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My LendingTree Mobile

My LendingTree is simply the best Android app for helping you understand your credit and optimizing your loan and credit card accounts. We’ll provide you with free monthly credit score updates and then analyze your accounts to see if you are over-paying. If we can save you money, we’ll immediately let you know. While saving money is awesome, finding new loans or getting a new credit card is cool too. Using the My LendingTree app allows you to shop for mortgage loans, auto loans, student loans, personal loans and credit cards. Optimizing your personal finances has never been so impactful…or fun!
This app has the following killer features:
• Free monthly credit score
• Real-time account savings alerts and recommendations
• Explanation of the factors that determine your credit score
• Displays a chart of your 6-month credit score Credit score trend
• View details of your current loan and credit card accounts
• Shop for personalized mortgage, auto, student, and personal loan rates
• Find and apply for credit cards that fit your life style

Category : Finance

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Reviews (30)

Nor. C. May 23, 2022     

I always🖤 them until this year. Been fighting identity theft off & on for 20yrs this time they tanked my credit. I applied for a loan got 2 offers & it looked all legal & professional but something seemed off. I talked to Lending tree and the first lady didn't care to get the documents to see if they were legitimate second time there was more interest but I got put on hold but the third agent I talked to was very helpful & wanted the fraudulent doc. Ovation was all I had left so I $ for scams

Dav. G. May 13, 2022     

It used to just show cards I was eligible for. Now it just shows every card I'm NOT eligible for.

Ray. R. Feb 22, 2022     

All that happens when I open the app is I see a plain white screen with an animated leaf logo that goes for all eternity, and nothing else. Ever. That's after I applied and got an email with a link that keeps taking me to *cannot load page* which makes me wonder if they have ANY competency whatsoever.

Joe. M. Apr 2, 2022     

Lending Tree app runs really well and does exactly what it is supposed to do and more. This app gets a 5 star rating from me!

And. H. Dec 17, 2019     

LendingTree is a good service if you're looking to see what you have available out there for you, and also to get a estimated glance of your credit score. However, when you're looking for an online quote from a certain service, as soon as you complete the form, you will be absolutely relentlessly bombarded with auto dialed calls. This is very inconvenient if you are in a work setting or a place where this is inconvenient. LendingTree ought to ask for your contact preference first.

Pan. P. Dec 30, 2020     

Not so much about the app, but just the experience. Lending tree says it "takes the privacy very seriously" and the minute they have the number, the scammers have it. I got bombarded by the sales and the scammers alike, regardless of whether it's a suitable time to call or not. I would advise strongly against using this predatory service. I can't choose the lending service and their rates, rather it will "magically" match them for me. No thanks. Please stop the spamming.

Jes. F. Jan 31, 2019     

App was awesome a few months ago, but the entire accounts section which shows how much you owe, just completely crashed making the app pretty much useless. No has fixed it in 3+months now. Don't know why someone would do all the legwork for such a great app and then not keep up on it. EDIT UPDATE- the team quickly fixed the issue and now everything works again!! thanks for a quick responce!

Ter. R. Jan 17, 2022     

I do not care for the way the handle there business they tell you that you have qualified for a loan so then you click on it you go through all the filling out for the stuff cuz they said you qualified for it to get it and then soon get sent to a credit repair every time every time it's wrong for them to lie to you and tell you that you got it when you didn't before I recommend that new body deal with them because they feel like a scam to me

Ame. P. Dec 18, 2020     

App doesn't work half of the time, when it does work its great it tracks my information perfectly and it really has helped me cut down my debt a ton just because I can look at it every day and be notified when my score changes However, half the time when I log on I get an error code EVEN WITH MY FINGERPRINT. Its super frustrating, I then have to go on my browser to log in and look at my information. The app shouldn't have errors that frequently it is easily half the time or more than half.

Rya. M. Apr 18, 2020     

The app is OK in theory. However, the offers they give for financing options appear to be extremely limited, and do not offer competitive rates for someone with an exceptional credit score and low risk. In addition, they automatically have these companies contact you without asking if you want to be contacted. I don't have time to waste talking to a company that doesn't give good financing options.

Sin. C. Oct 28, 2020     

It works the first time you download it. After that it refuses to except my login and password. It worries me that if I can't log in maybe someone else can or has. When I go to the regular website my profile works just fine. Definetly needs some major work done to this app. I'd fall back on them completely until it's fixed if I were you.

Car. R. Jun 3, 2020     

Great and very user friendly app. Easy to use with a simple interface. Even my mom understood. The only thing that should be improve is the credit cards options and offers. I know the offers are depending on the person's credit. But the app only offers you unreliable credit cards options. Other than that is great so far.

Dan. K. Dec 4, 2020     

I've been able to increase my Credit Score by over 100 points since I've joined Lending Tree. They give me all of the tools to improve my Credit Score including being able to see the components like how many hard inquiries I have, as well as articles on how to improve, the ability to dispute anything that shouldn't be on your Credit Report, and of course the ability to apply for loans and credit cards. It's everything someone needs all in one App to improve your Credit Score. Highly Recommended.

itz. L. F. Jan 25, 2022     

I attempted creating an account and I wasnt able to because it kept telling me my email was invalid! It surely is not therefore i couldnt proceed. Terrible first impression

Jod. J. Feb 5, 2022     

This app is very easy to navigate. It's very easy to understand and also the info is accurate. Great App!

