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Nelnet’s app lets borrowers manage their student loans with ease from any mobile device. Make payments, update account information, check on the status of deferments and forbearances, and more. You can even sign up for eStatements and text alerts, and view a detailed account summary. Manage your account wherever you are, whenever you need it. Let us know what you think! Email z-mobileapps@nelnet.com.

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Reviews (30)

Rob. S. Mar 8, 2022     

Seems to be nothing more than a custom mini-browser to access the website, which is not working properly. No optimizations for the mobile experience at all. Links to off-site pages that "open on another tab" just replace the Nelnet part with no indication that I have left the site. FAQ links do not work at all. Basically useless.

K. D. Feb 25, 2020     

2 hours on the phone with customer service trying to fix what I was told id be able to fix If I just used the app. The app is slow when loading the next page or it decides to make the executive decision and just wont load period. I dont get notifications or emails alerting me as to when my payment is due but I most definitely get calls and emails when they dont get they money. When I was in collection I didnt have any problems. I got notifications and phone calls reminding when I was due.

C. B. S. Feb 4, 2020     

I just installed the app. It works great. I'm very impressed with the features and how fast the screens load! I sometimes get an error screen when I select the payments tab, but only a few times so far. I gave the app 4 stars; I'd give it 5 stars when they add two-factor verification to protect my personal info.

Chr. M. Aug 21, 2019     

Just a copy of the web app for mobile browsers. Unable to open or upload documents in the app (seems to be a widespread issue). App notification support for payments and loan status changes would be a nice addition; though they do have text/email alerts. The app mostly works as stated but is just lacking features you'd expect.

And. S. Jun 4, 2020     

Nelnet was inaccessible during COVID-19. Besides that, their communication sucks. They don't work with borrowers. You have to call and hope you can talk to someone. They fail to tell you about changes. The app constantly closes and doesn't load. If you have an option, go with someone more reliable.

Mel. L. Feb 19, 2022     

CANNOT REACH SERVER. My phone is a Pixel 5. Perhaps the problem are certain android versions? The app won't load. I uninstalled and started over again but no change. I have no problem logging on to the desktop version from my laptop.

And. Aug 6, 2019     

I recommend using the website. The app frequently fails to open correctly. Reinstalling it does temporarily fix the issue. When it does function, the app offers far less functionality than the website and none of the typical app features.

Rya. C. Mar 14, 2020     

Absolutely the worst app I have ever used. No indication when a resource is loading. Hangs forever without any error message or indications that something is wrong. Do you people have no QA how can this be allowed to be released to production. Completely unusable.

D'N. H. Feb 25, 2020     

I feel like I'm still on the website and not in an app; though it's not necessarily hard to navigate. So far I've noticed that you cant actually open any messages in your inbox it just "Marks As "Read". Not bad, but could be better.

Jam. C. Aug 13, 2019     

The app is terrible. Movement through the app is slow. The app won't allow the uploading of documents. Needs to be reworked by the programming department. Really poor presentation overall.

Jes. G. Jun 10, 2019     

love to see my statements... I can read the titles of each loan statement. can't open any correspondence. maybe it hasn't updated to the newer android model? however, mine isn't the newest. I called to get the information on how to apply for my payment plan renewal and was told to check my app/online. I requested a "fix-it" be put on the app for that reason but the lady didn't seem to understand the problem. As I can't open my correspondence I don't have a way to know what plan I was placed in.

lau. l. h. Dec 16, 2019     

Website has been down for days, almost a week. Crashes after sign-in. I have a payment due - so frustrating. Student loan interest accrues DAILY. HOLDING YOU ACCOUNTABLE, NELNET. I have considered in situations where people may have missed a payment already or who had to put off paying a full amount for a while, would find this incredibly frustrating and maybe even financially damaging. APP IS EQUALLY DEFECTIVE. DEBUG PLEASE, PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO BE IN DEBT FOREVER.

Bil. P. Jun 14, 2019     

bad design, might as well use the website, its not an app. it has no more functionality than chrome. no auto login, no use of saved passwords, no fingerprint. oh thanks a dumb security picture. nelnet correspondence is pitifully bad, outdated circa 1990 fax scanned as a pdf, bad.

