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My SF Muni Next Bus

NOTE: This app is not affiliated or endorsed by any transit web site.
- This app is based upon NextBus XML Data API to provide the real time bus locations and bus stop time prediction.
- This app also takes advantage of the Street View provided by Google Map to easy to find out where the stops and buses area.
- This app also uses the customized database to provide you point of interests.Our goal is to improve your daily commute and discover anything around you.
What is New12-17-2015:
- Enable fast scroll for the routes. Now you can find out any specific route easily and quickly.

- Integrate Starbuks locations on the Map. And use Google Map to show your the direction.

- Use red dot for the Bus stops so that it is easier to select a stop or bus on the Map.
- Enable my location button on the map so that you can find out nearby stops quickly.

- Integrate Navigation Drawer into the Map View. Now you can switch to a different route from the left menu.
- Update the GUI with icons and modern theme.

- Integrate Google Map Street View
- Click on any stop to see the Bus Stop Street View and click on the map again to hide Street View

- The new version is developed using Android Studio in order to have better support for Android 5.0 or later.
- Google Map App integration: Click on a stop and select Google Map App
- Google Map Direction integration: Click on a stop and select Google Map Direction

My Next Bus provides the following features:
- Routes
- Directions
- Stops
- Sop Bus Times Prediction
- Favorites
- Map with Stops
- Map with Real Time Buses locations
- Map with Bus Stop Time Prediction
- Street View

Category : Maps & Navigation

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Reviews (2)

FRE. S. May 24, 2017     

No offline service for tourist use.

Ern. S. Jun 26, 2021     

Very disappointed.