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myCBN Prayer & Devotional App

Grow in your faith. Connect with others. Have fun! The new online myCBN app is an immersive experience featuring challenges, quizzes, Bible studies, special interest groups, and a whole lot more.myCBN is a free app that provides great insights and videos from your favorite Christian speakers and artists.Spiritual growth and fellowship have never been this fun!What’s Inside:Spiritual Growth Content: Every day you can read relevant, meaningful content that helps you grow spiritually. We invite you to read, share, and comment on what encourages you.
Challenges: Each week myCBN will present a challenge intended to promote your spiritual growth. Participate in the challenges and make a difference by motivating others to do the same.

Community wall: We understand that it’s a big step to recognize you’re not alone and can share your struggles to receive support. Take the first step by anonymously sharing anything on your mind and receive genuine encouragement from community members.

Groups: Enjoy getting to know like-minded and like-hearted people from throughout the country, or even across the world. Start or join groups that are topic-specific or location-based. MyHistory: Go to this section to see all of your responses, comments and favorite resource. We save the information anytime you take a challenge or join groups. MyHistory is all about you!Contact: Click on a member’s profile image and build a relationship via email. All emails are private when sent to the recipient. This protects your identity and privacy. Flag: Sometimes people say things that cross the line. We want to offer the chance for you to protect our community. If you read something from a member that crosses the line, simply click on the member’s profile image and then click report member.

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Reviews (30)

El. T. Aug 13, 2020     

One thing I would like to see in the near future is, as we are doing our meditations and their is a time limit instead of going off screen when the time limit is up could you make it to where once the person pushes the button then the time limit is complete. I have been deep in reading of scripture and prayer requests and then the time limit changes the screen and I do not get to finish what I was doing!? Thank You

M.. P. Jun 9, 2020     

Can't login and never sends link for forgot password. No way to contact anyone for tech support. I didn't realize I created an account previously so I tried creating an account and it said one already existed. I tried logging in and it said incorrect password. I requested a password reset twice but the emails never arrived. I made sure to check my spam and other folders. No email. I waited 44 minutes before creating this review to be sure the emails had time to arrive if they ever were.

Kat. R. Dec 31, 2020     

I was very interested in/in need of the prayer community but it won't let you post without an account. Ok cool. Only problem is it won't let me create one! I tried 2 different emails multiple times and it says an account already exists. It certainly does not! Tried the "forgot password" route anyhow since it seemed so convinced- and it never even sent me the email. Went to settings to try to get help and, guess what, you need an account to post there too! So it's completely unusable.

pea. O. Aug 2, 2020     

This app has been helping me go closer to God in so many ways. It has instilled in me the heart of intercession. I have the opportunity of praying for people that are passing one problem or the other. It has numerous books, the teachings and the daily devotional are super!!! God bless the entire CBN crew, you guys will never lose your rewards both here and in heaven.

Eli. D. D. Apr 11, 2019     

I love the app, it's great but I'm having issues with creating a profile. it says user already exists with my email and when I try to log in, it says incorrect password. I choose the reset option and the app says password reset, check email but there is nothing. Is there anything the developer can do?

Aa. A. Dec 14, 2020     

App logged me out. I try to reenter login info (email, password) but it won't accept it. I tried resetting my password, but nothing is sent to my email to reset. I tried entering my email to start a new account, but the app says there is already an account under that email. I tried getting help on the app, but the only way to get help is to login which I cannot do right now. Please help. When the app allowed me on I did love the app.

Ang. S. Jan 30, 2021     

I loved this app for a long time. Now every time i try ti log in it says "no network connection" which is not true. All my other apps work just fine. I contacted the tech folks at cbn but they are stumped. If anyone reading this knows how i can log in, please email me at angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom. Thank you. It used to be an awesome app. I miss all my pals on the prayer wall as well as praying for them. Please pray it will allow me to log in one day again soon. Thank you.

Chr. Nov 5, 2019     

I just added this app to my tablet. When I tried to login I could not remember my password. It instructed me to reset my password through my email. They never sent me an email. Checked my spam also, there was nothing there. I tried it few more times, still no email. Update: (Originally, I gave app 2 stars) I decided to take matters in my own hands. I got myself another email account to use for this CBN app. Not gonna sign out just in case I can't get back in.😄

Lin. C. Apr 20, 2022     

Will not let me sign in saids I already have an account, so tried to change the password but I never received an email. So I just deleted the apps.

