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Mini Golf 3D

Note: If you've paid to remove the ads and find that the ads are still showing please email me and I will refund your purchase. Unfortunately I cannot update this game any longer and it seems the in app purchase to remove the ads is no longer working properly; therefore i have disabled the option to purchase it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Mini Golf 3D is a free mini golf game that includes two 18 hole courses with a simple to use interface and great 3D graphics. Mini Golf 3D features normal mode, where you can compare your high scores with people around the world, and a new practice mode where you can select an individual hole to practice as much as you want. There are also now 3 different camera modes to cycle through including a behind-the-ball view, aerial view, and another view that continuously rotates around the hole. You can sign in to the Google Play Games Service to compete against friends on the global leader boards and earn achievements as well. The leader boards rank the best scores for the current day, week, and all time, as well as the total number of holes-in-one and rounds completed. If you enjoy mini golf, you'll love this relaxing, yet challenging mini golf game. See if you can set the high score and become the mini golf champion!

Interface Tutorial:Tap or hold the left and right arrows to adjust your aimTap the power button once to start the power meter, then again to stop it at the desired powerPressing the camera button in the top right cycles through the different camera viewsPressing the score in the bottom right opens/closes the scorecard

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