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NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth app connects you with top local stories, breaking news, live video, and investigative journalism that holds thepowerful accountable.
NEWS ALERTS & VIDEO+ Push Notifications that send you straight to the story + Breaking news bar + Watch live newscasts & streaming content + Watch video while you read the story

DALLAS-FORT WORTH AREA WEATHER+ Forecasts for your region + Weather Alerts based on your location + Live, interactive Doppler radar with custom layers + 7 day Forecast & Hourly Forecasts

INVESTIGATIONS & MORE+ Award-winning investigative stories that get results + Reality checks on the effectiveness of public policy+ Watch NBC programming live and on-demand

Category : News & Magazines

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Reviews (30)

Ben. M. Mar 31, 2022     

Pushy, no focus on user experience. Permanent notification that requests I give it full permission to track location in the background. This is a data privacy concern that the user shouldn't be forced to agree to to avoid a pushy app. Setting menu is buried and not intuitively navigable. Getting very boring, useless alerts on topics I opted out of in the notification menu.

Chu. Sep 29, 2021     

When this app was originally launched it was great, I downloaded it specifically for the weather. The map was easy to use, it had a play button that you could use to see the movement of a storm. But they "improved" it so much that they removed virtually all control from the user. I now use the WFAA app, where I have more control of the weather map.

Lad. Mar 24, 2019     

I recently switched news apps to the NBC 5 app and I like the format and the fact that they stay current with our local news on the weekends. The reasons for the low rating is because I can't seem to watch videos in full screen mode, videos 7 out of 10 times won't play (error messages), the app crashes and even though I've turned off autoplay in settings the app ignores it and tries to autoplay anyway. If not corrected soon I guess I'll be on the hunt for another news provider app.

Jus. G. Oct 3, 2019     

Changing my review from 5 to 1 after 3 years. I had this app for 3 years and it was great, my only go-to for weather. Then they ruined it. Now there is ads on top of radar map. They could have left those to the bottom, no right on top of image, can't see all of DFW because of Clay Cooley, who I will never buy a vehicle from now cause they messed with my weather. Uninstalled and went with CBS 11 app. It is now the cleanest useful DFW weather app.

Tex. _. Dec 3, 2019     

If you need an app that sends you some kind of notification about something every 5 minutes, this is the app for you. Even after turning off every single little option available you still get blasted with notifications about stuff that doesn't pertain to what you have selected anyways. We get it NBC 5 app, the the sky changed colors. I don't need a notification about it.

K. K. Aug 31, 2021     

The weather is good, but leaving any of the notifications on results in a relentless deluge of repetitive alerts. I left weather, health, and traffic alerts on and had over 10 messages from the app, none of which was important. It also sends an alert at 6 in th Monday sometimes just to inform you that the weather is going to be the same as yesterday. Thanks for waking me up when I was planning on sleeping.

A. G. U. Apr 13, 2022     

Live radar S-band no longer loads. It keeps defaulting back to the smooth radar which is pretty much useless in this day and age.

N. M. Apr 5, 2022     

Love using the app. Great when bad weather is going on when breaking news. I don't have TV app of any sort NBC5 is always available thank you

Gre. G. Aug 10, 2021     

The old version had an easy to use live button. I had to download the new version because if you hit live it went to a part of the Olympics then cut off. Now no live version and would rate the the new version a 1 if I did not like the station and their coverage. You can try NBC app also but typically locks up if you try local coverage even after signing in. Old version 5 stars...new version 2 only because of the station but the app is 1....

Mit. W. Jul 16, 2021     

New format (as of July 2021) is pretty awful and actually hard to use. The old one was simpler, tidier, and worked well... especially for the news. The only thing I really like is the dark mode, but everything else is way too messy and unorganized.

Ern. F. Sep 8, 2020     

Fantastic! Easy to read layout and can customize your notifications to what YOU want to be notified about. Best part...the weather is accurate! Had a notice that I should be getting a little rain in my area in about 18min. Pretty specific, I thought...until I had just that. Wow!

Dav. F. Feb 14, 2021     

I've reverted back to using your website for live weather TV with weather team. No longer able to view or cast in landscape mode (fullscreen) from the app: Latest Hardware Android 11 Pixel 4, Newest edition Chromecast w/ Google TV. There is also not an option to natively download app to Google TV. Likely need to update your app. Appears last update was Sept 2020.

Kat. T. May 22, 2019     

I really like this NBC 5 Dallas app and highly recommend it over all Dallas FW for News and Weather. We live in Canton and the data information we've gotten has been right on target. I also enjoy easily watching news broadcasts and reading at the same time. So, I have deleted KLTV, FOX 4 and others I've tried. And very user friendly. Best thing is very few ads, so easy to navigate from topic to topic.

