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MobileMuni - The SF Muni App

MobileMuni is the FASTEST and EASIEST transit map app for finding routes and tracking rail, bus, and subway arrival times for the San Francisco MUNI. Never miss the bus again!
MobileMuni for San Francisco lets you:

• Look up the MUNI schedule, routes, & stops in an easy to use app

• Get real time rail, bus, and subway arrival and departure predictions

• All Transit is displayed on a beautiful map of San Francisco

• Find the best stops and routes between any two locations in San Francisco using the exclusive ROUTE FINDER. Want to get to AT&T Park for the Giants Game? Simply type "AT&T Park" and tap "Find Routes", and Route Finder will tell you the best rail, bus, and subway routes to get you to your destination on time. The best part is that all your transit and transfer information is displayed on a clean map so you can get to your destination.

• Find out what a stop looks like before you get there using the exclusive STOP PREVIEW. Tap the eye button when looking at any stop to see a 360º panorama of what the stop looks like in real life

• Find nearby stops for the rail, bus, and subway routes that get you where you need to go

• Discover other rail, bus, and subway routes that service a given stop

• Location tracker lets you see the actual location of buses and trains on a map, updated in real time

• Save favorite stops in a single tap; the schedule and time for the MUNI buses and trains you use everyday is just a tap away!

• Full app support for the latest Ice Cream Sandwhich and Jelly Bean devices, including tablets

• MobileMuni is so much more than just a muni schedule app. So what are you waiting for?! Download the #1 Transit tracker map app for the San Francisco MUNI NOW!

Category : Maps & Navigation

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Reviews (30)

Pet. B. Jun 11, 2014     

But not always as functional as google maps itself. The time predictions and route information is great, but the interface could use work in regards to just addresses, and I hate when I hit back it goes out my route instead of just straight to the routes. Still useful and easy to figure out, IF you know the routes alrsasy (SF user)

A. G. u. Jul 21, 2012     

Just started playing with it and I love it already! Its great that it shows you the whole bus route instead of just up to your destination. It answers the question - where would this bus take me if I stayed on it. It shows you where every bus stop on the route is. It even has street view. If you're a transit user, this is Google Maps on steroids!

rac. w. Jul 17, 2014     

App works great, love the autolocation feature.. my only complaints are that its slow to load, as it loads *all* routes each time you open it, and that direction of travel (in/outbound) seems hard to quickly locate and change. I keep my common bus stops bookmarked, but for other lines - or when shopping or wandering about town - especially when you find yourself at a stop without a nextbus indicator, this is a must have app! Thanks muni!

Dev. Sep 11, 2014     

It's not very user friendly. The usability of the app is low and it suitably just easier and quicker to check Google maps and hope that it's accurate. It would be better if it was easier to navigate and find the desired info and if I wouldn't crash so often.

Den. L. Feb 23, 2013     

The interface is nice and gets the job done and all, but it can be clunky at times, especially when are trying to zoom in on the map and what not. I used to use this on a daily basis, but would recommend QuickMuni, it feels more streamlined and responsive.

Max. A. Sep 23, 2015     

It gets the job done. But the interface is very clumsy with zooming in and out. I end up having to zoom in and out just to refresh the screen

Eri. M. May 2, 2014     

Can't reliably predict when bus will be at a stop. Map is hard to use with one hand. And trying to click on a stop didn't always work. There are better apps.

Kat. V. Mar 7, 2014     

Worked great the first time I opened the app. After that though, never showed the estimated times of the buses.

rob. p. Mar 29, 2016     

when I first downloaded this app I could enter an address and get all the busses that would get me close. now it won't even recognize my home address

Ben. S. May 18, 2014     

Sometimes takes a LONG time to load and calculate arrival & departure times for stops. Pros: fairly accurate, with good visuals. 3 stars is fair I feel.

Mag. J. Apr 11, 2015     

Maybe it's not as easy to use as I would expect, but gets the job done.

Tol. C. Sep 10, 2014     

one of the recent changes broke address parsing. Trying to go downtown SF, but it shows destination as Brisbane, CA. Also drains battery if you don't close it.

Leo. C. A. Sep 9, 2013     

Is better in usability than other muni apps. But would be great tohave the bus positions that can be done with others.

Rob. A. Jul 26, 2014     

It worked for 1 day and then never again. It doesn't have predictions for any route anymore

Mar. H. Jan 16, 2015     

The app is nice in that it has a map and auto location. However when I tried to add routes to my favorites, it worked for the first day. Then the days after, I have to keep reselecting the route and it just says there are no predictions if I select it from my favorites.

Wil. B. Mar 17, 2014     

the predictions from this app are unreliable. sometimes it tells me that buses that don't exist are coming. other times, it failed to tell me about buses that actually are coming. and, sometimes it won't work at all.

Rog. T. Aug 5, 2014     

This app is impossible to use in any normal way to find a bus route between any two locations.

SL. J. May 13, 2015     

Your app makes the visual of the trip so easy to figure out how to go anywhere in SF. Thanks

Han. T. Feb 9, 2015     

This app is amazing but frequently it will not be able to show when the bus will be at the stop.

A. G. u. Aug 27, 2012     

This app has given me incorrect timing information which has caused me to miss my bus multiple times. As soon as i have tome i am going to download a different muni app

Geo. D. May 20, 2014     

More work for less information make the old version far superior.

A.. S. H. Jan 6, 2015     

Will only show inbound or outbound, pressing the button changes nothing.

Chr. S. Jan 16, 2015     

It's slow, inaccurate, and failed to retrieve relevant data most of time. The interface is clumsy, unintuitive and difficult to use accurately.

Ril. H. May 20, 2015     

The first day I used this app was the only time it worked. I have an HTC M8 and every time I open the app it has "no predictions available" for everything. It doesn't matter the time of day, where I am, anything. Beyond unhelpful at that point.

Jas. C. Aug 7, 2013     

The estimated time of arrivals is ridiculously off.

Sha. O. Sep 26, 2015     

How hard is it to design a software app that's easy to follow... Very difficult, obviously.

A. G. u. Oct 15, 2013     

I really like the clean UI. Still trying to figure out how the wayfinding works. Keep up the great work!

Ant. B. Feb 12, 2014     

The overall App is very slow, especially in map view, and it's unresponsive at some times.

Tar. R. Feb 3, 2015     

Tried a few different apps for muni and I like this one the best. The ease of the real time departures/arrivals is great!

Sal. S. Apr 26, 2014     

Keeps saying I don't have connection when it's not true