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NextRadio Free Live FM Radio

NextRadio uses 75% less battery and 92% less data than streaming apps.NextRadio’s Live Guide lets you SEE what's playing on stations in your area so you can choose a station based on the artist or program currently playing on-air.Download FREE FM radio on your Android smartphone today!
NextRadio is compatible with Android smartphones in the US on the following carriers: AT&T, Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, Alcatel, U.S. Cellular and some Verizon phones. Also, on most Samsung and BLU devices. For a complete list of supported devices, visit the following link: http://nextradioapp.com/supported-devices/

Key Features:
• Tune in to live local FM radio stations on your phone
• See what’s on-air with Live Guide or browse radio stations by genre or frequency
• Uses 92% LESS data than streaming
• SAVES 75% of your battery life compared to streaming

Participating Radio Station Features:
• See artwork and song information while you listen
• Buy the song you just heard right from your phone
• Get a list of recently played songs
• Give feedback on the songs you like or dislike
• Share what you're listening to on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Note: NextRadio uses the cord from your headphones or a stereo cable as an antenna to receive local FM radio signals. The app features the option to send audio to the phone's speaker if you'd rather not listen through headphones, but the cord must remain plugged in to receive FM signals.

NOW AVAILABLE IN CANADA AND LATIN AMERICA!You may now download and use NextRadio in both Canada and Latin America for use on select Android devices. For a complete list of supported devices in each region, and to sign up for updates as more become available, please visit the following:

NEXTRADIO APP CANADA: http://NextRadioApp.caNEXTRADIO APP PERU: http://NextRadioApp.peNEXTRADIO APP MEXICO: http://NextRadioApp.mx

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Reviews (30)

Kei. B. Mar 27, 2022     

After reading the review of Make.Mine. A.Double on 3-18-2022, I thought that I would try their suggestion. However, apparently, the FM tuner is not enabled my unlocked, US version of the Samsung S20 Ultra, SM-G988U1. I was quite disappointed, when I could no longer use the app. However, I definitely enjoyed this app when I used it with previous phones, 2018 and earlier. Now, I have an idea as to how to possibly get it to work.

Mak. A. Mar 19, 2022     

Yes! So very happy. Unlocked Note 9. Take that U.S. carrier!!! Downloaded app, swiped/clicked im ready on 2nd page. Denied location, clicked Other in country drop down menu. Manually selected station. Turned off Wi-Fi and mobile data to make sure no data connection. Plugged in headphones and I got music with a dash of static.

Rod. R. Apr 22, 2021     

Had a tough time getting this to work, but once i did, it's a great app that really does pull in live FM radio (no streaming). TO GET IT TO WORK, you need to focus on the very basic feature of using it only as a radio tuner. There are two error messages left over from stripped-away features you need to bypass. To do this: 1) DO NOT give it access to your location, and 2) when it asks for your zip code, choose "OTHER" as your country, then it will provide you with a very effective FM radio tuner.

Ben. H. Jun 4, 2019     

Figured out how to make it work. The startup screen tries to locate stations nearby but it gets stuck in a "network not available" loop. Here's how to make it work : turn off location on your phone and then when it asks you to manually enter your location, change country to 'other'. It'll say that the service isn't available in your country but then it'll start the basic tuner. Voila! And it even lets me save favorite stations. That's all I really needed anyway.

Dan. a. T. Aug 2, 2019     

Over a good app. It does what it is supposed to do. But there is one quirk. The the station locator does not work. When you start up the app, the app keeps trying to find stations. To get past this, you have to start up the app with the mobile data, location and wi fi off. Then you can use the tuner to find stations and set favorites. Every time you open the app it will say no stations found. But your favorites will still be set. The locator should be fixed or removed.

Joe. B. Oct 29, 2019     

Worked well on my S8, upgraded to S10 and reinstalled. Says I cannot connect to the network, won't even give me the option to use the tuner only. Won't get past the second splash screen. Update - I was able to force it to go to tuner only - I had to turn on airplane mode, deny the app access to my phone. when it asked for my zip code, turned off airplane mode, let it start searching, turned on airplane mode, and it let me get to the basic tuner. A whole lot of work - update the app to stop searching for non-existent servers.

Aar. O. Nov 19, 2018     

The app has worked perfectly on my S9, so far. I use both the online and offline listening. In case you are unfamiliar, listening offline does require corded headphones, because your phone uses the cord as an antenna. It is a nice feature to be able to listen using data. That is the only way to listen if you're using Bluetooth headphones. I only wish the app wasn't so heavy. Battery usage is okay. It's probably better than other apps, honestly. I just wish there was a simpler app that didn't require any permissions. However, it seems that all apps require permissions and have ads these days.

Nya. W. Sep 12, 2019     

At first was really frustrating because the updated version only showed 'network unavailable' and wouldn't let me use the tuner at all. I installed an older version of the app and I love it! So far, the only FM tuner that I've found that actually uses the FM chip. However, I wish I could use the current version instead of an older one. Four stars for that reason.

