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NetSee is a free application for new generation cloud camera, it is used for remote video monitor.

The app features are as below:
1.Users can check real time video and playback remotely any time,any place.
2.The app supports remote video recording and image snapshot.
3.The app supports alarm function.
4. With intelligent stream media cloud technology, 720p HD video can be real-time transferred.
5.Support video image zoom-in.
6.Users can record video manually on live video and playback video interface. And the video recorded manually can be checked on album.
7.The app can control PTZ.

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Reviews (30)

Bok. M. Oct 31, 2018     

I almost thought I wasted time and money while trying to pair the phone with the cameras but turns out, I had to set the phone volume to max for the sound wave to be received. After that all works as expected. Night vision is 100%. Tilting seems to lag, and also triggers it's motion detection alarm.

Car. W. Apr 3, 2021     

It's been almost 2 years and this app has had no updates what so ever. I have glitches, no real time videos, only a random photo constantly not my own home, when it records all it says is the date and time it all needs a good shake up and update so you have a toggle to view in realtime and images to match, it takes ages to load up and sometimes doesn't load at all hence the 2* rating.

Dyl. J. Dec 18, 2018     

The app was fine until it stopped working on 15 December. I alerted the developers to the issue and service was restored by 17 December. Provided it works, the app is good but if functionality is lost, any linked cameras will be rendered useless. Communications with app developers was very good. Responded immediately to issues and worked to solve asap. Will update if there are any further issues.

Ton. F. Jul 9, 2019     

What utter rubbish, followed instructions to the letter, got as far as logged in then to soundwave, connects to wifi but then goes back to the soundwave.. Rince and repeat how many times did I have to listen to the bloody thing screeching 🙄 Tried holding phone in different directions, close camera on top lying down etc.. No go and well I'm just going to return the hardware, I'm sure you'll use what data you gleaned from me for some nefarious ends.

Mag. G. May 10, 2019     

I have had this camera over a year but lately it's been going offline a lot This morning it will not connect at all. And is making an odd clicking sound and the led light keeps flashing. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the software and unplugged the camera for a while. Nothing has resolved the issue. Please can you advise a fix

Ste. R. Jun 29, 2019     

Probably the worst app I own. would be great if it worked - but it doesn't record anything and when it's the only option for a security camera... it's an issue. Have emailed 3 different email addresses that I've found online but no answer. Appalling service.

A. G. u. Jan 29, 2019     

NETSEE please "REBUILD" this app from scratch.... It initially Worked fine with one camera, then i added a second one and the app starts playing up, its very glitchy and keeps having to sign in every time you use it instead of it just staying signed in.... sign in time also varies greatly.. Second camera keeps going offline and when both cameras work loading is very inconsistent, its a very poor app but the camera quality is 4 stars. However the cameras are rendered useless without the app.

Wil. R. Mar 10, 2019     

The software is too sensitive to non-threats such as rain, snow or lights going on in the distance. Much as it's range is impressive the sensitivity makes it so that you can't really rely on the alerts to any great extent.

Bec. M. Oct 11, 2018     

I thought this camera could be used\started with motion detection. Doesn't work. There are no controls to control the camera angle and the translation from Chinese is bad. Disappointed in this camera and app. Could use improvements. Also, timezone is an hour off and can't add gateway.

Mel. Sep 20, 2020     

This app needs to be updated , last update was over a year ago. Is slow to open camera, playback doesn't work, and when I go to watch alerts , says the video can't be found. If not updated will find a more reliable system

Ste. G. Jun 8, 2019     

It's not reliable. The alarm was set for 5 hours. I found alerts when I got home but no siren went off on the phone and I didn't get notified although that was turned on. It's a good camera but that's about all. Also, since yesterday, the alarm doesn't repeat and it's not very loud.

Ren. T. Oct 27, 2021     

Unable to view the video of the intrusion. Will slowly reach 99% to view what the camera recorded, but since it never reaches 100% one is unable to see what the camera recorded. Shame because it used to work.

Car. J. Sep 7, 2019     

The app is lacking. Can't log in with the same email i used to open the account. It says too many characters. Many of the cameras were registered to other users who returned the camera. wheres the IT at? Notifications not being pushed to every administrator. Alarms are too sensitive.

