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Introducing the newly expanded myGMC mobile app, redesigned with new capabilities to provide the ideal vehicle ownership experience. The app now includes the added benefit of connectivity for vehicles equipped with OnStar. Get the app to enjoy the full potential of your GMC.
You’ll need your onstar.com or my.gmc.com username and password to login.

Features available for GMC vehicles equipped with OnStarRemote Commands:
- Remote start and stop (requires factory-installed remote start)
- Remote door lock and unlock (requires power locks)
- Remote horn and lights to help locate your GMC

Advanced Diagnostics:
- View fuel level and efficiency, oil life, tire pressure and odometer readings

Check for Recall

- Search and send destination to vehicle’s navigation system (if equipped)
- Search and send destination to OnStar for Turn-By-Turn routing assistance

Locate Vehicle*
- Find your vehicle’s approximate location on a map

Wi-Fi® Hotspot support:
- Toggle the Wi-Fi Hotspot ON or OFF
- View and/or edit the SSID (network name) and password for the vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot
- View current data plan and remaining or consumed data, or purchase more data

OnStar AtYourService*
- Provides Subscribers savings and offers for dining, retail and fuel along their route

View important information about your OnStar account including:
- OnStar account details
- Available Hands-Free Calling minutes [CAN only]

Features available for all GMC vehicles

Interactive Owner Manual:
- Quickly access the complete manual for your GMC [for 2011 model year vehicles and later]

Parking Reminder:
- Set a parking reminder with pin drop, take a photo, make a note, and set a timer

Get Help:
- OnStar Advisor
- GMC Roadside Assistance

Preferred Dealer
- Locate and set a preferred dealer
- Search for dealers by ZIP Code, proximity, or by City/State

Schedule Service
- Request service appointments at the dealer of your choice

Roadside Assistance
- Request help from GMC Roadside Assistance

App Customization
- Edit the app's home screen and configure myGMC to meet your needs

NoteAcceptance of OnStar terms of service are required. The application is free, but a smartphone with a data connection is required to use certain online features. An active OnStar account is required for some features; other features require paid service plan. Features vary by vehicle, location and conditions. For a list of supported vehicles, please visit onstar.com/mobile.

*Features not available in Canada

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Reviews (30)

Wes. C. May 23, 2022     

Not working. Text support is not helping. Activated Onstar to try this app, and it doesn't work still. Login is annoying. This app should work without Onstar. GMC needs to take better care of its customers. App is slow. Even enabled. It takes up to and even over a minute to load your vehicle. It cuts audio on your phone when you launch it, even though it doesn't have audio output. This app needs a lot of work.

Kel. W. May 23, 2022     

I'm glad I finally came read the reviews. Like everyone else said, this app was great until the update. Just having to enter a pin was so much easier than having to enter the password every time. Also after the update, it would work on my husband's phone, but mine would just keep spinning and spinning. I just uninstalled and reinstalled it so that seems to be working for the moment. I sure hope that they come out with another update soon to fix all the screw ups!

Ste. S. Mar 20, 2022     

From a 4 to a 2 rating. All in all this has been a handy app for checking fuel, tires, service, etc, but recently I cannot stay connected to even log on let alone navigate the app. I noticed the latest version is when it started acting up. Please fix to make the app usable. I also feel it is no longer user friendly. Too many unnecessary features.

Ste. S. Mar 21, 2022     

Why do you have to update and change your app every 6 days?? It goes from working perfectly, to not working at all, to perfect, to sort of. The latest weekly update has left me with an app that starts my truck, but I have to reinput my email and ridiculously long password every time I use it, regardless of whether it's 24 hours or 24 seconds apart. Why?? It has never required that step! Is there no way to remember the device it's installed on? Just make it work and then LEAVE IT ALONE

Thi. B. Apr 26, 2022     

Not sure why using biometrics on the first login would hinder syncing of onstar accounts. app wasn't updating my vehicle stats and what not and had to go through multiple steps to fix the issue. I even used the password manually a couple of times and it still didn't work. Had to go relink my account through the site. I personally don't even think it's worth having the app without the remote start. That was the main reason for getting this app anyway. Overall, it's a buggy mess.

Lon. B. Apr 23, 2022     

As with everyone else, this app "was" great. Quick to access with the PIN. Then for some reason they took that away, so you have to use the password. Ok whatever, it is a pain but now for me anyway, after typing in the password the "loading" bar at the top just keeps going across and I can't get in to use at all. Changes were the worst idea ever.

