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Control your AI devices from anywhere in the world with our myAI control platform.

- Control any wirelessly enabled AI device.
- Connect locally or through the cloud with our free myAI service.
- Manage multiple Director devices with up to 10 tanks each and 30 lights.
- Setup a timer with a touch of your finger for each of your light’s colors.
- Share & save your customized AI Preset.
- Use manual mode to adjust the light to your liking using color sliders of Kelvin color temperature control.
- Create custom timer settings even faster with Easy Setup.
- Control realistic effects like:
- Cloud sweeps (Director)
- Lightning storms
- Lunar cycle
- Use our coral acclimation mode to welcome your new livestock.
- Fast forward through your timers to preview your changes.
- Assign lights to a group to control them independently from other lights.

Supports the following devices from AquaIllumination:
- AI Prime
- AI Director
- AI Hydra
- AI Hydra FiftyTwo
- AI Hydra FiftyTwo HD
- AI Hydra TwentySix
- AI Hydra TwentySix HD
- AI Vega
- AI Nano
- AI Sol

For information on AquaIllumination products, please visit our website.

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Reviews (30)

Jon. F. T. Mar 11, 2022     

Had connection issues and then noticed another review that gps needs to be turned on to connect. This should be auto when you go into the app. How about bundling up a few of the signature settings for freshwater and Saltwater and we can edit from there. The setting tabs are just so small I keep changing the times can you add an option to edit the time under the edit settings where you choose the light settings. App needs alot of improvement seems as it is a beta version not a final release.

Vin. I. Mar 20, 2022     

A good aquarium light let down by clunky app. Thankfully we had no major issues connecting light to app. Difficult to set schedule for lights. Had to watch manufacturer's Youtube videos. Once we got past that rest was doable. Terrible interface, no option for preset light intensity, no easy option to set custom timer if >1 on/off cycle per day. App is bad and makes us want to avoid this brand of light in future, pity as light seems very good

Jor. T. Mar 28, 2022     

customer support is terrible. Rex especially... completely useless human. the lights are great but when they don't work and you can't get help it's incredibly frustrating. update: CS is still completely useless years later. takes weeks to get any "help". these people just go back and forth with you with little to no attempt to actually help. I absolutely love my AI lights but I will definitely not be purchasing anything else from this company. CS after you purchase is paramount to anything.

C. G. Feb 26, 2022     

Very poor app for very expensive lights. Unintuitive, only one schedule, no ability to extend current light settings easily, only to turn lights on full for a set time. No advanced features present in many other systems like storm simulation. No integration to other systems like Google home or Alexa. App hasn't been updated in years and it shows. Would recommend purchasing different lights if possible simply due to weakness of app.

Ant. U. Mar 16, 2022     

MY CORALS ARE BEING AFFECTED! Now is not the time to PURCHASE this product or use this app. My AI Primes previously worked great. 3 weeks ago my units unsynch'd and I haven't been able to pair the two again or light my aquarium manually because the app needs attention. I reached out to AI customer service and the final answer was to attempt to sign in/out of the system, uninstall/ reinstall the app, reset buttons pressed. "Repeat until the app can be updated". DO NOT USE THIS APP!

Dev. M. Feb 1, 2022     

Devices get lost in either. Had the worlds worst problem trying to get devices on new app after getting a new phone. Very buggy for the amount of money they want for their products. You'd think their app would be half way decent.

Mat. H. Feb 20, 2022     

The app wants you to Verify your email address, been waiting for over a day for this verification email....still has not been sent to me and there is no way for you to request another verification email, I Essentially have a $400 light that will only turns on and off...

rid. Mar 17, 2022     

I think its about time you start listening to your customers because i garantee you the amount of money youre losing from non returning customers and bad reviews is alot more than what it would cost to fix this aweful app. I love the light but i would never buy one again.

Dav. M. Dec 21, 2019     

Very disappointed with the app. Adjusting the color intensity with the slide bars is beyond maddening. The cursor doesn't move and then all of a sudden it moves way too far. Trying to set it to the exact number you want takes sheer luck. Why they configured this so it can only be accessed from a smart phone and not a computer is beyond me. Very bad idea AI.