Gra. C. Mar 16, 2019     

Instructions say after the opening screen is up, to insert an email address and press 'Register immediately" when complete. What isn't in the instructions is a line that says "Please enter the code" with a big RED "Send Code" button. Enter/verify your password first, then go back to that button There's an easy way to do this - have a pc running, accessing your email account, and get ready!! Try it on your phone, but if you're not fast enough switching between your email app and Netsee, you will have to repeat this 'code' entry - several times, with a new email every time. Press the 'Send code' on the phone, and monitor your emails on your PC. Open the email and transfer the six digit numeric code to your phone. YOU HAVE 30 SECONDS, or do it again, with another email. THE CODE ENTRY CANNOT BE BYPASSED . Once you've done that, the "Register Immediately" button will change to a bright orange. Click on it and you're in!! Note: Formatting an SD card is likely to fail. When pressed, the red 'Record' button will change to a rounded square. That's Odd!! READ THE REVIEWS FIRST!! - There's not many who like this installation, so be certain you want to buy it

Nei. Jun 4, 2019     

Can someone please adjust the motion sensitivity, its crazy, flies and spiders setting it off... Very annoying. 2 star's because it's working otherwise..,but motion sensitivity too sensitive ruins the whole thing usefulness

Arr. Nov 1, 2018     

Great app more so since recent update. Now have control GUI plus can view multiple camera feeds simultaneously. Considering how cheap the cameras were excellent work. Only improvement would be for camera timezone setup customisation- no Adelaide time alignment.

Peg. S. Jul 2, 2020     

Very good when it works...too often does not. Drops cameras offline frequently...camera view loads to 99% then stops...sometimes works fine for hours...then stops...not reliable at all

Dav. I. Mar 28, 2020     

Was good, now rubbish! Changed my password and now the app won't even open! Tried uninstalling/reinstalling but it makes no difference. You need to start again from the beginning and sort this out!

Ste. J. Feb 4, 2020     

Why Dont You Sort The App Issues??? Works when it wants, cant play back... what is the point in having this as a security product if it aint able to do its job. May aswell rig up some disposable cameras to some trip wires

A. G. u. Mar 28, 2019     

not working for me doesn't load up to the camera always stops on 95% even though I have tons of storage on sd card and phone. im going to send the camera back as it useless to me. it only works as a dummy and I could have bought one of them for £10 this app needs a mega update

Joh. F. Dec 17, 2018     

Doesn't work. Message appears when opening the app 'sorry, a error, will exit......'. Very frustrating as cameras are useless without the app

A. G. u. Jan 31, 2019     

cameras work fine, but alarm does not go off on phone unless you actually have the app open, also alarms are also triggered by changes in light !

Jac. M. Jun 18, 2019     

Hopeless...awfull...sent the cameras back... what's the point of having security cameras when the apps doesent work! got myself registered but when I tried to signed in it dint recognise me.. so uninstalled it n reinstalled it and ... my details was already registered.. gave up after 4 hours of trying to explain it was me ...Dont Download ..Wast of Space...

Sam. c. Feb 1, 2020     

It would be helpful if trying to find something if it could playback at speed. Watching at realtime is soul destroying.

Sin. 0. Mar 21, 2019     

good overall but motion sensor gose off all the time in the rain on the lowest setting so can't keep alarm on which is why I got it 😞 It needs a update that allows you to choose an area on the camera view to scan the motion detection in and that mite help it

Hüs. B. May 26, 2019     

when ı install first time ı can sign in but after when ı open the app it gives error. then ı m going to settings and clear cache data then ı can open the app. you should fix that problem.

Joe. T. Apr 16, 2020     

Hardly works, crashes almost everytime I use it and takes forever to connect to camera. Total garbage really, wouldn't recommend

Rub. P. Dec 16, 2018     

App stopped working, can't login to the app through my wireless network and show camera been offline all the time. Stopped working on the 15th of December.

Dav. H. Dec 21, 2018     

Ok but difficult to set up. Won't work if you have a VPN and you will need to disable it for it to work.

J. S. Feb 23, 2019     

This App ia a complete waste of time. It needs rebuilding. My camera worked for about two days but now is forever going offline. If anyone knows of a App that could work a CPVan camera then please let me know.