Jay. J. Apr 4, 2022     

Was a nice app to have until the update. Now it won't let me log in or deletes my password prior to submitting. And if it does log in the program gets stuck loading and won't even get to the home screen 80% if the time. If by slim chance you do get logged in and to the home screen your remote start requests only go through part of the time. I would like a refund for the time it hasn't worked but I can't even log in to contact anyone to make a complaint.

Nat. L. Apr 16, 2022     

This used to be the best app. It is unusable now. It was so much better when a four digit code was required. It was a great app. By reading the previous reviews it appears that developers are saying they are listening but nothing is getting done. App is junk this way as far as I'm concerned. Not worth the money. App is still junk. I don't know how removing the PIN makes it a smoother in-app experience. It just makes it more frustrating. Listen to your customers and fix it!!!!!!

Cin. R. Apr 14, 2022     

Worst app ever! Zero stars have to sign on multiple times a day instead of the PIN which was so much easier. Don't waste your money with this. Never works the first time have to close the app out and try again. If I do happen to get it to work once which is rare, it won't cycle through to start my car for the second round without closing the app and sign in again. Horrible waste of time

Nin. W. Apr 1, 2022     

The update did nothing for this app but made it worse! Once you long into the app it just searches and searches then will never connect or if it does connect when you hold down button for remote start it gets stuck on sent and never starts vehicle! It works maybe once a week and I try it daily. Canceling this paid subscription! Buyer beware! Also, getting rid of the 4 digit pin was a mistake. I now have to log in every time with my password which is completely annoying!

D. L. R. Mar 22, 2022     

I'm having the same problems as in the other comments. The app gets stuck "sending" the commands, close app, reopen, send again usually does the trick. Signing in every time instead of using a PIN is ridiculous. Biometric settings? Where are those? It's faster and easier to use the key fob, so why do I need the app at all? Please FIX, otherwise I'll uninstall the app. It's just taking up space on my phone at this point. Thank you!

Gro. E. c. May 14, 2022     

Yeah, it's trash👎👎 App doesn't send "Start" or "lock" etc. Must log in every single time. Must open and reopen, close then open again app for it to actually send commands. Most of the time it will start and I won't get a notification. App is mid. Actually, it's below average. They must've hired a Ford driver to run this cuz its trash

Lor. H. May 13, 2022     

So here I am in the states and lock my keys I the car. I don't panic cause I know I can open it with the app, right? APPARENTLY NOT! UPDAT: So after having a horrible experience with the initial few downloads on sketchy internet. GM tech support got in touch with me and they were so helpful! Someone from OnStar even called me to make sure everything was working the way it should! This is just another reason we stick with the GMC brand. Thanks again all!

Ste. L. S. Mar 19, 2022     

The recent update absolutely ruined everything about this app. Previously, I logged in for the first time and was good to go by entering my pin number ; the app was very responsive, and all functions worked every single time. NOW, I have to log in with my username and password (cumbersome & annoying), and I'm lucky if it works 50% of the time (that's being generous). Yes, GMC, I've troubleshooted the problems as well as uninstalled/reinstalled. Fix it ASAP or I'm canceling along with the others

Mot. Mar 28, 2022     

Could be great but nope. Half the time it doesn't open on first try. Flashes multiple times like it's loading data and then fails. Driving data is always "verifying enrollment" and never loads stats. This is a huge letdown considering I pay $14.95 a month for Fob service (remote start, locks, etc.). Update- 3/26/21, I used to only have to enter my pin to get into app. Now it wants my username and password. Horrible. I can just ask Alexa to start my car faster than entering my data. Garbage app.

Cha. M. Apr 14, 2022     

The app used to be great. Then a few months ago it stopped allowing me to use the pin I had set up years ago, frustrating but okay I can enter a password. Now it won't allow my auto fill to put it in and yes I can type it in but at that point it's faster to get the key out. The apps lack of support has been very frustrating

A-A. B. Apr 1, 2022     

Way to F it up with a useless update. Bring back PIN login for faster access. And bring back consistant command signals. My commands to remote start are working 1/2 the time now, and take forever to timeout before I can re-send it. Not sure where you're getting the input for needs to tweak little things, but they are bugging the whole thing as a result. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. 4/1/22 No fixes 4 any of the issues stated in the reviews. Bring back the PIN Login and the freezeup issues.

