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Mindfulness Guide

If you are stressed at work or feeling anxious most of the time, its time to practice mindfulness. Through mindfulness, you will be relieved from day to day stress and improve your productivity.
As beginners, these guided meditation audio can help you begin a mindful life.

The following are the guided meditation for you to use:

For an introduction to mindfulness meditation that you can practice on your own, turn on your speakers and click on the "Play" button.

Breathing Meditation (5 mins)Breath, Sound, Body Meditation (12 mins)Complete Meditation Instructions (19 mins)Meditation for Working with Difficulties (7 mins)Loving Kindness Meditation (9 mins)Body and Sound Meditation (3 mins)Body Scan Meditation (3 mins)Body Scan for Sleep (13 mins)

Sample Guided Meditation Transcript as follows:

Breathing Meditation (5:31)Find a relaxed, comfortable positionSeated on a chair or on the floor, on a cushionKeep your back upright, but not too tightHands resting wherever they're comfortableTongue on the roof of your mouth or wherever it's comfortable.And you can notice your bodyFrom the insideNoticing the shape of your body, the weight, touchAnd let yourself relaxAnd become curious about your bodySeated hereThe sensations of your bodyThe touchThe connection with the floorThe chairRelax any areas of tightness or tensionJust breatheSoftenAnd now begin to tune into your breathIn your bodyFeeling the natural flow of breathDon't need to do anything to your breathNot long not short just naturalAnd notice where you feel your breath in your bodyIt might be in your abdomenIt may be in your chest or throatOr in your nostrilsSee if you can feel the sensations of breathOne breath at a timeWhen one breath ends, the next breath beginsNow as you do this you might notice that your mind might start to wanderYou might start thinking about other thingsIf this happens this is not a problemIt's very naturalJust notice that your mind has wanderedYou can say "thinking" or "wandering" in your head softlyAnd then gently redirect your attention right back to the breathingSo we'll stay with this for some time in silenceJust a short timeNoticing our breathFrom time to time getting lost in thought and returning to our breathSee if you can be really kind to yourself in the processAnd once again you can notice your body, your whole body, seated hereLet yourself relax even more deeplyAnd then offer yourself some appreciationFor doing this practice todayWhatever that means to youFinding a sense of ease and wellbeing for yourself and this day[bell rings]

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