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Enhanced interface based on user's feedback and suggestions:
- Intuitive look and feel and clear arrival time presentation with enhanced functionality;
- Create, name and order your own favorite stops;
- Better grouping of NEARBY stops;
- New layout for Stop detail with street map;
- Integration with transit operator's website, published schedule, interactive voice response (IVR) and text messaging (SMS);
- Redesigned local reminder/notification for easy setup and removal;
- Performance optimization;
- Bug fixesFootnotes:1) Real-time ETA is available for service vehicles that are equipped with working GPS devices.2) Stops must be serviced by transit agencies that are using NextBus RTPI system.3) Where Transit agency is equipped with NextBus RTPI system.

Category : Maps & Navigation

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Reviews (30)

Phi. N. May 14, 2022     

Next Bus used to be the best (in the sense of fast and one touch easy)with All nearby buses with one touch in one place...Now it is no longer accurate, and doesn't list buses that Do come, at night especially. Reading other reviews, I see that it may have something to do with last update. Time and again I have gone wrong when I don't read reviews of these Updates before accepting them. Especially Google Apps that say generalities like 'Fixed bugs&made improvements' or non-specific generalities.

MAR. G. Jun 3, 2019     

This app was awesome for a good while until recently. The time remaining for the bus to pass by the bus stop vary too much. From waiting too long to pass where it passes when it says 4 minutes left. Sometimes does not give the time left or shows the busses that are running. It also does not gives me all the buses/stops around where I am located, missing some all the time. I wish the last update(s) would be backed up. But it is still better to have one working sometimes than none at all.

Car. A. Apr 23, 2019     

Ever since the last update, what was a great app is now totally messed up. It gives you multiple stops nearby for the same bus instead of just the one you're closest to. Also, when you select a certain bus the stops are no longer in order. Also, it's no longer accurate - it says the bus is 2 min away from your stop and you look and it's already blown pass. What happened? Don't try and fix what's not broken! Cannot rely on this app anymore

Tho. H. Jul 1, 2021     

It's not only inaccurate, the map clearly shows buses on the route but the arriving time for all stops is just "--". And, yes my data connection is active. Even when it reflects an arriving time for a specific stop, the app time never corresponds to the NextBus digital sign for that stop. In other words it is useless. It used to work, but I haven't used it for several years so I guess some update to SF Muni and/or this app has messed it up.

Moe. U. Nov 16, 2019     

I used this app for over two years, it worked fantastically. This app has a function that is not included in many other apps. This function is an option that allows one to find the nearest bus/ train lines within 2 miles or less, along with the arrival times. I really liked this option, however, it seems that after a recent update this option has stopped working properly. I noticed that not all bus lines were listed, some were repeated several times, and that the arrival times were "a bit off".

Tho. G. Oct 31, 2018     

It's accuracy is ok. Predicting a bus arrival in the SF Bay area is difficult to say the least, so kudos for what you have accomplished. How do I add a favorite? There's a favorites screen but no obvious way to add one. The Help screen is nothing but a promotion for the app. It would be nice to have some instructions...like how to add a favorite.

Bec. B. Jan 20, 2020     

Times given for the next bus are wildly inaccurate, GPS only works half the time and is totally unpredictable, the scheduled busses screen keeps flipping to another screen that says there are no busses scheduled, then you have to refresh and suddenly there they are again. This used to be a useful app, not anymore though. Flunk!

D. P. Apr 6, 2022     

After the last update the app has gone to the cr***er. Locking up, crashing, and inaccurate. Today I tried to use it, gives me the times for Denver! I'm in Texas! Do not trust the app. Back to the paper schedule. Uninstalled.

Lyn. O. Apr 26, 2019     

Excellent App functionally & visually, 99% accuracy, fast & fun to use, has good selection of settings to personalize, no ads or distractions, nice 'real time' maps ; highly recommend. I have been relying on NextBus for years until suddenly this week AC Transit system stopped supporting!!! Why?!? There is no other comparable App that is as easy to use, accurate, visually appealing, or has settings to personalize. Am SO missing my NextBus!

Ale. R. Jun 26, 2020     

I believe this app works great in some cities and in others it just doesn't. Time predictions are near accurate. I love that you can tap on a tab and a map pops up showing where the bus is (if bus is on the road). You can find any transit agency and route on here. Bad thing is that I don't get why there's two time predictions for one bus stop but that's more of a visual bother. On weekends it seems the app is just not working at all and you're kinda stuck wondering if you can take a bus.

Ste. A. Mar 16, 2022     

more about the bus transportation companies than the app. RTC Reno does not have all buss drivers use next buss. constant unexpected delays. buss magically appear and disappear off the sceduale. constant route problems that rtc reno does not send out in their notifications when you sign up for them on their site... the rest of the app "seams" to work fine, but without a working public transportation company, next to impossible to tell for sure

Lar. C. Feb 25, 2022     

Nextbus has been nonfunctional in my area all week. Update: A good app when it works. Then next bus at my stop will be here in less than than 15 minutes. Next bus says 55 minutes. Go figure. Update: After using thus app for more than a year, my most common bus route disappeared for no reason. The route still runs, but NextBus doesn't give any info at all! Direct tracking map is good, sometimes. Sometimes it shows 6 buses when I here are only 2 running on the this route.

