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MOA Scope Zero

To date, over 10,000 people have zeroed their scopes quickly with this app, most using less than a full magazine of ammo. Who needs a bore sight kit or a gunsmith when you can quickly and accurately zero a scope yourself? Save money and time! Forget the math and confusion, let my app do the work for you so you can spend more time having fun at the range.

Works great for a first time zero or minor adjustments!

Other ballistic calculators are expensive or overloaded with unnecessary features you don't need or intrusive and annoying ads. Our scope tool is just as accurate as others on the market but with the fat trimmed down so to speak, leaving you with a much simpler, error proof interface that any end user can comprehend at any skill level. Our free version will always feature a small ad banner at the top of the screen where it's out of the way and in no way slows you down in the operation of the app. That's right! No full screen ads popping up every time you press a button!

App takes some basic info from you, asks for your shot measurements from bulls-eye and tells you which way to adjust your MOA scope or AR style peep sights, and how many clicks :) enjoy!

-Great for rifle and airgun shooters who need to quickly zero a new scope or get their current rig set up for hunting season. Also works great for AR style peep sights.

-App calculates the required adjustments while shooting from any number of yards (I recommend starting at 25 yards, then 50, then 100 for a good accurate zero. Bearing in mind you should always check to find the zero point for your particular caliber, rifle, and the ammo you are using. Some ammunition manufacturers print ballistic charts right on the packaging.)

-Compatible with 1/4"MOA, 1/8"MOA, 1/2"MOA and 1"MOA scopes!

Link to ad-free version can be found in app on start up, if this app works for you leave a review and/or purchase the pro version to support our work!
Download now and discover the ease of zeroing your own scope!

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