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Monster Tail

2015 The Most Madden Game Online! Addictive and Free Idle system with hundreds of adorable monster-collecting! Play the Monster Tail, you can transform and recruit monsters fight for themselves. It's with various completely new way of playing and goes beyond the traditional idle game. Over 100 monsters are included, and classic monster skills recall! Let’s bring back our childhood memories!Combinations & Combo skill & Evolve Over hundreds of monsters can be collected, you can try thousands of combinations to fight with different types of enemy. Some special monsters can do combo skill! There are virtually challenge your mind with no limit. Monster will evolve into new stage and to be more powerful if you advanced it!
Offline Benefit systemIt has offline battles, fantasy, heroes and upgrade. No worries about coins, EXP and gears. Less energy spent, more profit gained. Millions of concurrent players are around with you! We laze, but we earn!

Social Features & Enjoyable Visual Colorful visual, enjoyable music and multiple plays, ultimate experience! You’ll never have to crawl a deadly dungeon alone with the available social features! Just enjoy your time!

Can’t wait to experience the power of Monster and be the real master? Click here to download now!

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Category : Adventure

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