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Mobile NVR Client

Kedacom Mobile NVR Client (MNC) can access and manage Kedacom Network Video Recorders (NVRs). However, not all Kedacom NVRs can work with the MNC. You must ensure that the target NVR can work with the MNC before connecting to the target NVR. The MNC is an account-free application and you can access and manage an NVR using accounts created on the NVR. Note: The MNC will be able to access and manage Kedacom IP cameras in a later version.
Firmware Required:Android 4.1 Onwards

Support for: Concurrent four-channel viewing PTZ controls Snapshots Local recording Playback Main/secondary (clear/smooth) stream switching URL access

Category : Video Players & Editors

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Reviews (3)

Nei. C. Dec 26, 2017     

Another load of rubbish, can't connect to the network to view the device.

Chr. M. Dec 18, 2015     

My cameras don't have passwords as it is not connected to the internet doesn't allow you to add a camera without a pass useless app.

Ser. P. May 12, 2018     

Hasn't option for connect via cloud network.