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My Virtual Fish Tank

Virtual Fish Aquarium - Colorful Fish Tank

My virtual Fish Tank is an interactive virtual Aquarium for your phone & tablet. Sit back, relax and enjoy a variety of sea & freshwater fish swimming about in a colorful coral reef habitat. Set up your aquarium by choosing from 25 fish and 10 environments or design your own custom Aquarium. Interact with your pets by taping on the fish and feeding them.

If you love to grow fishes? this game will make you become a great fish keeper, Breed different fish types and unlock all of them! Keep your fish tank clean regularly and be rewarded with a spin wheel for it! Pet your fishies and keep them well-fed and comfortable!

In this aquarium game, create your own fish tank with awesome DECORATIONS! Improve your tank and fill it with new fish breeds! feed your fish and make your own virtual coral reef to live in!

• Customize your fish tank with your Creative Imagination.
• Change the background of your Fishtank, choose among different plants, accessories, etc.
• Many fish breeds to discover! unlock them with rewards
• Learn real fun Facts about all fishes

Just keep Feeding, petting, and swimming! Come and play now!

Category : Simulation

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