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Monster Evolution Clicker

This is your tiny monster. He is so hungry, he could eat anything. Feed him, and see how it grows and evolves. He can develop larger teeth, limbs, wings, etc. In time it will learn to hunt for itself. And it will grow and grow.
How to play:
- Tap food repeatedly to eat it and gain calories.
- Spend calories on upgrades: size, strength, brain, evolution, luck and photosynthesis.
- The larger the food, the harder it is to eat. So be sure that your bite damage is large enough.
- Some food can't be eaten until your monster evolve some abilities: for example monster needs to evolve flying to be able to hunt airplanes.
- Prestige system: When your monster is large enough, it is worth to create new monster and start over. New monster will get bonus genetic points, which will increase its bite damage and allow him to develop superpowers.

Example superpowers:
- Telekinesis
- monster will hunt faster
- Clairvoyance
- monster will get more calories from random bonuses
- Force Field
- bonus will last longer
- Genetic Memory
- monster will remember power of its ancestors, giving him huge damage at the beginning
- Energy Drain
- continuous clicking will increase energy of the monster
- Symbionts
- more calories from food
- ...and many more

There are a bunch of badges to get. Some of them require not only patience, but also some ingenuity.

Category : Casual

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