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myFBI Dashboard

myFBI Dashboard features a personalized news feed that allows you to select and view the FBI content that interests you.

Use myFBI Dashboard to:

• Customize your news feed with any combination of the latest FBI videos, photos, stories, press releases, speeches, testimonies, and podcasts.
• Find us on your favorite social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and LinkedIn.
• Receive notifications on our Facebook live events and other important news and initiatives.
• Access information on FBI wanted fugitives, partnerships, priorities, community outreach efforts, leadership, scams and safety, history, services, and more.
• View FBI field office details, including news and contact information.
• Submit tips on suspected terrorism or criminal activity.
• Browse job openings and explore career paths via FBI Jobs.
• Find and try our other apps (FBI Wanted, FBI Child ID, FBI Bank Robbers, and FBI Physical Fitness Test).

Category : News & Magazines

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Reviews (30)

She. S. Apr 4, 2022     

The reason for the low rating is when I went to a sub directory the page went blank. And I needed to file a report. I am mad about the inconvenience .

Oli. P. Mar 28, 2022     

I like this app for the reason to me Is the truthfulness . The news stations at times seem biased and opinionated.

Hen. R. Feb 11, 2022     

Informative and amazing. This app is amazing. It is intended for anyone interested in staying on top of what Federal Law Enforcement and the Federal Criminal Justice System is doing every day to keep us safe. The features are incredible and the user is allowed to incorporate their social media accounts into the mobile application. For the user who wants to be notified immediately, the app supports push notifications. It is our government at work and showing they are transparent.

Zav. C. Mar 9, 2022     

As an official app it should be more precised and featurefull. Features like: worldwide rapid response or hotline along with emergency contact & info for agents should be added. Other than that it's all right.

Kri. C. Jan 9, 2021     

Is there anyone that has downloaded this app from the United States or that maybe stayed in school and that Maybe is able to reply to me using proper English and proper grammar and is able to tell me a little bit about this app like is it worth using or not because most of the comments that I have attempted to read gave me a migraine they made no sense because they had horrible grammar

DeD. B. May 26, 2020     

This is a WONDERFUL application, just what everyone has been waiting for and exactly what we need. Visually appealing, the appl contains necessary information for EVERYONE. I encourage the PUBLIC AND PRIVATE Networks to take full advantage of this opportunity to voice your concerns and views.

Jer. M. D. Sep 30, 2021     

As a normal citizen I found no real need in this app. It does have some informative info and alerts. I'm only giving it 3 ⭐ because it was not what I thought it would be. If I was on the most wanted or was a federal agent or similar, this probably would get 5 ⭐s.

Emm. R. Mar 24, 2022     

Very organized & informative...

R. Apr 18, 2021     

Godspeed and bless The FBI, all they encounter and go through to protect us, I hold them in the highest honor and blessed regard.the app is great.

Sil. M. Aug 2, 2021     

I been looking for this apps for a long time and now I am loving it so far .Why 4 stars because I want to be intern in the future.

DEA. S. Dec 20, 2020     

Very useful, but could be more cyberspace related features

Yal. S. Dec 19, 2020     

On a need to know basis even if you can't describe the Federal Law being broken. Don't let anyone else see said app. It just may be hazardous to your health. The winner takes It all!!

Ric. B. Jul 28, 2019     

Easy navigation! Current news! Sharing! Direct feeds to DoJ! No need to follow numerous FBI Twitter accounts! Thanks!

Jam. A. M. Jun 23, 2020     

This is an perfect app for anyone who wants to know bout FBI the Federal Intaligents and it even as and FBI agent fit testing for muscular growth and development muscular memory growth. Also you can communicate with personal FBI agents for advice, help, guedance of danger or know of danger.

Emm. R. Jul 8, 2020     

It's been very beneficial to use as my dashboard!...

Bus. I. May 12, 2019     

Good Job! Now, with this app, all ever person, includ childs, citizens, veterans, mothers, daughters, youths and aged have next excellent instrument for protect self, self childs, nature, other persons and groups in identifications and competitions of this brave and honored, smartest and clevernessest governmental organisation and just in box of aspects in life for self relaxing and safety Constitutional Based Bright Lifes! Great App for USA's Citizens Protection Percents Great Again! ;) 5stars

Wan. R. Aug 22, 2020     

Wonderful! To write a complaint. quickly! Thank you! 😊

Cha. S. M. May 3, 2020     

Sorry for the unsure, but it/me was a little confused. I'll use it somemore then come back and do an update.

Cha. B. Aug 18, 2019     

app crashed repeatedly

A. G. u. Mar 25, 2019     

yes it was loving I love the music on R&B situation please play 104.3 the foxy radio

Erw. S. H. Jun 9, 2019     

just download the apps, useful info in one apps

Mac. H. May 12, 2020     

The team of researchers and scientists who drive the team to greater risk control and prevention of dangerous conditions to our security create more information awareness and ability to help people understand how they can help. This is a resource that you have to experience to understand the future and implications for today from COIN to anti terrorism. These individuals have been employed by our own government to help. Godspeed for the United states of America. United we Stand. 🇺🇸⚖👤

Sas. C. Apr 29, 2022     

What is done cannot be undone, but one can prevent it happening again

nic. b. Dec 12, 2021     

I love it and i use it to make a report

Oli. P. Feb 25, 2021     

A most enlightened app where the Regional office listing. A person saw this app on my phone 4/9/2020 and called me a snitch and brutally attacked me, causing a TBI. I don't regret it at all. In fact It's a free Country. So stand me up against anyone who doesn't pay their taxes. Never give up. It is for Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity.

Vin. C. Dec 26, 2020     

need dns control from a remote host im shadow hosted

ahm. a. b. a. w. Aug 17, 2021     

this app just basic information for normal people

Oli. D. Sep 24, 2021     

Wonderful and Informative

Emm. R. Jul 2, 2020     

Easy to use!...

Eve. G. Aug 15, 2020     

Doing a great job