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Nautical Almanac

Celestial navigation
- Astronavigation
Nautical almanac:
- Equatorial geocentric coordinates: RA/GHA, Declination for Sun, Moon, and navigational stars and planets .
- SD, HP
- GHA AriesVisible sky:
- Identification of stars and planets
- it plots the visible sky from a position at a certain moment.
- Polar and horizon chart.

v2.0_____________________ Planning observation:
- Twilight
- Rise/set for Sun and Moon
- Meridian passage

Solar time:
- Equation of time

Sidereal time (Aries):

- Lunar distances

Manual and examples at the developer's website.

Category : Travel & Local

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Reviews (7)

War. B. Feb 21, 2020     

Seems useful but I can't find any way to have it use my phones GPS location - it has to be I put in manually. It's good to be able to override the default, but my phone knows where it is why doesn't an app running on the phone know it? There's a Locate button but it doesn't work on Android 10 (Pixel 4) Also what I really want is sun and moon meridian passage and altitude at MP.

Ros. R. Nov 15, 2020     

Not complete because not include data for Local Hour Angle Not enough data from Almanac Need to put geographical position of the bodies Not total Almanac Too simple

Edd. Y. Apr 8, 2021     

Very useful and easy to navigate. Friendly user.

A. G. u. Apr 8, 2020     

Fantastic app. Every component works. Only annoyance is the time changes to Local instead of UT1 when you enter a new time. But a few clicks and all is OK. Update...Even better now with the April 2020 update. Date and time are UT1. I love it.

A. G. u. Jan 14, 2017     

Great application. Worked on Android 5. Upgrade to Android version 6 and nothing works, always crahes

Aza. N. Feb 15, 2015     

This app is easy to use now as it have many function to determining solar system bodies and stars.

Sha. C. Sep 15, 2014     

Displays a lot of useful info in a clear, easy to read format. Excellent features for celestial navigation. Small size. Well done.