Cuc. C. Jan 24, 2022     

I truly enjoy this app it has practiclly everything i need to grow spiritually and be rooted in the Lord . Not mentioning its convince I can read and study anywhere I go.! It's really awesome !! Cuca Collazo

Cin. H. May 1, 2020     

Fantastic app! Absolutely love can. I not only love the ability to pray for others but the tracks are great for learning and meditating on what it means to me in my life. Where I am now and where I want to be in my walk with the lord my God.

Isr. A. Dec 16, 2021     

I was looking for an app for three days, in which I can pray for other people and to put my prayer requests. And thank God I found this one that helps me with those two things I wanted from an app. And I too will be blessed with the other things that this app offers.

Mak. L. Feb 23, 2020     

I love this app very much . I created an account but I never got anything on creating a new password,so I have to create a new account. I created a new account,but it log me out. I try to log back in but it told me to "confirm your account" from what? It not giving me no notification. Please fix this .I love this app. I don't know if it is a bug, but I really don't want to be creating a new account due to not being able to log into my previous ones.

A. G. u. Mar 14, 2019     

That app help keep me going when there seems to be no way. It helps me to know,that there are people out there, that if I asked them, not togive material things,and not even money, but, to do something more, important then that. And that is to keep me lifted, up in prayer, when i need it or not. because, we have some God fearing people out there. And that is why this app as far as 5 Stars. i can't get to the yes questions. but all of it wprks good.

Vio. Y. Aug 27, 2019     

I like this app, but I cant login. It says incorrect password everytime, so I try to reset it but I never get the email to do so. I would like to use the app fully. Help?

lau. O. Apr 8, 2020     

This app is informative, gives impotant global news, its an app I know I can trust, its spot-on for informing Americans when there's governmental changes. This app is so easy to use. Its a total package.

Kel. S. Nov 17, 2020     

This app is fantastic! I love the Christmas station. I actually listen to it year round. And the CBN News is a breath of fresh air comparred to secular news. The app is great for Bible Study, Devotions, and quiet times. So thankful for this wonderful app. Thandie CBN!

Len. W. Oct 27, 2021     

This app works for a while but then shuts fown and you have to go and reset password. Then they say your user name is incorrect i enjoy the devotions and resourced and especially the prayer line. But its impossible wnen you cannit connect.

Blu. R. Nov 6, 2020     

I love this app but the main problem I have with it is I keep having to make accounts because I keep getting logged out and Everytime it logs me out, it never lets me log back in, and that's sad, please help!!! 😭😭

Hel. Sep 3, 2021     

Tried logging in and it tells me I have the wrong password. When I press reset password nothing happens so I can't get on. It tells me to confirm my account but doesn't give me a way to do that.

Kay. R. Nov 8, 2019     

I love this app. Its helping me to find and renew my faith i would have given 5 stars but im having a hard time recovering my account. Ive tried it all and nothing is working.

Dor. B. Aug 2, 2020     

I am Dorothea I love reading and writing down my devotionals .It feels like God speaks to me though it from begininng to the end. I start my day by standing and praying then praise and worship with CBN radio then mu devotional s then I read the Word of God reading is hard for me. I have a hard time with the people and places in the Bible reading. I have been trying to get my CBN app to work. God Bless you all have a great day Dorothea Borgeson

Rob. J. May 2, 2020     

Your app keeps telling me to confirm my log in??????? Your system has never sent anything to confirm and you have no way to resend for confirmation!!!!! How stupid!!!

Lev. Z. Aug 2, 2019     

Why is this app so slow?!!!! Why does the loading and completing go so slow?!!! I am using Android Pie on Huawei P20 Lite. Only this app is so slow!!! I can not properly help people like so!!! Please fix this!! Thank you!

com. s. Apr 14, 2021     

This is a great app and I love it. I created a profile but it logged me out, I tried to login but it keeps telling me to confirm account. It's giving me a hard time. Please help

Jam. W. Apr 23, 2020     

Pray works this is more than I can say is very I was standing and it is very trustworthy. I encourage everyone to download this app and to download CBN News app both apps are very outstanding.

Sim. E. Nov 17, 2018     

This is great! Works good in growth of faith. But it stopped loading devotionals and tracks. Uninstalled.

Sis. G. S. Feb 10, 2020     

This app allows you to fellowship with other believers and to increase your pray life. It is also user friendly.

Hil. F. Jan 9, 2022     

This is very good app and its even makes me say Jesus is the Lord,on my journey worship.

Leh. K. Feb 25, 2022     

I love using this Christian App. I am thankful 🙏 and grateful for this Appit has helped me & my family and friends ❤ so much. Thank you for everything ❤ Aloha from Hawaii, USA.