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Motorola FM Radio

Listen to your favorite FM radio stations for free on your Motorola phone. Motorola FM Radio makes it easy to scan for stations, build your favorites list, set your sleep timer, record the best songs and see live information about what’s playing -
- all with a cool Material Design look. This application has been designed to work on Motorola phones with an enabled FM chipset and running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above. You may play thru wired headset, bluetooth headset or loudspeaker, and for the best performance you should connect a wired headset or Digital TV dongle to act as the FM antenna.

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Reviews (30)

Rob. H. Apr 29, 2022     

Love radio application as hardware is built into the phone. Earphone is only required to be antenna. Blue tooth and speaker work well. One thing I have noticed is when radio is activated it constantly activates google assistant. Extremely annoying when you are just trying to listen to the radio. After assistant is activated crashes FM program regularly some sort of conflict between the two assistant just goes nuts. I have to reboot phone to get it to terminate itself. I just deactivated Google

Dar. K. Nov 30, 2021     

I don't use this app, because I'm not very fond of the music that's commonly played on radio stations! It's much better to choose each song I listen to from a list of my favorites! That's why I never used the radio app anymore, since I've got much better ways to listen to music on an Android device! I also dislike this app's requirement that headphones be plugged into the device, otherwise it doesn't work!

Gar. H. Apr 1, 2021     

This app is perfect and taps into your phones actual FM tuner, no internet or data required. Many people don't seem to understand that free radio actually is broadcast over the airwaves! You can set favorites and record music for later. What more can you ask for? There is an option to listen with your phone speaker and not headphones but you probably won't pick up much. It uses your headphone cord as the antenna.

dl. h. Jun 28, 2019     

Fails to retain settings for sleep timer default and recording. I want to be able to revoke permission to record entirely, but it won't work at all if you do that, and, being completely unnecessary for advertised function, an outrageous overreach on the part of Motorola. If I can't revoke access to the microphone (essential only if I want to record), the product is just broken. A serious bug that makes the product unusable. As to people who don't know the difference between frequency modulation transmission of radio and "streaming", I've got my own pet peeve - almost all of the apps advertised to provide a "radio tuner" don't receive radio at all, much less operate as a tuner, but rely on retransmission of signals via internet. "Radio" refers to radio frequency transmission of signals over the air. "FM radio" refers to a particular modulation technique by which the signal is imposed upon a carrier wave. False advertising and wire fraud.

M. C. Jan 9, 2020     

On a wired connection, this app is great. Lots of stations and the signal is consistently good. It offers different experience than just streaming music through Spotify, Amazon or Google, which is what I do mostly, but love to still be able to enjoy local radio stations. Especially while traveling, you get to hear local radio stations and helps you get a sense of the community and culture surrounding you. Noticed such a big difference between West Coast, Central and East Coast stations.

Bev. H. Jul 21, 2019     

This app is very valuable when traveling as FM radios are quickly disappearing from overnight accomodations. The one MAJOR problem for me is that since this app directly controls the audio output via user selection, there is no way to redirect the audio to ChromeCast which I use any time an HDMI input is available on a TV. All of the other apps that have audio output have no problem casting to the (normally) better speakers in TVs.

A. G. u. Apr 30, 2019     

After reading reviews on here it amazes me how hopeless people are. YOU NEED WIRED HEADPHONES PLUGGED IN TO ACT AS AN ANTENNA. It tells you this as soon as you open the app! If you want it to play the radio through the loudspeaker or Bluetooth then change the setting on the bottom left of the first screen but keep the headphones plugged in. It really isn't that complicated.

Sli. L. Jun 27, 2019     

love it. it isn't flawless but with headphones, i. get really good reception, almost car quality reception. I can't tell if the quality is dependant on the headphones or the phone power, but either way the app works pretty good. haven't recorded anything yet but i don't really need to. sometimes i do need to restart the app for it to work but it's only a minor inconvenience.

Joh. L. Dec 8, 2020     

The only one thing with this app is. It doesn't give enough presets. I have more stations to save than slots. I can't complain. If I get bad reception. It's my antenna's fault. And a cool thing. Your phone doesn't have to have service or wifi to work. Just headphones. Even broke headphones work. You just need the wire and the plug for the antenna. And you can also broadcast through the speaker of your phone. What would be nice is to be able to use a bluetooth speaker.

Dra. F. Aug 6, 2021     

Pretty solid app to be honest. I would rate it 5 stars if it didn't have one problem: a terrible Bluetooth connection option. Not sure if it has something to do with the phone I have (Moto G7 power), but every time I try to connect my wireless headphones to the radio, I just hear static. Still, it's great for people who use wired headphones. I also like how it scans local radio stations so that you don't have to skim through stations to get to the one you like.

Eri. T. Jan 8, 2022     

I keep buying Motorola phones specifically for this app and the ability to listen to live radio broadcasts. I use this app to listen to the live FM radio sports broadcast on headphones while attending games because there is no delay between the action on the field and the play by play like there is when streaming. Even if I wanted to stream the game over thr internet the data signal is not reliable enough to do so in a stadium surrounded by 60,000+ people.

Man. T. Mar 29, 2019     

I have always used my fm Radio app like this: Phone with wired headphones to use as an antenna, and bluetooth headphones so I can walk freely. This version, even though you already have bluetooth headphones, it asks you to set them up, and if you don't, it wont play, It forces you to "set it up" and goes automatically to bluetooth configuration, and by disconnecting and re-connecting the bluetooth headphones, it works. This is totally annoying and didn't happen with earlier versions.

