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Monster Evolution Clicker

A little cute Monster lives in peace somehow because uncontrollable DNA makes them evolve into something that can't be imaginable. They're still cute and have a lot of tooth and eyes.
Every monster generates gold coin, but you can tap to help them generate coin faster, as you create more and more monster and make them evolution, they will even generate more coin for you, Feed them with fatty Human to make them generate more coin.



- Use coin to buy Monster or wait egg to deliver
- It's easy, just drag similar monster to another monster and BOOM!!! They will evolve into something you can't imaginable
- Play Offline??? No problem your awesome tractor will help you take all coins for you.
- You can customize your monster to make them cute and make them evolve with style


- Different Stage and many monsters to discover
- Many Accessories to play with style
- Earn coin offline so don't worry
- Tons of cute or scary monster to discover

Discover Them and download Monster Evolution now!

Category : Casual

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