أبن. ع. Apr 13, 2017     

Hmmm.. Ita awesome! But needs more improvement on blogs n chat.. Needs to be more easier and its slow loading feeds and notifications . I'm really happy to b a Moderator in migme and thanks mogme team for chosen me .. I give 5 stars for encourage more improvement.. Tx

dev. v. Sep 18, 2017     

It's ok but there are major problem as well like I am using the latest of phone's then to unable to send pics. Always shows network problem

Abd. A. Apr 22, 2018     

I can't log in to my account that I have since long time. It's disappointing

iDo. B. Oct 16, 2017     

My id sunshineafterrais i like the apps very much but sometime when in 2g it will disconnect so plz solve these issues..

A. G. u. Aug 11, 2017     

I am not able to sign in it always says that "server error please try again" and when I try again it again says the same thing... Help

A. G. u. Oct 2, 2017     

I have been trying for 2 hours to sign but failed. Irresponsible fellows. They didn't even give me my old account says inactive.

Raz. H. Apr 4, 2017     

Poor connectivity, it always shows "connecting". This is the worst chatting and social media platform I have ever used. It takes usually 5 mins average to send a message while chatting. Totally waste of time.

zai. Jan 26, 2018     

I just can't use the mig app I ve been its member for years now but from past few months I just can't log in to my account. it's such a disappointment

Yas. S. Jun 2, 2017     

The co of snap uh r mc,bc and lost gali for uh. Your country girl come to r country and dance in ipl. A tumere akud ha mc

A. G. u. Jul 12, 2017     

Stupid app. Doesn't connect to internet properly even if we have a strong internet connection. They just messed up with the app and ruined the fun. No matter what they reply to the reviews, they just won't make any updates and make the app fun again. Doesn't even deserve one star.

Pil. M. S. May 10, 2017     

i really don't know i was just curioua about this i really dont like to write a review but the only option i have to see my message is to rate it, so here i am writting a review 😂

kyw. p. Sep 6, 2017     

"network problem. Hang in there" suck application blaming on network.. I can watching youtube full hd without buferring.. But still can't log in to migme.. Don't blame on our network if ur server has down.. Im migme user since 2007 until now.. Still better old version on java.. Tell ur dev, fix this.. Others messenger better than mig me.. Without network error

Dod. B. May 5, 2017     

I have problem with network, if I minimize the application, always disconected, my phone Samsung Galaxy S7 edge android N

Eli. H. Nov 4, 2017     

Not connecting anymore and they're not even fixing it. Seriously, this app has become a joke now.

jaw. i. Nov 15, 2017     

You just improve this apps. Why it is disable last 2 week. Connection failed server error. It is worst apps in android

sha. s. Aug 21, 2017     

What is happening to mig. It's hard to login and always disconnects and slow loading. Repair it fast

A. G. u. Mar 14, 2017     

When I comment more on a post ,I always Forced out and sometimes The messages and notification are delayed ,just that ..Im hoping you can fix this ,because I like this app now ..

Reh. N. Aug 9, 2017     

3 days and more and i can't login bcz of error in your server what kind of apps you are this is aweful! I used this app for 7 years and i'm gonna leave it bcz there is no professionalism here

Nev. N. Nov 30, 2017     

So irritating, even if you have internet, and updated the app, still cannot login. perhaps a fake app like others and slagging back, you guys can just tell us that this app is no more applicable!

Civ. R. Feb 22, 2018     

Can't log on or it just never works so sad I used to love this app. Galaxy s7 Not working

A. G. u. Mar 4, 2018     

Goodbye mig33, I've been using it since 2007, it was the best chat app ever, I made some good friends here. Goodbye mig33 thanks for the memories