The. Jan 12, 2021     

I have expected something a lot worse, but I'm actually impressed. I use it to control 2 Neros. Technically there could be more settings, like spin-up or spin-down times but I see that this could be too complicated for some people. The available settings are sufficient. I was sceptical about sync mode at first but then learned that you can set a phase! Making it anti-sync and everything in between. Slight bummer about the poor connection to the Neros, however, it worked well for me but my friend had a bit of a hassle. Also you need an account and allow location, however you don't need to turn on GPS, contrary to other reviews. There is a short but steep learnig curve to how things work, that could definately be explained better in app.

Ste. Jan 2, 2021     

The products and adjustabiy of the lights and pumps are incredible, the one big problem is the connectivity with the app to the Prime or Nero, it's just horrible. Sometimes they work just fine but most of the time (7 of 10 times) they just don't connect at all and the only way I can fix it is by uninstall and reinstall the app for it to connect. I'm not the only to bring this up and it seems like the developer won't fix the issue. Another improvement can be to enter by numbers the value of %

All. F. Jul 24, 2020     

Setting up the app is sort of trial & error. Once worked out, it's pretty easy. I use it to control one Nero pump. The one flaky part is the device recognition. The pump isn't usually found by the app on the 1st go. Sometimes not the 2nd or 3rd either.. it's unpredictable when connection may occur. That said, is the problem with Bluetooth, my Android phone, the app? Who knows, but it's a bit annoying & time wasting when it doesn't work.

Cam. R. Feb 19, 2020     

No wifi, no cloud?? Don't buy it. I have the previous version of the AI Prime light, and just bought a new one. Both lamps cannot be put on the same schedule, one is on wifi while the other one is on Bluetooth only, and the new one can only be configured in the app and not via my computer. It's a nightmare to try to make the lights look the same on both sides of my tank. I'm considering to return or resell this product. It's a shame thought because the light itself looks great.

Nic. M. Aug 27, 2020     

Terrible on android. We bought two lights at about $1000. Only one of us could initially connect - so we set them up. We tried to reconnect to make a change but it failed to connect and now none of the three of us can connect. We tried resetting but it does not help. The lights are useless without the connection....what a waste of money. They are going back.

Rai. V. Nov 13, 2021     

Really bad app. The lights themselves work great and everything works fine as long as you just use the light's interface on a computer or laptop. Save yourself the trouble and don't use this piece of garbage app. I did the setup like 20 times now, the app will work for a few days and then it will start throwing errors at you and you can't control the lights anymore from it. I have just given up on the app at this point and will only use the interface from my computer.

Dan. w. P. Mar 9, 2020     

I love these lights. I just hate the app. If the power goes out i have to reconfigure my lights over again. When I attempt to connect the lights I get a connection failure and I have to reconnect my network settings, even tho Im connected to the Hydra. For me its just best to delete my previous settings and start over. I would rather have a setting on the light itself than use the app to configure. Someone please spend some time on this app.

Kyl. G. Oct 4, 2020     

Bought a Nero 3 and it connected right out of the box. I adjusted my schedule, set and saved my settings. Came back later to make an adjustment and it would not reconnect. I tried restarting my phone, reinstalling the app, force stopping the app , soft reset via the pump, connected reset, and factory reset and nothing worked. I ended up having to connect through my iPad and I'm able to remake my setting. Hopefully they fix it. It's a hassle I can't use my phone to adjust my pump now.

Dav. A. Dec 8, 2019     

Needs a few bugs fixed. First off by pure luck I figured out you must have your location on to detect lights. Second when you save a schedule and reload it, you will see a max of 100% even though it's set to 116% when you then adjust it to 116% again it goes to 130%. Also kinda a pain in the but to fine tune individual colors after you set the schedule. Cant seem to figure out what the lunar mode actually does. Lastly for the life of me I cant seem to find anything about clouds or storm mode.

Bru. H. Nov 21, 2020     

The app designers need to test this out on new users much more thoroughly for ease of use. It is not intuitive but once you figure it out after an hour playing with it I got it to work on my Prime freshwater light. It's very clunky and not made for a small phone screen. It really needs a good detailed online user manual. The existing quick start and the online information aren't particularly helpful or well organized. I am using an Android phone. Light is fine the app is minor leagues.

