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Music Keyboard

Play the keyboard as in real life! You start with a few instruments, but you will unlock more by achieving challenges or mastering keyboard lessons. It's perfect for beginners: display the chord names on the keys, take lessons. Practice in public transportation using head phones. And if you invented a nice song, you can record it with all features you have used
- effects, change in volume, pitch bend etc.
Also professionals will have fun with the keyboard: you can fine tune it so it can play along other instruments. You can combine two instruments to a new one to achieve amazing new sounds, you can split the keyboard to play bass with your left hand and piano on the right hand.

Right now (and growing) there are 18 instruments you can unlock: organ, synthesizer, voice, choir, guitar, sitar, oud, finger bass, synth bass, e-bass, e-guitar, melodica, trumpet, saxophone, Bali flute, violine, cello and Thai angklung!

Category : Music & Audio

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Reviews (30)

Gar. J. Apr 3, 2022     

Still has a bug where audio often suffers from random stutters or pauses when playing or listening, but is random. But if you exit app then clear from memory and restart, that often clears the problem, may need to do it a few times.

Mwa. M. Apr 28, 2022     

This music keyboard app is the the best possible. It's just very real i wish if it can be fixed some instruments like reeds organ and others

Oda. E. Oct 19, 2021     

I've loved the UI of this incredible app, the sounds are cool, recording has been made easier with the studio available where u can correct errors made and it's helped me a lot with my musical career. Recently I recorded one sweet tune n the quality is real cool, I've composed the lyrics and I'm going to voice it like seriously. The song titled Homecoming by Emmyshine..wait listen to believe. I really recommend that u download this legit app and u'll have great experience. Thank you!👍👍

Sam. M. May 12, 2022     

It's wonderful app if anyone wants to learn keyboard this app is perfect for you.

Lad. P. Jun 26, 2021     

I love this app! One of my favourites. However, I wish you can make it easier for users to record, to make beats and instrumentals. I hope we can also edit the tracks and notes in the bar like what Walkband offers. I hope you can add more instruments too like Spanish guitar, etc. Thanks a lot. Goodluck to its developers. Keep it up! 🤘

Jul. P. Mar 18, 2022     

In all ways it's always been An excellent experience getting to experiment with sound while using this app It allows me to earn now as I learn how to....

Fra. M. Apr 14, 2022     

gud and enjoyable app wot to add is just some feture like effects and other drums hoits with gud tempo otherwise enjoying using the app

Nob. H. Jan 31, 2022     

I have liked the app very much,now i rate with 4 stars because it refuses to open just once unless you reopen it several times. Please control this problem

Oli. K. Jul 5, 2020     

It's exceptionally good. I like the sound of the keys. The most interesting part is that u can upload your songs & get comments from people on where to improve. 1 thing i don't like about this app is that, the beats ( styles ) are not 100% stable/constant , i.e they sometimes tend to lose the rythm pattern

muh. b. Apr 3, 2021     

Play piano as in real life! You start with a few instruments, but you will unlock more by achieving challenges or mastering keyboard lessons. It's perfect for beginners: display the chord names on the keys, take lessons. Practice in public transportation using head phones. And if you invented a nice song, you can record it with all features you have used - effects, change in volume, pitch bend etc, and upload it to the charts!

car. P. Mar 26, 2022     

Nice app im learning a lot out of it and also feel stress free

she. t. Aug 15, 2021     

I love this app. Keep it up. Please add some more drums. And the sustain keyboard feature. The only problem im facing is the app Isn't working properly when my device is connected to a Bluetooth speaker. When i click the keys, the sound is delayed by a second.

Sim. I. Jan 24, 2022     

This is a great stable app with good features for beginners. Keep up the great work

Jam. W. Jul 6, 2020     

It seems to be pretty clever but the problem is that I can't find back ground music like you would find on a keyboard that has all different kinds of rhythms such as 100 rhythms that's found on a Yamaha Keyboard for you to choose from and then to change chords with those rhythms you choose and that's what's missing.

And. M. Jul 28, 2020     

Yeah this app is cool. I like the different variety of instruments and beats but the reason why i only give it four stars is because it does not have fill in. Another thing is that when you change it to mp3, the transpose is always C to C and nothing else. Why cant we have different transposes?

Sle. P. Nov 16, 2019     

this is adorable. the way the menu is layed out like a comfy room, it's very unique. it didn't have the synth sound i was looking for, but the sounds it did have were pretty good quality.

mou. Mar 28, 2019     

May not have a polished interface but is very easy to get around once you understand it. The app doesn't force microtransactions that deeply (all instruments are avaliable through free methods) and the DAW is simple yet powerful.

Fre. J. Apr 4, 2020     

Wooow! Now icame back to upgred you by all top 5 star. This keybord is so fantastic,it is an amazing Music maker keybord. In the beginning iwas wrong,iwas not much believed on it.But one by anotherday this Game makes me very higher and amazing. I t works well no differences from the real keybord. I wishe all ones who needs to learn keybord musics,just download this App.This app is full instruments for misic making,but it need you much playing and aploading your Musics 2get credits 2open buttons

Ani. W. May 6, 2020     

Was doing fine until it started showing each lesson in duplicate and froze on my next lesson, had to reinstall but it had lost my progress as there was no way that I could find to register my recovery email address. Not willing to start over so very disappointed

Mic. A. Y. May 8, 2021     

This is the best app for a real piano game, finally dowloaded this game again on a new phone, now I'm having screen issues, I can't seem to see the top of the piano where you can change the drum sets, I don't know if this because of the updated vers, but pls fix this, i miss making musics here

Pet. N. Mar 14, 2022     

My best app, it's very easy to play songs coz you are guided.keep up!

Bon. M. Mar 7, 2022     

I have been looking for keyboard app for so long bt this is awesome even for beginners 😍

Pas. M. Jan 2, 2021     

Good music keayboard with beast features and simple to use and learn but lack of some features like music effects ,base ,sound maximizer and also it is so much hard to upload a record into audio I have tried a lot but it fails.

Dav. V. G. Apr 2, 2020     

I really love this app so much it hepls me to create evem more unique songs and make new friends who are also musicians or beginner's. Wish it has more instruments to have more experience, but all an all. I love this so much. Thank you for making this app I really appreciate it so much.

Mah. R. Apr 29, 2022     

This app is with organ and I veryvery like this melody keys

Bla. 7. Sep 15, 2021     

The keyboard looks nothing like the one in your thumbnail, it's way more basic. Also for some reason it only loads half the keyboard whenever I try to open it. Will be uninstalling immediately.

Vuy. D. Jun 25, 2019     

The app is amazing! I've learned so much however it keeps clearing my progress and so I have to constantly go back to the beginning. Not sure if it's something I'm doing (or not doing) so that's been a bit frustrating.

Ben. T. Dec 23, 2021     

I have learned the best from this app.From a nothing to a pro.Really great.I like how it indicates your wrong notes.

Fai. J. Dec 28, 2021     

It's a good game the music is good I like this game but it can use some fixing

Nic. M. May 22, 2021     

Way to implement those bots to get to 10M downloads. As soon as you open the keyboard, the volume gets blasted and you get a heart attack. Also, keyboards have more instruments than a piano.