Ron. T. Aug 19, 2020     

Given that there is no longer 'support' for the app, the list of stations in your area won't come up. So be it, would have been nice. I set it up last night on my S10+, opened it, and inside a minute was scanning through radio stations where I live about 40 miles from a major city. Super simple, sounds fine. I do hope that someone either takes it over or comes up with a newer, more featured version but hey - the basic function does exactly what it is supposed to do, let me use the FM chip in my phone.

Lan. E. Nov 4, 2018     

I do like the app giving the ability to listen to fm radio in a much simpler way, but there are some issues with this app. Every 5 to 10 minutes the streaming will stop regardless if you shut off power saving mode or not, I don't even have the sleep timer on. I'm thinking about uninstalling the app for that very reason. If you could fix that issue I may decide to keep the app and continue listening.

Sco. I. Sep 2, 2019     

Unlike most so-called "FM Radio" apps, this one really IS a radio. It requires no Internet connection, only a set of earphones to serve as the antenna. Although it has some deficiencies (the station finder doesn't seem to work here -- I'm in Canada, and it doesn't work with Bluetooth), it's pretty much the only option if you want FM radio without using data.

Gar. S. Nov 15, 2019     

My new phone came with this app, and I love it. It's nice to have an option for music over the air at no cost that won't consume my limited monthly mobile data. Unfortunately the NextRadio company has evidently called it quits, but the app still works other than automatically finding local stations. I realize that the app probably won't last forever, but I'm enjoying it while I can. Note that this app uses actual radio signals as opposed to mobile data or Wi-Fi, so it only works in phones that have FM radio capabilities.

Bra. M. Jan 30, 2021     

This app worked several months as a straight up radio using my fm receiver in my cellphone. I could tune into all my local radio stations without using data or internet. Now it no longer works. It keeps saying network unavailable, try again. 8 years ago I had a phone that came with a radio app that simply allowed you to tune into local radio. That is, my cellphone also acted as an AM/FM radio even when the phone was not activated. This should be a standard feature on all phones. What the hell!

Jef. C. Dec 12, 2018     

I really wanted to love this app but it is missing features that I really wanted to find. First, I do love that it integrates local antenna FM broadcast with streaming! I also love the UI. Very nice, very easy. What it's missing is the ability to record antenna FM radio like my Moto's FM Radio app can. Now, the features I think it needs, and that I was really wanting, is to not only record music but also have it continuously recording live radio. This can build up a buffer so that at any time I can rewind live radio like a DVR/TiVo. So many times I need to pause my music or my navigation app starts talking and I want to rewind to hear a bit I missed in a news broadcast but I can't. Another feature is to integrate into Android Auto like many other streaming music apps do. This includes being available in the music button's list of apps and keeping Google Auto's bottom menu visible while in use. This is a must so I can completely replace my built in car radio. Last, since a major selling point of this app is to save data by listening to antenna radio, the app should allow you to use it without hitting the internet at all. But since it has ads this is not possible. I would like to see a in-app purchases available to remove ads. With all these features added I could see myself paying a yearly subscription of about $4. Thanks for your hard work!

Ms.. C. Apr 11, 2019     

I really wish you guys would've just left well enough alone. I miss the streaming option that was once available, but now, I'm unable to listen to my local stations because they never register. Also, whenever I try to save certain stations as my favorites, they disappear or I'm given selections I didn't select. I really wish you would have never changed your app.

Mis. M. Sep 26, 2018     

It's a gr8 app! I sometimes want to hear a (local) radio station to get the local news, weather, promos, etc. And NextRadio doesnt eat your data!! WHAT!? The ONLY thing I would hope for is not having to use your earbuds for the LIVE version of the radio. However, you can easily stream without earbuds and there are settings for external speaker. I really like this app! Easy UI & with location enabled it picked up ALL my favorite local stations! You can also bookmark your fav stations.

Dav. D. Jul 15, 2019     

Well, this is the only "radio" app I know of that actually uses the radio chip in a smartphone (not all phones have a radio chip; on others, it may be locked by the cellular provider from which the phone was purchased). I've been using it for around 5 weeks. I'm glad to be able to listen to radio on my phone without streaming through my cellular account and consuming my data allowance. But, the app has much room for improvement. For example, when first launched, it will say "No stations found", followed by "CHECK FOR STATIONS". If I tap "CHECK FOR STATIONS", it will display a box showing "Updating Stations" at top, followed by "Next Radio can't find a station listing for you area. You can still browse frequencies using the Basic Tuner." I top OK and the Basic Tuner displays an FM radio station number bar, followed by buttons for back, forward, etc. So, even though the initial screen said "No stations found", you can search and find stations, and save stations. So, the interface seems counter-intuitive. Also, you can switch from listening via headphones to phone speaker, but can't listen on a bluetooth device.

Ann. B. Aug 31, 2019     

Great for listening to my area NPR stations, which I've saved as favorites. Annoying that it opens every time to a scan screen, saying that it can't find any stations - and I need to get past that to get to favorites and back to what I had been listening to when I last used the app. Reception quality is great (at least for the mostly talk that I listen to.)

