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MP3 Converter Video

MP3 Converter Video is Converting Video File(mp4,flv,avi) Format to mp3 or aac.
Super Simple & Fast, mp3 Utility App(Material Design Supported)

1. You can easily edit MP3 ID3 TAG2. Convert MP3 with different Bitrate (128 CBR,128~256 VBR)3. Super fast convering speed , 2x at least4. Full text search for Result mp35. Managing Mp3 Converting History.

Advanced features :

* Supports various types of videos (3GP, FLV, MP4 and so on)
* Supports various types of audio (MP3, AAC)

* Supports only ARMv7 and higher.

Video to MP3

USE LGPL ffmpeg and libmp3lame libraries as codec.


Before negative rate, please contact me to help (nnmstudio@gmail.com)

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