Pat. H. Apr 5, 2022     

Even with the earbuds in as for an antenna the station's all coming scratching and sounds like it's just out of tune! It's a digital radio so it's not like an analog radio where you can use the knob to it just a frequency to get just right! No matter what I do it seems like it's always out of tune instead of a crisp reception!

Cle. B. C. Apr 26, 2022     

Great app if you just want a ton of different stations to listen to! Honestly, a good app to find new artists and songs! It's nice that this exists.. sometimes it is a relief to just listen to different stations and not playlists or music that is always on!!!!!!! 5*s for sure!

Amy. T. Jun 19, 2019     

I love this app!!! So glad to finally have a radio app that actually works. Took a little bit to figure it out but once I did, I can hardly turn it off. Yes with all the digital options to listen to any song you want to when you want it might seem pointless to listen to the radio but when you want to listen to something but you're just not sure what - this is perfect! Thanks Motorola!!!

Mic. B. Nov 18, 2020     

Yay, an actual radio!!! Good job on allowing us to dial in a specific frequency. Phones should have this as a standard feature. It's nice to have an FM radio without wasting data, battery, or physical space. The record function helps me find the name of songs, and keep hilarious radio moments.

gee. k. Nov 9, 2018     

I like the fact I have a FM radio in my phone. Unfortunately the app forgets the stations all the time. I don't want to scan for the channels all the time. Seriously: it forgets the stations even when phone is on the table (headset as antenna ofc), charging and playing - and yet it forgets all the channels I just scanned 15 mins earlier. To a some level I'd understand the station loss if I was in a fast driving car, but I'm at home. Pros: Does the radio job well, happy for that! Cons: Forgets stations after a short while, so don't bother with scanning.

Tim. W. Dec 3, 2019     

Buggy and untested. The app requires a wired headset to act as an antenna. Even if have one plugged in (to act as an antenna), the in app control to switch sound output refuses to switch to bluetoooth (bluetooth isn't setup) even if bluetooth works with other apps. The app does have a bug reporting tool built in (yay!) but, even if all the text fields are filled out, the submit button is disabled

A. G. u. Feb 8, 2019     

When used with headphones (act as an antenna) I was able to use the app off-line. There are different ways to channel surf - a radio type graphic with a forward/backward button and a list. The station number can also be entered directly. Quality depends on radio reception in a given area.

Mik. H. Jul 20, 2019     

You actually get to use it like an actual radio. Dial up or down, stop at specific channel! The way a radio is designed to be used as opposed to virtually every other radio app that has predetermined stations. You can record whatever whenever you want to. AND there are ZERO irritating intrusive advertisements, ZERO delay when you turn it on.

dha. k. Apr 29, 2022     

I purchase Motorola phones only for this APP bcoz FM can be played via bluetooth, but in recent years it's not working properly, I would request you to kindly rectify the issue, this is a very unique App which no other company provides....(last time this App worked perfectly was in Moto x play phones)..

Dan. T. Dec 5, 2018     

Very useful app if you have a phone with FM Radio compatibilities. App has some good features and excellent sound for listening and recording (depending on radio reception, of course). I would request a few more changes, however. Almost perfect.

Wil. F. Feb 12, 2021     

Good radio fm player for all local radio stations. The option to record auditions in real-time is an additional plus of this application. I don't like the visuals though - I think the radio interface should be more modern in 2021. But this is something they can change through an update, so not a big issue.

Jar. J. Feb 5, 2022     

AMAZING. Doesn't even require an additional app. I tried this in my moto g - WITH NO ANTENNA - and most of my favorite local terrestrial radio stations were loud and clear. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers "Learning To Fly" was the second song I heard on this app - absolutely ANGELIC SYNCHRONICITY.

Cub. C. Feb 10, 2022     

The fm radio in Motorola phones is the best. Listen all day no data lower power use . You can use a head phone jack. You can send the radio to a Bluetooth device. It's like going back to the 80s 90s and having a fm radio walkman and listen to the same stations they are still around.

Aus. C. Jan 3, 2022     

The only MF radio I use considering it's offline and does not have any ads with the better exception of adding songs to a favorite playlist or the stations as well. Clean user friendly and frustration free which is a very rare thing for Android phones nowadays.

Rob. R. Feb 10, 2020     

Cannot tune even one single station. NOT. ONE. SINGLE. STATION.... AT ALL! Nothing but static. Both with AND w/o head phones. Tried using the "seek" feature, tried manually tuning to known local stations, I even tried manually tuning every frequency individually from 87.5 to 107.9 and NOTHING. Well, nothing except static that is. Thanks for the bloatware Moto.

Jac. P. Nov 8, 2021     

This app is great. It even recieves the text frome the FM Radio station. Some reviews critisize this app for having to have headphones connected, that is a dumb critisizem, ALL FM Radio apps NEED wired headphones to pick up FM Radio. It is an FM Radio app, it's wrong to give it a bad rateing for requiring wired headphones!! Also this app is very easy to use.

Mar. j. Sep 3, 2020     

Finding an app that is FREE, does NOT use wifi OR data, does NOT HAVE TO be downloaded, does NOT even REQUIRE service to the phone, can listen to it with/ without headphones, let's you RECORD for FREE, is by far the world's number one app, & IVE GOT IT! Thank You, whoever you are for making sure my phone has a FM Radio. Even when I can't pay my phone bill, I've got music, news, podcasts, church! On behalf of all poor people, THANK YOU

Mic. M. Dec 14, 2018     

Works fine when used properly and I'm glad to have it available. Almost all phones require wired headphones or earbuds to be connected as an antenna for the FM radio hardware. From the comments I've seen on most 1 star reviews I guess that's not obvious for everyone.