A. G. u. Mar 5, 2019     

The NBC 5 app is a truly great app which I definitely recomened for everyone. It's easy to use and conveniently gives us choices about which notifications we may receive. My favorite notification is the one top of my screen that shows me the North Texas temperature. If you pull that icon down, you can get the radar picture of our area day or night.

J. Sep 23, 2019     

Had this app previously. Recently reinstalled. It is now no more than an advertising venue for Clay Cooley and others! No way to remove ads from radar map. You have also changed radar map. It's awful!! Am uninstalling will get my news and weather from either WFAA or Fox4. Really disappointed with y'all. Not even worthy of 1 star but can't post review without giving it one. Am so disappointed in this new version that I will no longer be watching morning or evening news on this station.

Lor. Jul 9, 2021     

I set my home city and every time I open the app it's on DFW Airport. Yes, I understand that's where the you collect data but I'm 15 miles from the airport and would rather see him first. Considering downloading another app and uninstalling this one.

Don. D. Aug 1, 2021     

This was very helpful app. HOWEVER, since the "upgrade" it is useless. Radar is not current. And, issues notice of impending rain in area, when there is not a cloud in North Texas !!! Don't bother downloading.

Ste. S. Jul 23, 2021     

I was using this mostly for the weather, but the news was good, too. As other reviewers mentioned, the weather notification in the bar is now gone, making this nearly worthless for weather. I only had the app for a few weeks and loved it, now I have uninstalled and moving on.

Lis. J. May 14, 2020     

This was a great app but recently about a week ago all it does is crash. It will not open no matter how many times I try. I depend on it for weather but can't now. I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times and it still crashes.

Bre. R. Mar 25, 2019     

When I view the live stream of the radar or weather updates when also streaming on the app an error message comes up stating error loading video. Could you please correct this issue or let me know what may be causing this issue? Thank you.

Ddd. S. Jan 1, 2020     

Forced update installs app that does nothing but crash. Try to open 'top stories ' and immediately goes back to default page and crashes. DO NOT INSTALL UPDATE! Not if you hope to view anything. You may have better luck with channels 4, 8, or 11 for DFW.

Jos. A. Mar 19, 2020     

I don't know what happened but after the latest update the weather part of the app has been terrible. I can not see anything outside dallas county with the live radar and that's not good for me in Tarrant county. This is only 1 of a few issues. Hopefully an update will fix it.

Fre. M. Aug 21, 2019     

This NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth app delivers thorough, concise information. News updates are presented in a timely manner, in close proximity to the relevant developments. The weather reports are on point and appears to have nearly 100 percent accuracy. I am very pleased and would recommend this app for all to experience.

Din. 0. Nov 19, 2019     

The latest update to the app is ridiculous! More junk has been added to the map screen, in my opinion the app needs to go back before the update. WHAT THE HECK ARE Y'ALL DOING???? You come out with a great app, DFW WEATHER. AND YOU DISCONTINUE IT. Then, NBC 5 Dallas Ft Worth comes out. And its ok. And you ruin it as well by putting a bar at the bottom of the screen. It takes away from the screen size and making it smaller. I will uninstall this app and install cbs weather app.

A. G. u. Nov 20, 2018     

This app sends notifications on sports which is a waste of my time. I can't turn them off. I want to block all sports news. When I press button to look at permissions, the app crashes.

Chr. B. Dec 6, 2020     

I much prefer the older app. This app keeps adding things I don't want (live TV news streaming) and removing things I do want (show past OR future radar, not BOTH... full-screen radar when rotated into landscape mode... fast startup... etc.).

Dan. M. Oct 14, 2019     

Poor design in weather. The daily forecast is difficult read. The font is very small and light colored. Lots of wasted space. I have a large phone, so I feel sorry for people with smaller devices.

Jea. S. Jul 16, 2021     

This app updated overnight. It used to display the local temperature in the upper right corner of my phone and on the lock screen. That isn't there anymore and I can't find a way to it up. That was the best feature. Bring it back.

Deb. L. Apr 22, 2020     

I have been in contact with Rick Mitchell about the fact that the radar part of the app isn't working. I have uninstalled it, rebooted my phone, installed the app again and it still doesn't work. Still nothing. He stated to me that it might be my phone because he hasn't heard if any more complaints. If yours isn't working, contact someone at NBCDFW about the issue. I have an Android phone!

Jud. B. Apr 19, 2019     

All weather alerts & even trying to contact one of the anchors, I am receiving an error message stating that "clear text not permitted". I have a brand new phone & checked with dealer & it appears that the NBC 5 software is now not compatible with the new phone software on my Moto Z3. Would be nice to be able to read the alerts.