Jo. T. Sep 25, 2021     

The only reason it gets 2 stars is because they disputed an item, and it was taken off by the next day, increasing my score. Otherwise, I don't recommend at all. If you email for help, they don't respond. When calling, it literally rings and tells you they're busy for so long, and then hangs up on you. This happened EVERY time I called. They say you can change your due date, but I can't even see my due date, let alone change it. I've tried getting help with it, but to no end. DO NOT USE THEM!

Meg. M. Jan 3, 2020     

Not a good app at all. It kept saying I already had an account...no I don't...and kept trying to force me to login with someone else's identity even though we weren't the same ago or gender. Ridiculous. Tried to fix it several times and the stupid app kept re-routing me back to the other person's credentials. I would not trust this app with my identity. Because it can't keep it confidential. It can't seem to grasp the most simple elements that literally 6 other comparable app was able to do.

Sac. M. Aug 5, 2021     

One of the most messed up apps you will ever acounter. It will redirect you over and over and you will never connect. You would think they would have someone fix the problem (that's been going on for some time) but I guess that will never happen. Take my advice and find some other app to use . This one will only aggravate you to no end.

Ash. H. Mar 18, 2020     

This is the most accurate and greatly detailed credit inquiry report app out there. I can easily understand my scores and see what needs to be done to improve each factor on my report. I can apply for any type of loan right there in the app and my absolute favorite, hands down the best of all thing about this app is that I can dispute any negative marks on my account all right inside of the app! I love it

Ale. F. Jul 24, 2019     

If you get prequalified for a loan for certain amounts, how is it that you can be denied for those amounts when you apply for those loans? herein lies the problem with this ap. Loan consolidation seems like a scam to me, because you end up paying 2 APR interest rates: the loan or credit card you are trying to pay off, as well as the NEW, "lower" APR interest rate. Either way, it seems fraudulent on their part and some kind of a ploy to get your financial information and address and phone number.

Dav. C. Apr 28, 2021     

UPDATE: I used to like this app and would check it fairly frequently but it stopped opening. I have it set to log in with biometrics but as soon as it reads them then it shows an error. This has happened for several days. I believe there is a bug in the app so please fix. I will change my rating once this is fixed.

Mic. N. Jan 13, 2020     

Keeps telling me I have a duplicate account. I reset my password and logged in and it loops back to the same info. Duplicate account, reset password, log in, and loop continues. Very annoying and not worth looking into the app. I would check it out but too tedious.

Vau. D. Jun 12, 2020     

Extremely frustrating. I constantly get notifications all the time for loan offers and not a single time have I ever been approved for it. Been trying to get a loan because of covid-19 and losing almost everything I own. Just to be turned down constantly even with good credit.

Hec. G. Jul 22, 2020     

It is easy to use and navigate through your options; however, lender will call non-stop, so be prepared for it. Some of the loan options don't make mathematical sense. It would be great if the system can do a better financial analysis. Great tool to keep track of credit score.

Kat. T. Jan 6, 2020     

I really enjoy all of the features. The app really helps you understand how you are spending your money each month, how you could improve financially and your credit, and even compares credit cards and shows you possible savings. Very helpful!

Avi. Apr 14, 2021     

They use the vantage 3 score, which no mortgage company uses, all mortgage lending companies use FICO scores. Secondly the vantage score is very broke, I went from 40% credit card use to 22% and my score stayed the same for 4 months and then went up 1%. When I contacted my bank for a mortgage they told me my score was 736, lending tree app showed 643. So if I would have waited like because the app told me I had a low score, I would have been waiting for a very long time.

Lis. L. M. Aug 31, 2019     

Horrible and pretty useless. Not even picking up my mortgage loan, I can't add it anywhere, and when I "explored" a new mortgage loan and listed it as "Not looking for a year or more" somehow it matched me with a lender and they've been calling and I get multiple notifications and messages a day. Spam spam spam.

Joe. K. Jan 30, 2020     

This application is a complete disaster and disappointment. Logged in the first time and did everything perfectly, then when I was logged out due to inactivity would not let me log back in, while I was able tin the application it just bugged out and froze. Just junk. Too buggy

Tra. M. Oct 31, 2018     

Only products available are credit cards and mortgage. I get an authorization error message when trying to look at other products. Credit card offers are bottom of the barrel while I'm qualifying for and getting better cards elsewhere. Same for mortgage products.

Nat. H. Jan 25, 2020     

Your user interface and servers are complete garbage. Just holding my phone the wrong way causes the app to abandon any process it's on. I cant make 2 button presses without seeing the "well this is embarrassing " error message. And to add insult to injury you're very good at pointing out flaws in my finances but just suck at providing help. Every tab you provided me you weren't able to help in a single one. Fix your app.