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Monster Warlord

The best monster collecting battle game on mobile!
Collect hundreds of unique monsters and battle them in friendly competition!________________________________________________

- Catch rare and mysterious monsters by questing and battling!
- Discover all 6 types
- Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Darkness and Holy!
- Each monster has its own special attributes and abilities
- so the more the merrier!

- Combine two monsters to create a leaner, meaner, better one!
- With all-new PLUS Monsters, the combinations are endless!

- Engage in epic World Boss battles and climb to the top of the rankings!
- Raid mysterious Dungeons and return with large rewards and powerful monsters!

- Battle players from around the world in Global PvP!
- Avenge fallen allies and collect large bounties!

- Play with players from around the world!
- Form vast alliances and join close-knit clans!________________________________________________

Join the community at https://www.facebook.com/MonsterWarlordGAMEVIL

NEWS & EVENTSWebsite: http://www.gamevil.comFacebook: http://facebook.com/gamevil Twitter: http://twitter.com/gamevil YouTube: http://youtube.com/gamevil

* This game is available in English.
* There may be additional costs when trying to obtain certain items.

Category : Adventure

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