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Mobile Camera Viewer

Mobile Camera Viewer provides remote video surveillance using cameras connected to a cloud service based video surveillance platform ExtCam.
Typically, ExtCam cloud video surveillance platform deployed by Internet service providers and mobile operators. If your ISP has not implemented the service, the application Mobile Camera Viewer will not work, because registration is required in service. If you are not sure, check with your Internet service provider, whether it is connected to the platform ExtCam.

Category : Tools

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Reviews (9)

Ari. B. Oct 11, 2020     

After installing..asking to sign ini only..and yet not registered but there is no configuration for sign up

A. G. u. Feb 18, 2017     

Would not let me sign in

Man. S. Apr 16, 2017     

Will not let me sign in

Moh. E. Oct 31, 2014     

How do you sign up its not letting me??

Ale. S. Aug 30, 2013     

My cameras are my cameras - I don't want anyone else's involvement.

Ran. W. Feb 23, 2014     

What's with the sign in screen?

FNK. Jan 30, 2017     

I have one question why would u make a survalience app soo creepy

A. G. u. Jun 14, 2018     

It's gd

Jas. Jul 1, 2016     

Sign in required? Ummm....no. Response to Extcam below: Sign in is required because you store footage on the server side. If it were just a viewer, sign in would not be required because footage would be stored client side.