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MyAV for Denon/Marantz AVR

This is a free 7 day trial version of the main MyAV app that can also control main other IP/IR controllable devices.MyAV is an unofficial Denon & Marantz AV Receiver Wi-Fi remote control app. Denon and Marantz are trademarks of the D&M Holdings. Includes the ability to rename, remote and reorder inputs, multi zone control and a DLNA browser.This app can be viewed portrait or landscape (default) and is design with high res graphics for tablets.
Not only this but MyAV can also control a range of other products, (whilst still controlling the volume of your Denon or Marantz). Other devices include Blu-ray players, TV's, set-top boxes, cable & sat.

If you have IR on your Android device then this app can control Denon Blu-Ray & DVD Players too.

A full compatibility list can be found on our site:http://myav.co.uk/compatiblity.htm

Compatible Denon receivers include:2015: AVR-X1200W, AVR-X2200W, AVR-X4200W, AVR-X5200W2014: AVR-S700W, AVR-S900W, AVR-X1100W, AVR-X2100W, AVR-X3100W, AVR-X4100W, AVR-X4200W, AVR-X7200W2013: AVR-E300 , AVR-E400 , AVR-X1000 (tested), AVR-X2000 (tested), AVR-X3000 (tested), AVR-X4000 (tested)2012: AVR-1713 (tested), AVR-1913 (tested), AVR-2113 (tested), AVR-2313 (tested), AVR-3313 (tested), AVR-4520 (tested) 2011: AVR-1912 , AVR-2112 , AVR-2312 , AVR-3312 (tested) AVR-2312CI AVR-3312 2010: AVR-3311 , AVR-4311 , AVR-A100 2009: AVR-3310 , AVR-4310 , AVR-4810 2008: AVR-3808 (tested), AVR-4308 (tested), AVR-5308 , AVC-A1HD (tested), AVP-A1HD (tested)2007: AVR-4306 , AVR-4806

Compatible Marantz receivers include:2013: NR1604 (tested), SR5008 (tested), SR6008 (tested), SR7008 (tested)2012: NR1603 (tested), SR5007(tested), SR6007(tested), SR7007 (tested), AV8801 (tested)2011: NR1602 , SR5006 (tested) , SR6006

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