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My Little Pony

Join Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack as they discover their unique talents in life and even earn a cutie mark for a pony of your own design!
Why will your child enjoy this app?· No in-app purchases—All activities and stories are included!· All stories and activities are narrated, helping your child learn word recognition· Your child can design their own pony· Your child will earn cutie marks when they complete activities at each level, motivating your child to revisit each story· Age-appropriate activities that will keep your child happy

Complete 6 MY LITTLE PONY Activities on 3 Levels: · Help Applejack find her way home from the big city.· Help Rarity design the perfect pattern.· Help Fluttershy find her animal friends.· Help Rainbow Dash win a big race.· Help Pinkie Pie spread joy and add color to her world. · Help Twilight Sparkle discover her magical destiny.

Each time you complete a level in a game you will earn a new unique cutie mark!

Made by the My Little Pony
- A Canterlot Wedding team.

Support Your Child’s Motor DevelopmentAll activities are designed to support your child’s development, including hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, shape recognition, memory, and goal achievement.

Category : Casual

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Reviews (30)

【Ko. K. Nov 27, 2018     


Mia. Jul 6, 2015     

They are also in hate with my littlepony

Lol. m. 2. Dec 5, 2015     

the game doesn't even load. it sucked it just went to black screen. and im a pegusister saying don't get it its a waste of money.

Gra. S. Oct 11, 2015     

All you get to do is make a pony and read there story you don't even get to chose there cutie mark

Mar. K. May 30, 2016     

Barely works, and not worth the price. Plenty of other MLP games on Google Play that are made better and cost nothing. This is a waste of space and money.

Ker. L. Jun 13, 2017     

It's a lovely game but I uninstalled it because it got a bit of space so I couldn't get any new games.

Emm. N. Sep 16, 2015     

Doesn't work or load properly and the 5 and under age rating is a joke. I played one of the games my daughter was complaining about and it doesn't surprise me that she couldn't figure it out.

sad. g. Sep 8, 2015     

This game doesn't work, I want my my money back. Can some please give me a refund

Arw. B. Feb 20, 2016     

Ppl don't gat it it's a waste of money IRS dumb

Eri. M. Dec 28, 2015     

This game is really fun! However, it is pretty slow. If you have a lower end devise, then you are just going to have to be patient with it. But once you get it to work, you get to a SWEET pony creator.

Tay. H. Feb 13, 2016     

I don't know how to play games. And little kids would complain to I bet

Kar. L. Feb 14, 2017     

It just didn't load would like my money back complete waste of time and money

Toy. A. U. G. Aug 16, 2016     

Bought this game for my granddaughter and it won't load well disappointed

Sam. P. Apr 14, 2016     

When I download this app it keeps on freezing whilst it's loading up the game it was the last piece of money in my money box and I can't refund!!!!!!!

Nic. Jul 20, 2016     

The game will not load and i want to refund it for a book but it will not let me get a refund RUDE

Kin. O. H. Sep 29, 2016     

This is a scam ! Doesn't load at all

Bia. K. Nov 20, 2017     

Ist graphics is bugged, you cannoz see what you need... Its garbage

Sam. P. Apr 2, 2017     

It's only got a few activities, and some are hard, but otherwise, nice! I honestly don't think it's worth that amount of money, but I still like it. 👌

Eev. P. Jun 7, 2017     

I think I just wasted my money

Dan. S. Jul 15, 2016     

Bought this for my daughter and it won't even load and now she is all upset ..

Hel. ?. Apr 18, 2016     

My little friend loves it but its boring to

Mic. B. Nov 21, 2016     

Its better than expected and wat da heqk why is it 5and under?!? I'm 8 and I play it still awesome tho!

Isa. P. Dec 26, 2015     

There is only one cutie mark, and where are the activities? My 4 year old will enjoy this but I would have expected more for $3.50 ..I'm sure there are better apps out there to waste money on..

ros. l. f. v. Aug 21, 2015     

It takes a long time but it's worth it

Tif. F. Jan 26, 2016     

My daughter really enjoys this app

Sta. H. Jun 4, 2016     

Rubbish, won't open on ASUS transformer pad!

Cyn. D. Apr 23, 2017     

Slow when downloading but, it's AWESOME!

Reb. L. Mar 16, 2017     

Game would not load!

Nei. M. Feb 16, 2016     

Looks like it's about to load.....then nothing happens. Second time we've tried to buy this game. One very disappointed 7 year old. Sort it out!!!

Bel. Feb 27, 2016     

Its an ok app u do not get to do much its more of a 5 year olds app