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Monster Quest -Evolve Monsters

Best monster collecting game available for Google Play!

=========== SOME GAME REVIEWS =================

★ Fun to play. An adventure mix between digimon and pokemon with a lot of monster like pikachu★★★★
★ Lil prob but great game Its great just fix the bugs and it reminds me of pokemon.★★★★
★ Great game goes fast I love this game and it adds legendary creatures.★★★★
★ Love it! Its like pokemon and digimon with Kingdoms full of extraordinary dragons of a lot of different elements.★★★★
★ Amazing! The monsters are cool, looks like digimon! One pet is like pikachu!★★★★
★ Alright Not bad actually pretty much pokemon rip off can be fun though

============ LIST OF FEATURES ============

★ Journey through six islands and hundreds of levels. An epic adventure awaits you!
★ Become a monster trainer and hunt dragons.
★ Each Creature has a lot of Beast Skills and extraordinary Monster Evolutions.
★ Choose the pocket race beast wisely for make your own battling strategy. Challenge powerful bosses and win excellent prizes!
★ Power up and fight creatures opponents by raising your dragon battle tactics!
★ Level Up your dragons and make them evolve to the most powerful evolutions!
★ Use magic items to synthesize your common monsters into legendary creatures!
★ Breed dragons starting at level 3 and raise their level to become the level 100 beast!
★ Multiplayer pvp Fight! Battle against your friends in PVP or Battle against your friends using the Leaderboards or Achievements.
★ Battle in the Creature Tournament and fight with players from all over the world!
★ Defeat Bosses with awesome 6 pets team. Try to defeat the dragon warlord.
★ Awesome Character Customization and dragon customization, customize your pets with different colours and awesome items.
★ Collect and evolve hundreds of unique Monsters of different elements.
★ Explore Islands and complete Awesome Quests on this epic adventure.
★ Personalize your Avatar for customize your adventure.
★ Explore islands in a huge world with more than 30 different lands full of epic fun.
★ Challenge all the dragon leaders and collect badges through!
★ Discover secret habitats full of rare monsters, epic dragons and legendary creatures!
★ Summon multiple pets and fight your enemy with super attack skills!
★ Tame the legendary pets and evolve them!
★ Conquer more than 30 unique habitats across wild rivers, high mountains, old forests and frozen islands.
★ Unlock 100+ quests, achievements, pets and zones
★ Free to play!

============ CONTACT TIKTAK GAMES (Creators of Terapets and Magic Dragon) ============

TIKTAK GAMES WEBSITE : http://www.tiktakgames.com/Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tiktak-Games/174164965959541Twitter : https://twitter.com/TiktakGamesYoutube : http://www.youtube.com/user/tiktakgames

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