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Receive and pay bills on your iPhone for FREE with the largest consumer electronic bill & payment provider – MyCheckFree – your Personal Online Bill Payment Center.
Receive paperless e-bills and quickly make electronic payments to hundreds of local and national companies including utilities, insurance companies, credit cards, cable and satellite providers and more. View amount due, due dates and bill details on your phone or computer.

- Leverage the camera functionality on your mobile device to easily enroll in e-bill or pay your bill
- Save time and money – no checks, no stamps, no hassle
- Receive email notifications when new e-bills are available
- Choose the exact date you want your bills to be paid and make payments quickly and easily
- Your payment is 100% guaranteed to be safe and secure with proven processing capabilities of an industry-leading billing and payments provider
- Our information automatically syncs across devices, so you have the latest information at your fingertips whether you access your account from the web or your iPhone

Gain greater control over your finances with your personalized MyCheckFree App. You can view, pay, and track your bill from one, central place. All of your monthly bill information – right at your fingertips!

Learn more at www.MyCheckFree.com

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Reviews (30)

Dav. G. Apr 24, 2022     

Doesn't not open on app! Not sure if you people are even listening but this has been doing this for some time now.

Tri. S. Dec 24, 2021     

Site is frozen or not working and no update available

Mar. C. Nov 28, 2021     

will not open stuck no updates available

Rog. C. Mar 3, 2016     

This is the slowest, most difficult app. I love the program because it pays on the die date from my back account. Even the bank needs 2 days to use my money. But the program rarely loads and once in, navigation is terrible. Please fix and I'll up the stars.

Mic. J. May 7, 2016     

It will NOT login. I can login on my computer just fine. If I try logging in on the Mobile App, it tells me that the session was timed out for security reasons. I have gone to the web page, logged in, logged out, closed the tab. Killed the mobile app process and restarted it and STILL having the same problems. I called Tech Support and they told me to refresh the page. IT'S NOT A PAGE IT'S AN APP. Hello??!! Script has run out of options, phone call terminated.

Ano. Feb 15, 2014     

App crashing seems resolved, but bill view is still broken...nothing at all happens after you respond to "redirecting you to a new screen" warning. Speed not much better than mobile site. Jerky scrolling even on this powerful phone (GSIV).

Jua. M. G. Mar 12, 2016     

This application is quite possibly the slowest I've used. From switching screens to making payments, the "loading" spinning icon shows up for a long time. I feel like I'm on dialup. Reading others' reviews it seems I'm not the only one.

Mic. S. Aug 4, 2015     

Samsung s4. I get the spinning wheel of death and pages won't load. I keep waiting for the fix like other apps do. It never comes. I hate having to use my computer only. Is there another good bill paying site whose mobile app works?

Don. C. Jun 26, 2015     

Payments are not timely. At 930 am on a friday,,,i am told that my payment will not post until monday Not acceptable

Lau. D. Mar 2, 2016     

Last year this app worked beautifully on my Motorola Droid. Now I have an LG G4 Android, and it's nothing but a struggle to use this app. Most of the time I give up and go to my desktop. Really frustrating. Every screen just sits and spins....I have to keep tapping the screen to keep it moving. One month it was so goofy I ended up paying a bill twice. Fix this PLEASE!

Dak. H. Oct 25, 2016     

As soon as you click pay, it just sits there in an endless loading circle for infinite amounts of time.

Jam. E. Jun 3, 2014     

This app would have gotten 5 stars, but since one of the latest updates installed, I haven't been able to use it. It force quits immediately. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall to no avail. Since this has started, app gets ZERO stars.

Thu. G. Feb 1, 2016     

I can make a full course meal then eat it before this app opens. Its a pain. I'm using an Android tablet.

clo. Jul 15, 2015     

Takes forever to go from one screen to the next. I'm just using the website instead

Rap. K. Feb 6, 2015     

I use this app with an iPhone and works great. I have a Samsung tab pro and it force closes a lot and the number key board that comes up to change an amount has no decimal. I won't use this app with this device.

Mal. D. Jan 3, 2016     

This app hasn't actually processed for me ever. It never gets past signing on, just winds endlessly. Removing.

Reb. V. Jun 21, 2015     

None of my passwords work and I can't get it help reseting. Uninstalling

Mon. R. Oct 27, 2015     

Doesn't work. I try to log in by the app just cycles thru and I can't log in. Uninstallling right away.

Mel. P. Feb 28, 2016     

Makes paying bills more a hassle. I thought it should be the other way. Do not install.

Jul. P. Dec 31, 2015     

I have a Motorola droid turbo. Mobile website works just fine. The identical app has never finished opening. It takes over a min to launch, over min to accept my password. Waited several min for bills and never got in.

Car. W. Mar 8, 2016     

It's actually faster and easier to go to the actual site. Disappointing.

Ign. D. Apr 23, 2016     

Uninstalled. Just terrible. Can not pay my Bill. You want money first my Bill quickly? Fix it. Just keeps spinning.....This is the slowest app installed on my phone. Altogether stopping the use of it. Previously commented: Didn't display bill via the view bill button. Oh well, maybe next time.

Eri. A. Dec 27, 2015     

Constantly looks like its stuck processing whatever you tell it to do. After impatiently waiting you tap the screen and it finished processing your request minutes ago. Sometimes I'd rather just use the website.

T. S. Feb 27, 2016     

I have a 1 year old Lg G3 phone and this ap will not show me my bills or any details. But it will show you the basics...

lau. m. Oct 8, 2017     

This app is horrible. It will not load on my Galaxy Note 5. Do not bother. Obviously they dont care to fix it as people have been having issues with it loading for a long time!

Cra. R. Dec 24, 2015     

I like the convenience but if I could get the same bills off a different app I would switch instantly. This app just stalls indefinitely. I constantly have to kill it and restart the app. I thought maybe it was my phone but I just got a new phone and the app still hangs up and I have to kill it.

Bil. C. Aug 18, 2016     

100% worst app. Everyones needs to uninstall. They are making money from this and are laughing at your reviews. I guarantee your personal information is not safe on this app. Stop being sheeple.

Diy. D. Oct 8, 2017     

Haven't been able to log in via mobile app. I can log in on the computer just fine.

Ebo. G. Jan 2, 2016     

I got the app so I wouldn't have to open the Internet and go to the Web page and then pay for it. By the time it loads one page I had already opened it on the Web and paid all the bills, so this app was just a waste of space. Such a bummer.

Sha. D. Mar 14, 2017     

Terribly slow does not download bills to print as it states. Fine app if it was still 2007