Cha. P. Feb 26, 2021     

This app works perfectly. I haven't had any issues with it. I am able to view all of my account details, make payments, view documents, and so much more. It is safe and secure. Thanks for making this app. Having student loan debt is stressful, but with this app I am in the loop and able to manage them whenever and wherever. Two thumbs up. 👍 👍

kef. Dec 12, 2018     

This app was good until today. When you login in, the following screen is blank except for the help button. And none of the options work. I would like to check and make payments to my account being that a pc is not an option.

Cha. H. Feb 20, 2020     

Absolutely does not work, continually get error messages attempting to log in. It's so frustrating simply trying to see my loan amount and re certify for repayment programs but you can never get on the app or phone.

Mic. W. Mar 23, 2022     

I keep getting routed to an auto debit page that's broken. The page is broken in the browser and in app. Lots of code printed on the screen.

Qu. M. Dec 15, 2020     

What happened to the app? I think you broke it, it went blank when I first opened it, then when I clear it off my phone and went back in, it came back but crashed as soon as I was able to log in. Please don't tell me I am going to have to delete this app too. I like using this app. Fix it please

Tre. H. Sep 3, 2020     

Out of date app. This app has the bear minimum required to do its job. No options to save anything and is very laggy at time. It will do it's job but do not expect much more than that.

Zac. F. Mar 13, 2020     

I can't access my inbox on the mobile browser so I figure I will try the app. The app is a direct copy of the webpage and the inbox still will not load. How is this acceptable? For a company that makes so much money they can't even develop nor, it seems like, even care to improve their app/service. What does that say about the company? Cheap and greedy and careless. I would give it a 0/5 stars if I could

Zed. Z. Jun 29, 2019     

I don't normally leave negative comments on apps however this is an awful application. The reason being... After signing up for Nelnet Notifications via text alerts I noticed that I have never received any notification of when a payment is coming up. What is the point in having this if it isn't even functional??...

And. C. Jan 30, 2021     

Used to work fine. I couldn't remember my username so I went to request my username and it doesn't even respond. Or I put my info in and receive error messages. The app had definitely messed up. Hope it gets fixed soon.

Sha. S. Jun 24, 2020     

As a borrower, I love Nelnet. However I do not like their app. It feels like its just an iframe, so basically just a regular web site shrunk down to mobile size. I feel like that's the cheap way out of making an app. Skip the app, and just use the desktop version.

Dar. W. Jan 31, 2019     

I was blown away by the kind service I received while being told that my plan was terminated without contact email or phone, after trying to charge my card once. reviewing them won't help (I know owe my college $1000+, due immediately). I can no longer graduate, as the application I filed went through during the hold I now have on my account. Leaving 2 stars because I'd like to grant nelnet a courtesy I was not afforded. Go with a loan shark, at least they'll let you know if there's a problem.

Rob. W. Apr 10, 2020     

The app worked great for the first few weeks. Now it doesn't work, opens to a blank screen. Tried uninstall and installing again but still the same issue.

Ash. S. Apr 21, 2020     

App never seems to save my pass words and when I try to change it the program doesn't acknowledge the save button. It just loads a picture that does nothing.

Dee. Oct 19, 2019     

This is one of the slowest apps that I have ever used. Very frustrating when trying to log in. Each phase takes minutes not seconds.

Ter. S. Mar 14, 2022     

No problems yet. It imported all of my information from fedloan when it took over my loans. So making a payment was very easy.

Rin. Jul 13, 2019     

Now I can carry the burden of crippling depression, which exists in the form of my students loans, with me wherever I go. This app allows me to make payments, cry, view loan information and dwel on every regrettable life decision with ease. With the younger generations being more tech savvy than ever, I feel confident in my future great grandchildren's ability to quickly learn how to use the Nelnet app and continue my feeble journey to pay this exhobrbitant interest accruing debt.

Cor. Dec 8, 2021     

Convenient. Not sure why there are so many bad reviews about the app not working. I have had zero issues navigating it. As advertised.