Mar. S. P. Sep 15, 2020     

Does not work with my nero pump. I have tried hard and soft resets of the pump controller many times. If it works (20%) of the time, I have to wait for bluetooth to time out, reset the phone (new galaxy 20) and try it that way. Most of the time I just unplug it when I need it off. The app works much better for the ai prime 16 hd lights. My worst app.

Mag. M. Oct 28, 2018     

Horrible to setup. Needs to connect to the wireless networks, which Android disconnects from again, since there is no Internet. Workarounds exists, different solutions for different Android versions. But these workarounds are not presented by the app. Doesn't support vlans properly, guess it depends on multicast? After setting it up I can't connect over vlan. After a timeout it asks for an IP. Given that, it works. But it doesn't remember it, so have to wait for a timeout next time as well, and enter the IP again.

Jim. Y. Nov 1, 2020     

Terrible software. Yet again badly implemented unintuitive software. Trying to programme alighting schedule for an AI prime 16HD. It won't retain times or the schedule, so impossible to ever light a tank with it. Need significant improvement to make it useable. With this the only mechanism to control the lights, you would have thought it would have been tested to ensure it actually functions. Very poor.

A. G. u. Oct 18, 2021     

Form a 2 star in 2018 to 1 star in Oct 2021. Their software doesn't work yet is essential for connecting a £1500+ light set up. NOTHING has changed since my initial review. Don't give them your money. Doesn't connect and won't connect just bad all round. WiFi is so weak it can't connect to a router in line of sight 4 meters away. I connect using the internal app on the light. Internal date on light doesn't go past Dec 2020! A power cut throws them off, liability for your corals lives. Avoid!

Bra. Apr 26, 2020     

Love the concept. Unfortunately there are many issues i have both with security and functionality. The layout isn't very intuitive especially when trying to configure multiple channels or uploading presets. The latter not being available except via the web app. Security concerns are no 2fa on a network accessible device, password reset is a joke and extremely difficult to find (why can't there be an option in the dashboard to change it along with personal info.. The lights are AMAZING tho!

mis. Nov 8, 2021     

so far satisfactory. i was able to have it connect over 6 meters away from router. all in all i find the app to be fairly easy to use. not sure why the fuss about it. it seems to work fine. and reliable. im happy with it. i do wish their were more preset files to choose from. there seems to only be about 9 from the ai website to download.

Pat. S. Apr 10, 2020     

Great app! It can deploy a plethora of the makeup that is the spectrum of the rainbow in gorgeous fashion. Not only this - but the various LED colors, brightness and timers are fully functional for the benefit of the aquatic environment (and maintaining life itself!). The only complaint would be the learning curve of the initialization of the light setup as the controls can be a bit overwhelming - BUT - for good reason as the multitude of settings exist to tweak the environment to perfection

Aar. F. Dec 7, 2021     

App just about worked when I had my Pixel 4XL, since I upgraded to the Pixel 6 Pro I can connect to the lights but it will not load on a new preset or schedule. Customer service advise does not go past turn it off and on / reset. Since the reset I am now stuck with the factory light setting which is of no use to my corals, simply not good enough for a £1000 light setup. Also, when it works I think the Kelvin setting needs looked at not to shock the tank with the change of light so quickly!

Rob. M. Nov 7, 2018     

This app is poorly optimised for Android eg is primary function is to act as a wireless conduit been the phone and the aquarium lights, however, regardless of what phone I use it does not function correctly. The app can not correctly make a connection between a phone and the aquarium - it requires the user to multi task away from the app and ask Android to apply the sign in credentials. The user then has to quickly skip back to the app and try to perform tasks before the connection drops out -its very unstable. I've now tested this with three different flagship phones from Android 6.x-9.x and it's always the same - terrible. Perhaps Al C2 development need to make two completely separate connection setup pathways: one for WiFi and one for LAN

Mat. M. Apr 12, 2020     

Works but not great at all. Bluetooth range in the Nero 5 is seriously like 4ft max it seems and it takes waaaaay too long to connect. Considering AI has so many products you'd think they would pay better attention to their only app. Laggy, buggy, if you back out once you have to reconnect. Low key worst control app ever but you have no other option...

Ste. S. Jun 4, 2020     

Nightmare! Difficult to add lights to the parent light, non intuitive software, connectivity problems. At the moment I can't access my lights to change settings and can't re add lights I'd deleted. They can work fine for months then suddenly the app doesn't recognize the lights...incredibly frustrating!