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My Virtual Gay Boyfriend Free

!= As featured in Huffingtonpost.com & Out.com =!My Virtual Gay boyfriend Free
- is a fabulously fun and FREE dating game, designed for gay men.
From the creators of My Virtual Boyfriend and Girlfriend series
- comes a brand new, LGBT friendly, dating sim, designed specifically for adult gay men. The objective is to meet a mate, go on a date, fall in love and get married.. NOH8 ! ITS RAINING MEN
- Hallelujah!Browse through a broad selection of hot guys, each having their own unique personality and appearance. From smooth twinks and geeks to manly bears and gym jocks, There are all kinds of men to choose from and you are sure to find one that is right for you. Select a partner to begin and make your way through 35+ levels of gameplay. Your date becomes progressively attached and intimate with you with each new level achieved. I'ts just like real dating except it’s Virtual, and he lives in your device. Do all the things real dates do. You get to hear him make awkward pickup lines and tell corny jokes. You can respond to his chat through emotes. You can dress him up however you like, there are even cute & sexy halloween costumes he can wear
- like male strippers, angels or have him dress up as a naughty cop, or cowboy. You can take him out to dinner or a show, or just netflix and chill on the sofa. Whether you’re bi-curious or queen of the lgbt scene, all are welcome to explore and play this funtastic alternative lifestyle videogame, where the goal is to find a date and build a lasting relationship together. It’s not just about the hookup, it's about the whole date experience
- having fun, growing together, falling in love and you can even get married in the game, It's legal here too!

Don’t keep your dream man waiting
- Download him today!
- ;)

Features you will love:► 100's of hot and hunky guys to choose from► 35+ levels of progressive game play► Unique outfits they can wear
- Naughty cop, Fireman, Angel, Cowboy, and more.► Interact through emotes, actions, activities and touch► Customization
- Change his face, hair, skin, clothes, and body features.► Vampire and Zombies (You know.. JIC into that kind of thing)► Unique gay personatlity types: Jock, Geek, Sophisticate, Partier and The Romantic► Clever and cute A.I. ► Hi res 3D graphics with Camera control.► Achievements and rewards► 100% STD FREE

Category : Casual

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