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Mobile Three Kingdoms

Mobile Three Kingdoms is based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
[Game Features]1. Turn-Based Massive-User Strategic SimulationOne turn per 3 minutes, That's the first thing you should know.

2. Search and hire the great hero/heroine.Hero/Heroine(s) will assist your long journey to the Emperor as friend or foe.

3. War Novel SystemYour battles will be recorded as a tale by bards(artificial intelligence)

4. Turmoil (Certain period of time: 3 hours per every 4 weeks)Intense wars will be waged to become an emperor.After turmoil, the final winner becomes an emperor.

5. Guild system (Clan System)We support BBS and guild.Challenge different guilds to obtain a higher rank and become the most dominant guild of the Mobile Three Kingdoms.

Category : Strategy

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