Flu. K. Feb 6, 2019     

App works great, but it's annoying because when I want to open the app to check where the buses are, it takes three to five minutes for them to load and show up! Do you know how far a bus can get in three minutes? Pretty far! I know its not just my internet because it does the same thing whether I'm using data, my school's wifi, or my home wifi. Not very impressive.

Suz. H. Dec 23, 2021     

Until a few days ago, I was devoted to this application. Then, the website crashed and never came back online. I've tried contacting the developer. No response. My only option is to Uninstall...I'm very disappointed. I really relied on this application to get around.

Rya. B. Oct 20, 2019     

I have generally had very positive experiences with this app, although I really only use the basic features (e.g. creating a favorite). Pros: Bus arrival times seem accurate Cons: Does not display arrival times on weekend on Android phones; not the most user friendly (e.g. finding some lines, creating favorites).

Kri. D. Oct 1, 2019     

The app is hit or miss in regards to accuracy. There have been times where the app shows my bus is due, but the bus doesn't show. The app doesn't seem to reflect detours or the temp cancellation of stops, which is very unhelpful. I also stopped favoriting my bus stops because I noticed that bus times wouldn't show for my favorites.

The. Sep 6, 2019     

Allways seems like there's problems with the app. It's not reliable it's Scarry to be uptown at night just hoping the app works so I don't get stuck up there (edit) the app has become much worse than when I last used it It rarely works the majority of the routes are blank and don't show that is why I'm changing this review from 2 stars to 1 star

Suz. G. Mar 20, 2021     

Great and easy to use app, but it has been inconsistent lately. Compared to the printed schedules and even the actual bus. It is important to have an accurate wait time to us who walk to the stops, but when the app is not accurate, it can be very frustrating.

Jes. M. Feb 2, 2022     

Out of all the different bus/transit apps that I have used, this one (NextBus) is my favorite because they give me real time, on map, location of the bus as it is traveling to my stop, and its estimated time of arrival,plus the next arriving bus pick up time if I decide to stay a little longer and "catch the NextBus.".

Lee. A. Mar 19, 2022     

It gives wrong information about when the bus arrives. For example, it will state the bus will arrive in 1 minute, but it will take the bus more than 15 minutes to arrives. The information can be inaccurate at times, & this happens too often throughout the day.

Ayl. P. Apr 4, 2022     

I used to LOVE this app. I have proudly recommend this app to NUMEROUS people. NUMEROUS. but for the last few weeks this app has turned to grabage. It used to be my best friend. But now it says the bus is 7 minutes away, so I'm walking to the bus stop thinking I'm good , then the next second I'm watching the bus pass me. Then it says it's 95 min away then it shows up in 15 min by that time I've already wasted $ on UBER. this needs fixed ASAP NextBus! Too many people depend on this app & the bus.

MIH. Jan 10, 2020     

Edit: It appears they singled me out and stopped my app from working because of this bad review as it hasn't showed ANY routes since I posted this review of this worthless garbage. Going to report it. Broken garbage app. Every time I use this app I miss the bus. Either it doesn't show the times until an hour until the buses started running, it shows the times when the bus is LITERALLY 1 minute away, and it's innaccurate 110% of the time. Whoever made this needs to be banned off the playstore.

Tas. H. Mar 28, 2019     

Buses don't always show up on the map despite having specific stops saved as favorites or doing searches of nearby buses. Times posted for estimated arrivals seem arbitrary as well. Very frustrating when you are trying to commute for work.

Bev. J. G. Oct 26, 2019     

They've done an excellent job😁 The original app was slow and I used to use a shortcut. I use public transit a lot, and this is my new go to app. It allows you to create a favorite list, which I really like. I'm really happy with the new design. If you use public transit you need this app. It's MUCH better than Google maps.

Azu. P. Mar 29, 2020     

I can literally input almost any bus from all over America at the touch of my hand and get accurate ETAs. This app has helped me so much in life. However, the location needs improvement because it sometimes can't detect where I am.

L. L. Apr 28, 2019     

this app is a must for me. or it was. the last 2 weeks it is horrible for Jacksonville. I no longer get just the buses close by, it does not even show half the buses near me. it duplicates the same buses about 8 times. and when I click to get the map, I am no longer able to get the stop number so I can text for a definite time. I do not know what you did. but It is no unusable for me.

Ran. J. Oct 22, 2018     

You guys seriously need to get this damn thing fixed. I have missed my bus 4 times because this thing said it was going to show up and it didn't. And then when I actually do get to the stop because I think I'm getting there on time the bus app tells me I got 56 minutes and when I call the number it says I only have 15. It is very frustrating to try and keep up with this app especially when some of us have to go to school and this is the only thing we can depend on. I will not be changing until you get this thing fixed.

R. Sep 14, 2019     

nothing works. Location based stop discovery doesn't work. Selecting a rtansit agency from a menu doesn't work, either: no menu appears. This app has been broken for me for more than a year now. This is on android4.

Ras. S. Dec 10, 2020     

Was working fine, more or less, until last night. This app no has any data for JTA at all so I've decided to delete it. Edit: Now the times for the morning buses, which I use to get to work jump around at random. Just this morning the app said the bus was 20 minutes away before jumping to 13 and then 1 in a 5 minute span.

Wit. K. May 2, 2019     

The app no longer works for AC Transit buses, which is a shame. Back when it did, though, it generally worked quite well aside from the occasional breaking update.