Pau. K. Jan 5, 2019     

This was a great app, when it supported both streaming stations (and did it well) and also the direct FM radio, for the last 2 years years. Why drop the streaming feature when it is already in place and such a solid feature?? I used streaming when the radio reception wasn't great (that's many places in the city), now I'll need to look for another app that supports both.

Nic. R. Apr 26, 2021     

Like others I tried this app previously and it just didn't do what it said at the time. I recently decided to give it another go, and thanks to user Rod Ririe's review and instructions, I have had success getting it to work as a barebones FM tuner, which is all I needed. I followed their steps and it worked great! 1: Deny it access to your location, confirm as needed (you may be asked multiple times). 2: Choose "Other" from the country list when it asks for country/zip/postal code. The app will give you a message along the lines that it "isn't available" in your country. Tap through that error message/warning. This unlocks the basic FM tuner with which you can scan or input a frequency to listen to, as long as you have a pair of wired headphones plugged into the phone. Whatever else this app may or may not do I can't speak to, as I only needed a basic FM tuner which this app will provide if you go through the correct steps.

WR0. Feb 11, 2021     

The only app I could find that takes advantage of my phone's built-in FM tuner chip. It allows me to traditionally scan through frequencies and save my favorite stations. It then puts those stations on a list so I can jump between stations without typing in the frequency. And it continues to play music when outside the app or when the phone is off. Exactly what I was looking for.

Ark. D. Jul 21, 2019     

For four days, I was in radio heaven. This app worked perfectly and I was able to get all my local radio stations. After four days the app stopped working. I've tried re-installing it but now all I get is a Network Error. What a disappointment. -UPDATE- I had to wipe my partition, something I never had to do before. Now, after another week, the radio works great. I changed my rating from 1 star to 4 simply because it's a true FM tuner. If the basic tuner got a facelift it would rate a 5.

Jer. S. Nov 1, 2018     

Next Radio is a great radio-listening app, versatile in both FM tuning capabilities, and straight-up streaming. Streaming takes data, but the "basic tuner" option cuts almost all data use from this app. Though it REQUIRES audio cords to be plugged in to use as an antenna, it gives you the option of using your headset or continuing to pump sound through your phone's own speakers. Sorry, everyone unfortunate enough to have lost your audio jack in the phone company's continued war against them.

A. G. u. Jan 13, 2019     

It used to be my only app for local radio but the app has now been gutted of features I liked. I still uses the FM chip to tune FM radio stations. Unfortunately you can't display stations in a list view any more and they have removed the ability to switch to the stations streaming feed. I also doesn't tune the stations HD Radio signal. It jumped back to the days before FM advanced from the analog world to the digital world of today. As long as my phones have an FM chip I'll keep this app.

Stu. I. Jan 11, 2021     

Use to be one of my favorite apps. Just type in your frequency and listen. With most recent update, you can no longer exit out of auto scan mode, which has never worked, but now insists you keep trying. So in effect, this app is nothing more than a "try again" button that does absolutely nothing but take up space on my phone. Sadly have to uninstall and find something else.

S. B. Jan 19, 2021     

When you get to find local radio stations, you will constantly get the message network unavailable. Obviously there's something not working properly in the background that some people can get past and others cannot. Until this problem is fixed I would recommend not bothering with this app as it does not seem to work. I've tried suggestions from the other reviewers on this page to no avail. Uninstalling.

G. F. Sep 7, 2020     

Keep this app going, please. Had it on my previous phone. Installed it on my new phone today. Worked perfectly. Just select "Other" in the list of countries and it will take you to the tuner. The only other way I can get radio on-the-go these days is to carry my clunky old (but reliable) Grundig along, and that's just not practical. Unfortunately, FM capability has been removed out of most MP3 players (I think all except Sandisk, which does not work well). When you live in an area with bad weather and/or have to work through the day glued to a screen, access to a radio is a must. There's no better way to get up to the minute local breaking news and weather info. Doesn't rely on data (somehow data is always out of reach when you really need it). This always works. It's on my phone, which I usually have with me. I actually prefer it better without the streaming options.

wmo. Dec 31, 2019     

The app will let you know if your phone has an fm chip or not as soon as you open it. Apparently U.S. versions of phones don't come preloaded with an fm app due to lack of interest in using a smartphone as an fm radio. You'll need wired headphones hooked up for reception it's the antenna basically, and then in the settings you can send the audio to the phones speaker(s). Add stations as favorites to save, like car radio presets.

Way. V. Mar 4, 2019     

Works very well on my Samsung Galaxy S9+. Uses FM radio function of device hardware, so it can be used without an internet connection. Has great list of local stations sorted by genre. I give it only four stars instead of five because app will not allow use a long audio cord (with or without headphones) for an antenna, while listening over separate untethered Bluetooth headphones. Why not provide a choice to output to the system's default audio device regardless of what kind of device that is?

Tac. Feb 20, 2021     

Unusable. I have used this app for YEARS, and it was an amazing app. You could stream your favorite channels, tune in to your local stations, and scan and find stations your car isn't able to. But now, due to the one ui 3.0 update (worst "update" ever), it doesn't work. At all. You aren't even allowed to use the tuner anymore. Used to love this app, but I have to let it go.