*On some devices, you may be unable to launch the app after updating it. If this occurs, uninstall and reinstall the app.
This is a free application for Nikon's photo sharing service, "NIKON IMAGE SPACE." This service brings your photos even closer to you and increases your enjoyment of the pictures you've taken. The app is the result of persistent sophistication of three simple functions--reviewing, organizing and sharing. It delivers greater convenience, more comfort and enhanced smartness to the photo lives of all photo lovers.

- A flat design and simple operations that improve photos The design and the user interface have been revamped so that users can better enjoy viewing photos than ever before. A flat design and intuitive operations have been introduced to improve photos.

- Three views make it easier to browse and search your photosThe software provides three different types of thumbnail views to help you find your favorites while comfortably viewing photos.

- Grid View: Allows you to view all stored photos at a glance. Recommended when browsing many photos at one time.
- Flow View: Just flick up or down to view photos as if they were flowing. Good for viewing photos sequentially.
- Map View: The locations where the photos were taken are indicated on a map together with the photos. It is helpful for browsing your photos by places where the photos were taken.

- Photos and albums, and the people they've been shared with are now clear at a glance.The app now displays whom each photo or album has been shared with. It is also easy to cancel sharing.

- Photos in a smart device are accessible without signupYou can now instantly view photos stored on a smart device without signing up or logging in to "NIKON IMAGE SPACE."

- On a tablet, two photos are displayed side by side for comparisonThe app now takes advantage of the tablet screen size and displays two photos side-by-side for comparison. It helps you choose the best photo from among continuous shooting results.

[Main Features]
- View
- Both photos uploaded to "NIKON IMAGE SPACE" and those stored on the device may be viewed.
- Switch between the three views to enjoy viewing photos in a form suited to your preferences.
- Photos can be viewed by sorting them, for example, by shooting date or camera model.

- Management
- Photos can be rearranged into an easy-to-understand organization with the use of albums and boxes.
- Photos can be rearranged simply by performing drag-and-drop operations of their thumbnails.
- The background processing feature allows the app to be operated while the upload or download process is underway.

- Sharing
- The photos you want shared can be shared with the intended people by sending a URL.
- The app allows you to post photos on Facebook or Twitter.

- Access to all functions requires a signup with "NIKON IMAGE SPACE." Signup is free of change.
- Some features may not be available if you restrict the app’s access to contacts, pictures on the device, or other device features after installation.

Supported OS: Android 4.0 and later

- Android and Google Play are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google Inc.
- Other names of products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Category : Photography

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Reviews (30)

Mic. G. Jun 3, 2019     

I've used this app for a while now. The UI has never been great but it seems with this latest version (4.11), they've introduced so serious bugs. Can't seem to upload consistently. Seems start but then just stops, both using wifi and using cell. They online Image Space page gives a different count than what the app says. Also, why is it necessary to have to have this and Snapbridge, which also has it's own issues. This could be a network issue but it's been happening for days.

Jea. P. Feb 1, 2021     

This app definitely needs some fixes. I cannot upload my pictures from my snapbridge app to the image space. I have all the permissions turned on and keep getting an error message. It only worked the 1st time I used it, and now nothing. Very frustrating after investing in such a great camera, I'm going to buy a cable and download to my pc.

Oos. B. Jan 20, 2019     

The inability to delete photos make it useless. Why to compare photos if you can't delete them? And learn from Android's gallery feature. You don't compare side by side but by switching photos. You focus on a part of the image then switch photos to compare. I wanted an app to be able to read my RAW photos without having to render them.

atu. s. Aug 27, 2020     

Very Very user 'Unfriendly'. The app has no sync with latest folders. The existing folders appear mysteriously. No option to creeate new folder either. The cloud load is painful and completely a waste of time. It does not show what is being loaded or what has already been loaded. 'Do not load duplicate photos' seems to have a mind of its own. It is too cumbersome to load photos in more than 30 numbers to cloud.

Sam. G. Jul 20, 2019     

While I like this app, it needs some improvements: 1. Gets stuck while uploading frequently. It only works after killing the app and then opening it again. 2. Sharing functionality: I would like to share multiple images via social networks which is not possible. I don't want to share an album link but rather send the images via messenger, whatsapp as all other apps do. 3. I cannot delete albums (or maybe possible but rather not intuitive)

Tob. Mar 27, 2019     

Impossible to login to new version 27Mar19!!! Frustratingly difficult to use. Many things can only be done on website. Given that the main reason for a photo collection is to share it with others, the share process is overcomplicated and obscure. Also wish you could keep a downloaded copy of photos within app so that you don't have to be online to share with friends.

Fir. r. Nov 10, 2019     

This app basically does NOT upload all the images you select from SnapBridge. Even when you retry and select do not upload images which already have been uploaded, it will just stop like 20 pictures in and say Upload complete. Absolutely terrible. Have to use google drive now just for convenience and photo sharing. Fix it.

Der. S. Feb 21, 2022     

Last update ruined pairing between my phone and device. Cannot connect via Bluetooth or wifi no matter what I try to do. This isn't the first time thisbhas happened and it's getting old real quick.

sid. r. Dec 12, 2018     

This app is so frustrating, and I've been stressing ovef this for hours. It's not letting me download my photos onto my photo gallery, the photos are only popping up in my IG stories. It kept telling me that there was a setting I needed to turn on, but I looked everywhere on my phone, and there was no setting. I do not recommend downloading this.