Jes. W. Mar 28, 2022     

God this app sucks. It will work for a couple of weeks and then stop working completely. The biometrics stop working for sign in, the 2 step authentication won't send me the code and then when I do finally manage to get into the app it won't send any of the commands to the vehicle. Constantly uninstalling and reinstalling the app. You guys need to sort this stuff out asap

Mik. P. Apr 9, 2022     

I'm tired of it! This app sucks badly! The first app I had was with my 2018 GMC Sierra. I loved it then. Then I bought a 2021 GMC Denali 1500 and used the app. Worked fine until the latest update. I can't stand it now. I've uninstalled many times and reinstalled it. I'm done! I just renewed earlier too. Going to contact GM for my refund. DONE!

Tyl. G. Mar 23, 2022     

After paying for the app for almost a year, I've had nothing but problems with this app. Servers unresponsive to constantly getting signed out. Trying to log back in and 2 factor authentication doesn't even text me back. Embarrassing this app has the gmc name on it. I've emailed them and had no response. Switching to the drone.

Din. T. May 25, 2022     

*Installed today! OVERHEATS PHONE & SUCKS FULL BATTERY UNTIL EMPTY! THIS APP IS UNUSABLE! I haven't once been able to use the app beyond initial sign-up because the GMC app overheats my phone until it's too hot to touch (in 68° indoors) and the battery drops from 100% to 10% in an hour SOLELY DUE TO THIS GMC APP! I can't even see what this app offers because of that. Something needs to be fixed with this app immediately! As it is, I've never used my free trial, & will be CANCELING ALL SERVICES.

Sha. S. Apr 5, 2022     

UPDATE****** 4/5/22 This is the absolute worst app. My husband and I both have GMC AT4 trucks and use this app. It NEVER works, can't remote start, can't lock doors, etc. We've uninstalled and reinstalled as suggested by providers of this app. And nothing, horrible app. Very disappointed. Having a terrible time with the app. It says it needs updated but no updates available. It's quite frustrating, won't let me remote start, check anything, etc. (1/25/22)

Kar. S. May 11, 2022     

I like the old app better. Gotta have the navigation, thats the only reason I have it. Wish they wouldn't have messed with phone capability. Worked for a year, then have to swap phones because the old one wasn't upgraded enough? Mess with it too much...

Bes. K. May 15, 2022     

Why did you have to go and remove some of the features/data from "Vehicle Status"? Before I used to be able to update the "Vehicle Status" data anytime I wanted. Now it updates every hour or half an hour. Additionally, Trip B data is missing among other things. Edit: The app works ok but there are fewer features compared to before. Not sure it justifies paying over $10/month with these new limitations. 🤔

Rog. O. May 11, 2022     

The way the new app works is inaccurate. And does not give real time accurate readings on any of its readings. The 38.8 reading is always the reading and has never been the average of this vehicle. I would like to return to the previous app offered.

Mik. T. May 16, 2022     

Takes too long to load compared to the older versions. Don't like having to sign in every time. Auto fill on email and password doesn't work. Keeps starting over.

Joh. M. May 22, 2022     

**I'm going to update my review again. Someone needs to thank the people who make life more enjoyable and easier. That's exactly what each update does. I don't know why my vehicle stats in a circle form is clearer, but it just is. I meant to acknowledge that in the last update. Having parts readily in hand is also helpful. So thanks again Developers!

Jef. W. May 19, 2022     

I used the MyGMC app formerly Onstar app for years. It was never flawless but usable. Since the last "redesign" this app is painfully slow. Not even worth using anymore unless there is a situation that there is no other alternative. Please put it back the old way. The PIN method was much better than biometric. Come on, make it better NOT WORSE!

Bar. W. Mar 17, 2022     

This app is now trash since the update. Will not send ANY remote commands. It worked great before. Another example of IT folks making it better,sic. Previously worked with Alexa seamlessly. Now nothing. Alexa still asks for pin....app does not ask for pin any longer. Have to sign in to app every time now. Since it doesn't stay signed in, wonder if that's why Alexa doesn't work?

saa. a. May 10, 2022     

Still the old design !! Befor downloading the app in the Description you will see the new dark design but when i download the app still the old white design and with alot of bugs 1- it doesn't start the Vehicle from the first time i must try 2 or 3 time 2- every time i open the app to see my vehicle status i must sign out and sign in This app shuld to be easy to use