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The official mobile ticketing app from San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency! The MuniMobile app lets you purchase and use fares and passes instantly on your phone—anywhere, anytime. Just download the free app, register your debit/credit card in our secure system, and you're ready to go.

• No paper fares to keep track of.

• No need to carry cash, count exact change or find a ticket machine.

• Buy and use fares instantly using a debit/credit card.

• Store multiple tickets on your phone for future use.

• Pay a single fare or multiple fares for a group of riders.

• Register your debit/credit card(s) in our secure system.

• Purchase tickets on your phone or on any computer via our website.HOW IT WORKS:

1. CHOOSE RIDER TYPE: Adult, Youth, or Senior/Disabled/Medicare

2. CHOOSE FARE: Single Trip Fare for Muni Bus & Rail, Single Ride Fare for Cable Car, or Passport

3. CHOOSE QUANTITY: You can buy multiple tickets to use later

4. CHECK OUT: Pay with Visa, MasterCard, or PayPalCOMMON QUESTIONS:

Q: Do I need to be connected to the Internet?

An Internet connection is required to purchase tickets, but you can use/activate your tickets offline.Q: What if my battery dies?

Just like with paper tickets, you're responsible for making sure you have a valid fare at all times, so be sure to plan ahead!


• Don't uninstall the Muni Mobile app or erase your phone without transferring your unused tickets first. Your tickets are stored on your phone (which makes it possible to use them without an Internet connection), so uninstalling the app can permanently erase your tickets!

• Activate your ticket before boarding. If you're at a Train station where fares are required, make sure you activate your ticket (by tapping the "Use" button) before entering the station area. Otherwise, activate your ticket when you see your bus or train approaching. Your ticket must be activated before boarding a vehicle.

• Watch your battery level! Just like with paper tickets, you're responsible for making sure you have a valid fare at all times.

• Create an account before purchasing tickets, as this is the only way you can transfer your unused tickets if you get a new phone. (Note: Only unused tickets can be transferred. Use up any activated tickets before switching phones.)

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Reviews (30)

Col. W. Jun 8, 2019     

This app is pretty poor in my experience. On my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) the app crashes constantly. Each time I go to use it I have to turn it off and relaunch it because it freezes. It did allow me to purchase a muni pass and that is admirable but the fact that it continually crashes makes it a pain. Hopefully they can get the crashing behavior fixed.

M. P. Oct 1, 2019     

Newest version crashed (failed to ever fully open, and threw my phone into a funky loop) Several uninstalls/installs/crash/reboot .. until I finally learned my lesson. Went and found an "older version" .. AND, it works perfectly again! I'm running Marshmellow (6.1, on a phone that's probably about 2 yrs old). The app says anything above 4.4. But proof is in the pudding.

Dan. A. May 21, 2022     

My app just recently started not to open when I'm disconnected from WiFi. I have no problems with any other apps using my data so why the one where I'm least likely to be connected to wifi while commuting???? Especially one where I'll get a $170 fine for not being able to prove I paid.

Cas. R. Jan 20, 2022     

Wish I could give a 2.5 because the convenience of buying tickets whenever wherever is great. Wildly inaccurate bus times if it shows any at all. All "trip tools" are useless. Glitchy in general. Very effective for buying tickets though.

sca. Dec 12, 2021     

App is fine, price and transit experience were not. The problem is the unreliability of the cable cars. This is our first experience and we go straight up screwed by the cable cars on the weekend. Seems like they simply arent as reliable as people claim they are. Probably wouldnt bother with the app and just pay cash if we ever visit SF again. Shame because the app itself was pretty slick.

Tab. Jan 19, 2022     

It works. The only annoyance is you need to show the app to gate controller (can't scan code), which is not smart at all but the UI is pretty easy to navigate

Zac. S. Oct 3, 2019     

The eaisest way to get round SF cheaply as a tourist. More could be done to integrate different fare types and other systems (like status updates/NextMuni), but what is here is super easy to use and very helpful for getting around the city.

Ear. U. Nov 6, 2021     

The app works great for a single ride, however it is difficult to determine the arrival and wait time of the second ride, especially when there are multiple choices from the starting point. It would be nice to be able to plan a trip enter a second or more routes/locations to see estimated arrival times of subsequent vehicles.

nat. s. May 1, 2019     

easy to purchase tickets (including with PayPal) and activate them, even for multiple people at once. i never was inspected by an officer so i can't speak to others' concerns that they wouldn't accept this as payment, but it was valid for the operator of the cable cars. the 'next bus' function just brings you to the website showing you that information, which is a bit clunky but it works

Joh. C. Aug 23, 2019     

Useless. Not accepted on buses apprently? I was rudely told without a solution. This is despite the fact that the apps own route planner (which only uses google maps), told me the quickest way was to board that bus number. Pointless rather than paperless. Not clear on the subway either, or checked at any point. Put me off using public transport. Not buying a 'clippercard' as well after spending $39 on supposedly an easy solution. Great first impression for tourists you milkGet an Uber instead

Ann. C. Dec 25, 2019     

This review is not about the app as such but more about customer service. Unfortunately there aren't other options to leave a review about it. We bought two tickets for a cable car in San Fransisco but found out that on our only day in the city cable cars were cancelled after an accident. I emailed munimobile who took a long time to reply, then asked me for details and didn't get back to me for almost 6 months! I don't even hope for a refund. User unfriendly and money thrown out for nothing.

