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Napoli Tycoon Pizza Clicker

NEW IDLE CLICKER GAMECreate your pizza restaurants empire and become a millionaire!
New incremental click game where you'll be the owner of a millionaire tycoon pizza chain in the country.Run your pizza's business and get rich by increasing your incomes in this funny idle clicker game.

You're a tycoon gangster of the Italian mafia, and your goal in this addictive click game is to become a billionaire with the expansion of your pizzas company.For this you must increase your profits by buying upgrades in your restaurant menu and investing in advertising as if you were a real business manager.In addition you can buy upgrades, decorative items for your pizza restaurant and everything you can think of to grow your business sales and become a millionaire in this idle incremental clicks game.

The best clicker game of recent times!Become the richest mafia's tycoon in the city buying upgrades to expand your business and earn money all the time, even when you're not playing.The more times you click on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet, the more revenue you will get in your pizza business.

Download now this funny clicker role game, build an empire and multiply your money!

In this game you can play both children and adults.

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Category : Casual

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