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Myshinycars: Auto Mechanic

What do you do if your car runs into troubles?
Meet Myshinycars, one of those indispensable apps every driver should have on their smartphones. If the inevitable happens and your car breaks down in an unknown area, you can fire it up and find an auto mechanic close by in a matter of seconds. Each workshop in Myshinycars has info on what brands they work with and the type of services they provide, this way you save money by knowing exactly which one to pick.

Main features:

✔ Mechanics in-your-pocket. Myshinycars helps you quickly find your auto mechanic with a tap of a button. It uses your location to display close-by workshops but you can also search for workshops that provide specific services.✔ Browse workshops. Not happy with your last workshop? Then easily discover a new one and get in touch with them instantly. Each listed workshop shows the phone number, address and working hours, but also the type of services and cars they handle.✔ Local deals. Myshinycars will display deals for local workshops around you so that you can benefit from discounts for the services you need. Save money by simply logging into the app and choosing the coupon you want to use.✔ Roadside assistance. Get quick access to call the most important 11 roadside assistance companies in case you run into car troubles (i.e. AAA, AARP).✔ Mark your favorites. For each workshop you can leave a review sharing your experience about them and you can also bookmark the ones you\'re happy with. This way you can access them later from the My Favorites menu.

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