Val. W. Jan 31, 2021     

it's like the snapbridge app, it worked at first then stopped downloading any pictures and then had to Uninstall and reinstall to even open it, then app would not open, then did it again and it might work for a day or two but never would it download my pictures probably because of the snapbridge app. I love the nikon camera but their apps are horrible!!

O'B. M. Oct 12, 2020     

Sadly I can't get consistency from your application. I log in 2 different emails show. I try to correct says not registered by 1. Ok then I'm not able to xfer files unless I uninstall and try again each time. Sadly malfunctioning and user Unfriendly. It's frustrating and time consuming. Disappointing. You need a new developer

ken. T. Sep 1, 2021     

Nikon seems to have the most convoluted software. I have been unable to download pictures from my coolpix b500 via wifi or bluetooth. It shows my devices paired but won't download. My wifi has a secured password so even though my cellphone is connected to it, my camera won't send pics through wifi. I have never dealt with and electronic device that was this much of a pain to figure out!

Ant. 3. Sep 11, 2020     

I got really frustrated, difficult to navigate, never worked properly,then took 2400 photos from my device to it's cloud server. Once the process started I couldn't stop it! Shame ,shame ,shame!!! I will revisit and try another month down the road..needs more work imho!

MN. P. Jun 7, 2019     

Only one word for this is USELESS. Videos and photos mixed together in one big mess with no useful way to organize. Been shooting with Nikon for 30 years and they always have had terrible software. This one lives up to that standard.

Sim. M. Jan 30, 2019     

Snap Bridge does not work reliably. Some pictures have transferred across automatically to Samsung S8 phone but most have not. WiFi connection to Samsung S8 does not work. Have cleared and reset connection but still does not work. Have no way of transferring photos off camera. Have read instructions.

Pet. R. Sep 8, 2021     

Cannot connect to internet (still). Just put the August 29th update on...no change. Why put updates out, before you get the basics right? Update: 8th Sept 2021. Developers obviously do not care about correcting this issue, as I have had it for nearly a year!!!

Mat. F. Jan 11, 2021     

Crashes periodically. Difficult to work with and upload photos. Nikon Image Space will not upload certain non standard image formats. Mediocre and frankly disappointing that Nikon released something so buggy. The bridge bluetooth app works great and I've never had issues.

ton. c. Apr 26, 2019     

Extremely frustrated experience trying use the updated app. I have spent hours sorting my photos into albums and now cannot access them. When you click upload you have to view terms of use first but are directed to a site where you have to log on yet again and this does not recognize you. Now what Nikon?

And. G. Jun 19, 2019     

Despite following the user steps, it wont connect with my ipad pr phone unless i uninstall and reinstall. its a real pain. the camera is always, preparing and when it does connect, it only sends a few photos instead pf everything. i've got bluetooth and Auto switched on. rubbish app

Ric. C. Apr 29, 2019     

Can't sign in since update. Message says "Unable to connect to the internet" yet if I go for lost password, I get through immediately. Clear cache did not work, but uninstall and reinstall seems to work ok. Shame about the tedious way to access photos

Sta. B. Jan 3, 2021     

Was working fine but now all of a sudden cannot download images anymore, seems to be stuck 'preparing to download' but not actually downloading, so won't delete from the allocated 20GB memeory, cannot manually cancel this either and the FAQ section has no way of contacting the software developer(s) for assistance- not impressed

Eth. S. Apr 7, 2019     

Great in theory, but major upload issues between snapbridge and image space. Tried to upload about 200 soccer pics, only uploaded about 10-20 at a time, then it would stop. Tried cancelling upload and restarting, restarting app, and restarting phone.

Sar. O. Aug 5, 2021     

It was a good app once upon a time but now it's just a headache. Was having trouble uploading photos initially. Would only upload a couple before just stopping. I updated it there to see if that helps and now the app won't even open. Really awful

Avi. H. Mar 15, 2021     

Was good, but it can be better. As of late, the app no longer opens which is concerning since o have zero access to the storage or can transfer from snap ridge to the app. I'm hoping there is a fix for this. Please no errors

Fan. S. Mar 18, 2021     

Sadly a useless app. Keeps on requesting permission to access photos and contacts when it shows it has been given. I have installed and uninstalled it twice. Do not waste your time.

Nea. H. Jan 4, 2021     

Requires urgent bug fixes. It has been working fine up until a few days ago. I cannot even open the app on my Samsung tab S6. However it is working fine on my iPhone. Please sort this out.

Mat. Jan 12, 2021     

Love my new Z50, but not this app. Kept saying I needed to "allow storage permission" even though it already was allowed. Finally allowed sharing of contacts and it sort of works. Why does Nikon need my contacts? I get the impression they're more interested in the marketing benefits of imagespace rather than the actual functionality.

LC. W. May 21, 2022     

My camera (D5600) absolutely will not pair or connect to my phone, Bluetooth or wifi. If I follow the instructions, it tells me phone is already connected, but it's not.

Jus. W. May 1, 2022     

This app is useless... Period you can't move pictures from local to creat an album regardless of what FAQ' section says Nikon please address this issue.

Bri. R. Apr 6, 2021     

Everyone who owns & uses a Nikon with bluetooth &/or wireless capabilities needs to get this app Today!! It has made my life a MILLION times easier. I wish I would have had it YEARS ago. I am now COMPLETELY unable to open the app on my Moto G Power, as of Nov-Dec 2020. I am REALLY upset, because I have THOUSANDS of photos Ive saved in my Account! Someone PLEASE tell me how to get into my cloud storage? Please???!???? still unable to open the app. Downladed update but no luck.