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The official NDTV India Hindi News App Brings You the latest news and videos from the Ndtw Studios in India. So stay Cnd the latest news stories from India and the world. Access the videos and photos s Your device with Ndtv India News App. Watch live TV, stream live radio, view photo galleries were and Mach More with Ndtv India News App

Was NDTV India App Brings war stories and videos live from the Ndtw Studios in India. Award-Winning Journalists wrote Ravish Kumar, identification light, entertainment recruitment, fund-Chancellor, Dr moistened, combine the report's Politics, Business, Cricket, Sports, FOOD, entertainment and Bollywood. You can also get the live cricket scores and track stock markets, all in Hindi

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Reviews (30)

sha. h. Mar 1, 2022     

Very bad experience, every time when I want to listen the news on this application, I have open it but only advertisement is going on each and every time. I want to share my last experience I have opened it at 7:00AM to listen the news but I couldn't listen a single news till 8:00PM only advertisement has repeated. My rating is in negative

D.B. A. Mar 11, 2022     

I am unable to change the language to English . I have gone through the setting many a times but there is no setting of language change

ahm. s. Mar 14, 2022     

NDTV showing only advertisement, not news, you can call advertisement show, not news, when changed channel showing ad , again, again again, 2 minute news 15 minutes showing advertisement, it's not a news channel it's only bloody advertising channel

R.K. Y. Mar 5, 2022     

इin matter of news it is too good but add is so abnormal plz do something about video ads that are more and more harassing

Aja. J. Apr 11, 2022     

The app is good even the channel is also good for all news

Jig. P. Aug 25, 2019     

News, pictures, videos -you have them all. The Live TV resolution could have been better. Overall a very good source for news from an Indian perspective. However, the packaging could have been better. The ui is very modular. you have to pick your choice of news or pictures or video. It would have served better with a seamless interface.

sum. s. May 8, 2022     

Never ever download this app. It is not a news app it is a bollywood magzine.

Abi. H. Jun 16, 2019     

I have selected only few notification alert in your setting menu. But it's not saved and I am getting again all type of notifications. When I checked in notification alert all the options are selected. Why like that. If I am selecting some notification alert then it should be work for only those alerts. It's really irritating to get all types of notification. Kindly do the needful. Thanks

Ala. A. May 16, 2021     

I installed it after ndtv was removed from jio tv. It was running very good but for last one month very poor experience. Unable to watch any video smoothly because of add and we have to keep mobile screen on while watching otherwise it locks.if we start live tv for watching prime time at 9 the irritating add start and run until you stop the app. Many times happened.

Azh. A. Jan 22, 2020     

The biggest flaws are - 1- They are not updated frequently, keep on showing month old news & videos. Very very late in uploading fresh news. 2- Whenever there is any breaking news and every channel is going live uncut, then very frequently they go for ads break. I know ads are important, but when there is important or live news is going then you should keep on showing that. Three times i switched to another app, as NDTV was on break & other news channel apps were live with news.

Bin. K. Jul 12, 2020     

News quality is good, no fake news. Ravish Sir is great. But the app is worst. Why Videos are being played automatically in top and bottom of news articals. In a very strategic way, they are mute, so that users don't know about them. These videos consuming too much data. Please disable these videos from being auto played.

rah. b. Jul 1, 2019     

very poor presentation. day after day going down. I am using this app since last 4 years. but since last few months only headline or 2 news changed Al other remaining same old or older than a week. very poor quality of news. I am uninstalling it with heavy heart. don't understand why this is in editors choice? 😪

meh. S. May 19, 2021     

Every time while it's playing same add it says for 30s but after 30s the timer is gone and add is reparinig so many time and finally I closed the app it happelnes always is open it 10 times it works like this 9 times, I want to give lesser then one star but there is no option, ND TV is good chanel I loke to watch it, but what it's aap is like this

Vij. S. Apr 23, 2021     

Hi, Channel is good, trying to show filtered news, but we are unable to see those news because of Repeated ADS and unnecessary time wasting content. Which has enabled me to give 1 star rating. Also I uninstalled it. Pls don't waste time. Thanks

Vis. N. Nov 8, 2020     

Not satisfactory. Jiosaavn pop-up window everywhere. Not worthy to use this app if jiosaavn is going to play all the time. Randomly opens and starts all the permissions if one tries to read from notification panel. Eats all the data. Can't play in background.

M. K. Apr 16, 2022     

Very very good👍 news channel I love this news channel

Kri. M. T. Mar 21, 2022     

Your news in app are late,we are missing Prime Time,

Ash. G. Apr 16, 2019     

the material is hard to find. there are no date of telecast visible with videos. Chromecast functionality is there but is not designed well. cant find a way to stop casting after starting to cast

Ram. b. Mar 27, 2022     

NDTV broadcasts Satya News.,, I like NDTV very much 🎉🎉🎉🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🙋🙏🏻 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹In this India, all the channels investigated are sold out. Playing like a puppet in the hands of the governments. In such a situation, NDTV still publishes Satya News. I like you very much!🌹🌹🌹✔️✔️✔️✔️🌹🌹🌹🙋

ama. S. Apr 13, 2022     

Very good app,clarity, authentic

Shi. D. U. Mar 13, 2022     

Being with others, I am changing my views that NDTV is GOOD amoung Worst. Reason is correct news & having no negative feeling about any Person / Politician / Political Party / Religion / Religious beliefs. Thanks to entire team incliding its Permoters without their Moral support Employees could not succeed. Good Luck to all team members including Caption.

vij. p. Mar 4, 2022     

Local news has not Published

sam. s. Jan 17, 2021     

I would say that this app is accurate in giving proper news to you but everytime when I see a live TV news it glitches to much it stops at a moment and not continues even if my internet connection is good. I would request you to fix this problem.

Moh. F. Aug 19, 2019     

Overall app is good but there is only one major issue that is when we go for live news everytime you will face add and between news also there are so much advertisement. I need news and mostly there is adds.

Alp. T. Feb 26, 2020     

Contents are good , but the app quality is very bad. It crashes many times and the videos are very slow. Sometime the audio will be running and screen will be black. Need improvement.

Nar. D. Jan 21, 2022     

More attention regarding creat notification some times it's not updated and reflect previous status and sometimes wrong project figures

Kap. R. Mar 1, 2020     

Automatic start of video in the story uses more data. Also there are typos in Hindi edition of news. However, overall it's a unbiased news channel.

Roh. M. Sep 17, 2018     

First of all there should be a feedback option that is absent in settings menu. Also night mode, font settings also missing. Now remove this app as there is another news app daily hunt that support night mode.

Nau. I. Jan 1, 2020     

It is the best news app bcoz I have already used so many other apps but i uninstalled them now bcoz they propagate fake news instead of neutral and honest news.. Nd yes another thing is other news channels showing nonsense debate nd the news which is not informative. Being an Indian this is my right that I got all the information which occurs in my country and about my govt without any biasness but nowadays all news channels except 1or 2(popular channels) not playing their responsibilities .

Kas. K. Sep 9, 2020     

I actually want to give 3 stars but it's the only channel that's shows news. To the people, I watch news only using your app whenever I open I always see your ads for 3 minutes which is sucks a lot. Please improve.