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MxCalculator 10B Business Free

The best industry standard financial calculator (HP-10b emulator). ~ Looks as good as the *HP-10BII ~ Performs as good as the *HP-10BII and more .. Free Desktop Version !
Calculate loan payments, interest rates, amortization, discounted cash flow analysis, interest rate conversions, standard deviation, percent, percent change, mark-up as a percent of cost price, margin as a percent of price, forecasting based on linear regression & many other functions. Ideal for Finance, Accounting, Economics & Business Studies related work.

- Algebraic Entry System Logic
- Quickly identify cash flows and amortization values.
- Statistical analysis
- Standard deviation, mean & weighted mean
- Linear regression and linear estimation
- Forecasting, correlation & co-efficient
- Total, Sx, Sx², Sy, Sy², Sxy +, -, *, ÷, 1/x, In x, ex, yx, n!, x²
- Margin as a percent of price.
- Mark-up as a percent of cost price
- Variable compounding
- Cash flow analysis
- Time Value of Money (TVM)
- Net Present Value (NPV)
- Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
- Automatic constant
- 3 Key memory
- 19 Storage registers

Category : Business

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Reviews (9)

Ash. S. Jul 6, 2017     

Not capable to calculate interest, response results in no solution or many solutions which is incorrect

Mic. D. Jul 11, 2016     

Uninstalling after trying it for a minute. Cant even perform simple arithmetic correctly.

Mf. A. Mar 31, 2016     

It give u wrong result

Tho. N. Sep 3, 2016     

I've been trying to do a simple TVM sum and it keeps saying too "many or no solution"... Then it also gives incorrect amounts even those you have inserted...

Jos. B. Mar 28, 2016     

Wasn't properly calculating values. Not worth the download.

Fab. M. Jun 20, 2015     

Fantastic to have this app on my phone and tablet...a must have with so many business applications!

Err. E. Nov 23, 2016     

Message advises "all is well", but then all you get is a white screen

Rub. O. Feb 3, 2016     

Does not allow u to change the amount of decimals

SAM. A. Jul 16, 2016     

Wrong results - nice effort