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Mobile ORG 2019

(If the sensitivity is slow, change from the settings menu)
A great ORG application by Mustafa Canik, the producer of Kurtlar Vadisi Remix, for his music consultation and presentation!
It has been developed together with the pianists who are fully involved in this work.
With mobile ORG you can make a wedding! Completely Turkish and Arabic instruments and rhythms are available.
Key features:
- 40 Rhythms, 40 Instruments (80 Grain Rythm for a fee)
- Adjustable Transposure and Coma
- 5 Different Themes
- Practical Training Mode
- Adjustable Keyboard

Category : Music

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Reviews (21)

Sub. J. Dec 12, 2021     

Sound is not natural at all. Sound stop abruptly. UI is also not good.

Ami. G. S. Dec 23, 2019     

Totally waste of time.most untuned, late responce and monophonic type sound.

Ari. f. Jun 18, 2021     

Great 👌👌😊 Up quality, good record , bass up quality and ..,...

smi. l. Jul 4, 2019     

very bad and use less no graphic

Kha. A. M. Aug 18, 2021     

Very very very bad the second I open it an add

Ben. S. Jan 6, 2021     

A good musical app for android mobile.

Muk. K. Aug 25, 2019     

Very nice mobile org 2019 application

A. G. u. Jan 22, 2019     

i Love this games MOBILES ORGS 2018 AND 2019 me post

Ent. g. Jul 14, 2021     

Great and usefull piano thankyou for made him👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍🙏

Dee. S. k. Dec 31, 2020     

4 years to all ready play

Oli. U. Dec 20, 2021     

The app very good

Gay. S. Nov 21, 2020     

I don't no how type of this this game is installing but your comments are very bad

JIL. T. Jul 9, 2021     

Best of the best

Wes. K. Feb 26, 2019     

not the best 😣

all. I. t. c. Mar 9, 2021     

This is bast comady

A. G. u. Sep 10, 2017     

No exit button that sound also bad

Jas. B. Apr 7, 2018     

I think this app is the future of music ...THUMBS UP

NGW. E. Apr 6, 2018     

I think it's fun to use

A. G. u. Apr 12, 2018     

It's wows

A. G. u. Jan 13, 2018     

Thats good

Hen. T. Jan 12, 2019