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myDCCC helps you stay connected to Delaware County Community College like never before. You'll have access to great features that make your campus experience more effective, more efficient, and more fun.

Courses—Access your course schedule.
Grades—Check your midterm and final grades.
Class Cancellations—Check if your class has been cancelled before making a trip to the campus.
Important numbers—A listing of important numbers at the College.
Maps—See maps of each campus and information about each building.
News—Dial in to campus news.
Events—View College events.
Social Media—Visit the College's social media pages.
... and more!

Category : Education

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Reviews (30)

Lis. M. Jan 8, 2020     

App is working fine for me. So far the app hasn't crashed. By this app I can easily navigate the places where I wanted to go in campus. Easy to check the score card and the courses.

Ste. R. Feb 11, 2020     

Wont let me sign in. I used to be able to sign in easily and use the app fairly well but since the start of the spring 2020 semester app says access denied and won't sign in. If I could actually use this it would be a 4 star app

Bri. A. Aug 26, 2021     

The only issue I have is I can't respond directly to people when they respond. I either have to hope they're see my comment, or message them directly which can a little weird. Literally the only problem with the app so far

A. G. u. Mar 27, 2019     

It works just fine for me. I never really had any problems but it could be better performance wise.

Ken. J. Nov 10, 2021     

LOVE THIS APP! This app provides so much beneficial information. Than You DCCC🤗 *Shot out to the Greatest teacher ever~ Mrs.NiNi* & I Appreciate You Thomas! Thank You both for being so Awesome!🤗💜😊🧡 "Team Work~makes the~Dream Work!"

Tim. R. Oct 9, 2020     

Easy to use and nice GUI.

And. A. Jan 23, 2019     

Garbage app and IT support was no support at all.

Sha. D. Oct 3, 2021     

The app is very convenient and easy to use.

Jud. M. Jul 19, 2021     

I am an employee of 14 years! This is a great way to share and communicate with other staff and students

Jul. R. Aug 29, 2017     

Glitchy af. Zoomed in too much by default and can't zoom out. Nothing opens when you click on it, and if by chance anything does open, it goes back to course view after a few seconds. I tried this app a while ago and forgot why I deleted it. Now I remember. Useless. Web browser version is much better.

Jin. A. Aug 10, 2016     

I am so proud of our school. Dccc app looks amazing with a lot of helpful features. But I am wondering about Roster feature that I can see my upcoming classmates was disappeared. We love that feature so much, please bring it back.

Dwa. C. Aug 23, 2015     

I can't not logged into the app but if I use my same username and password on the computer I have no problems at all

Mba. C. Aug 24, 2015     

Whenever am trying to logg in with my phone it shows me configuration list or test configuration when i click on test configuration it will tell me configuration failed and qhen i click on configuration list it will tell me theres none it give me an headach for real

Kel. M. Aug 28, 2017     

If you're having trouble with the app, reinstall it. Fixed everything.

Emi. Q. Jan 4, 2017     

When I log into the app, it doesn't show anything but the about and logout screen.

Eri. Aug 5, 2015     

This app doesn't work on Android whatsoever. I tried it on my boyfriend's iPhone and it works great, so it seems. This is very frustrating. Please have someone repair the Android version. Nothing but the login screen pops up when the app is open (f it opens, it crashes a lot), and it tells me my login is incorrect when I know it is correct.

Ya. b. i. b. Jun 30, 2015     

I have had this app for almost 1 year and I have never been able to sign in 1 time. This is a must fix for androids.

Dan. R. Dec 18, 2014     

Runs smoothly. Very convenient for quick grade checks and things like that. Only complaint would be that it doesn't keep me signed in even after checking the "Keep me signed in" box. Signing in every time gets annoying.

A. G. u. Dec 25, 2013     

Glad they made an app. Works smoothly. Also did those asking for email access you can actually get that on your phone by adding it as a Google gmail account since dccc mail is managed by Google. I've had mine on my phone for awhile

Kai. C. Aug 18, 2015     

Stays signed in, can see my class schedule. Pretty cool. And quick links to delaGATE. Can see my grades when posted I'm sure.

Jos. G. Feb 5, 2014     

It doesn't remember me even when I check the box to remember credentials, logging in every time gets annoying. Push notifications would be a great addition.

Eri. G. Dec 20, 2013     

Cool app. I love that I can view my grades, schedule, and class cancellations so easily. The app runs smoothly. Add the ability to check dccc emails and it would be perfect!

Amj. K. Aug 13, 2015     

Keep saying my password is incorrect connection is no good. Idk what's wrong. Please fix ASAP. it won't work on my Galaxy s6, I think I have the new lollipop Android software. You guys need to update the app soon

Jes. G. Aug 1, 2015     

My username and password works on the website, yet can't sign in on the app. Whoever created this clearly didn't do a good enough job at checking that it works.

Chr. Feb 27, 2015     

Every time I sign in, tap "stay signed in" and check it later I have to log in again, it's really annoying. Needs to be fixed asap!

Joh. N. Oct 15, 2014     

other than that, pretty good

khy. b. Aug 19, 2015     

This app doesn't work on the s6

Joe. S. Jan 3, 2014     

I love how organized and easy access it is.

Jan. H. Oct 10, 2014     

Good application ; useful

Kei. W. Dec 19, 2013     

A very good on the go app