Iva. G. Mar 20, 2019     

This app sucks! It not only takes me straight to the (also ugly) website and makes me search for the info i need over there, but the bus times reported by Muni are more often than not wrong! What is the point of reporting a bus is arriving when it is actually not? I'm best trying to read myself the cards rather than following their inefficient and inaccurate timesheets.

Sam. Mar 28, 2021     

This app is useless for those who have clipper cards. There is no option to add clipper card to it. In regards to trip scheduling, the app is redirecting to browser based app. Pretty bad architecture; it's slow and not bad user experience.

Sha. M. Jan 15, 2020     

Terrible with latest update push as you cannot open app after activating fare once you lose internet connection. In other words, they are forcing you to get cited while underground, where reception is spotty. And you're asked to show your proof of payment. This is beyond ridiculous.

Sla. P. Dec 17, 2019     

Awesome app, as an Android developer myself I am impressed, delighted and inspired every time I open Muni Mobile app. Using Muni for commute every day I can confidently say that this app is the single most reliable part of public transportation in San Francisco - no delays, no crashes, no issues!

M. C. Mar 7, 2019     

Do not use!!! App does not work properly. It does not actually count as proof of payment. Any fare checker can claim that you "activated" late. There is no way to prove or show that you properly activated your ticket. SFMTA will NOT take your side when considering this information. They will TICKET YOU for $100+ everytime. If you use this, you always risk getting a large ticket. I highly advise that you pay in cash or use a clipper instead, which is much more reliable.

Mas. N. May 14, 2019     

This service is just "OK" level. The good thing is you can buy a ticket or two with your credit card and the ticket becomes available right away. I think this is a huge advantage against Clipper card which requires few days to get fund loaded from your credit card. You need to show this virtual ticket to the bus driver. It works but it's not cool totally. I expected NFC or Felica.

Bra. S. Dec 29, 2019     

App lost my tickets (who thought that was possible). I bought six tickets. I could see them. When we got to the stop, I activated them (per instructions). Then the trolleys were all full so we walked to the terminal. Two hour wait to get on. When we finally got on, I pulled up the app to show my tickets, and they were gone. They were in my history but looked used. The conductor made me buy more. -.- Hey, but the setup was easy and it took my money, slick as a whistle.

Eri. C. Jun 19, 2019     

This app is outdated. Yoy can only get at most 7 day passes. and it's very limited. The layout and feel of the app on top of how it responds is pre napster era. Muni amd Clipper card systems are 20+ years out of date/behind other transit systems now.

Ger. C. Jan 7, 2021     

All of a sudden this app stopped working for me. It acts like I am not connected to WiFi at home or the WiFi on my phone. Somebody fix this junk ASAP. I wish I could include a screen shot along with the error message.

Cat. H. Oct 28, 2020     

Tried to buy a ticket w/ Google Pay - confirmed card and saw page was loading...but nothing happened (loading stopped, page stayed same. Tried PayPal—same thing. Tried adding a card—received 2 error msgs (1 when trying to add card from payment screen + 1 when trying to add card from settings>payment methods). I thought PayPal may be stopping my payment bc my muni acct email didn't match my PayPal acct email, so I tried to update my email in settings & received another error msg. ;(

Pam. G. Jul 18, 2019     

Too many steps to activate a ticket. I am a regular user of this app, in one incidence, I bought a ticket, mistakenly thought I activated my ticket and I still received a citation for not having the fare. It is convenient but if I used my Clipper instead this wouldn't have happened. I pay my fare everyday, I should not have to pay a $125 ticket for a mistake.

Rea. T. Oct 25, 2018     

It's convenient to get a bus pass, and cheaper than paying cash, but doesn't have ability to link with Clipper so that you can just show monthly pass in app.

Cas. R. May 26, 2022     

Using this app just cost me a $125 fine. I had my ticket active since 4:30 pm on May 25th. Because the app shows that I was using my power saver, SFMTA claimed that I had only activated it at the time of inspection at 4:56 pm May 25th. Do not use the MuniMobile App. It is a scam. You will be treated with suspicion and threatened with arrest by SFMTA if you do not accept the fine.

Den. M. Aug 2, 2019     

works well, but at least at powell station, you can't use the turnstiles and need to show the QR codes to a both attendant to enter. That's no big delay, but we've only traveled off-peak commute hours

Nic. D. Apr 30, 2019     

keeps on crashing since the update. very inconvenient when you have to show your ticket to get in the tram. previous version was much better.

Mic. J. V. Apr 16, 2022     

The App has a tendency to charge twice for the same perchance. Have to contest the duplicate charges with my bank. That is a pretty bad bug to have in an App.

Mil. S. May 15, 2019     

Activated a ticket after boarding a MUNI bus and sitting down. Literally 20 seconds later, the bus stopped and MUNI fare inspectors boarded the bus. I showed them the activated ticket. They said it was invalid since it was only activated about a minute earlier. This app is worthless if MUNI itself doesn't respect it. SFMTA can go F itself.

Jes. S. Aug 16, 2019     

If there isn't a gate operator at the train gates, you can't get in. This only works if there are people to approve it and let you through. If you are planning on only taking the bus, it's fine, but otherwise you'll have to use your clipper card at unattended gates.

Que. S. Aug 18, 2020     

This is an incredibly useful app & extremely convenient when moving around San Francisco...especially when you are unsure you'd like to get a muni pass & sign up for a monthly pass.