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Number Fit Puzzle

Fit numbers or pictures into the game grid. A fun puzzle game with easy rules. It means you can start playing immediately. Use your skill to find the correct place for each sequence of numbers or pictures.

• Play an unlimited number of different puzzles!!
• Choose from a selection of different images (digits, safari, pets etc. See the screen shots).
• Two easy ways to fill in the grid, drag-and-drop or "swipe and select".
• Multiple difficulty options. Start with easy puzzles. Then change the settings to play more challenging puzzles.
• Game contains achievements integrated into Google Play's "Game Services".
• Designed for fun games from the smallest mobile phones up to the largest tablets.

You can configure:

1) Grid size Specify exactly how many columns and rows to use (from 3 to 20). Even non square grids (e.g. 12x15) are possible.2) Screen layout Choose how much screen space for the grid and how much for the word list, using our unique movable split bar.3) Difficulty Settings Change the difficulty of the puzzles, from easy to very difficult.4) Themes Choose the images used in the game, or the app itself can choose a random theme for each game.5) Orientation Can be played in portrait or landscape mode. Just rotate your device and the display adjusts automatically.

This app gives you the ultimate power to play the game just the way you want.

Each game is assigned a difficulty level from 0 (easy) to 9 (very hard). The difficulty level is determined by the settings. Each difficulty level maintains the high scores (measured by fastest time to complete the game). The game displays the best 20 scores for each difficulty level.Compare your high scores with others around the world by using Google Play's "Game Services".

Please note that this game is not a crossword or a word game, but it has similarities to them.This game is sometimes also known as Number Fit Puzzle and kriss kross.

Category : Puzzle

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Reviews (30)

Kat. M. Aug 9, 2019     

I enjoy playing on this good, cool, nice, fun app a lot, because it's always a fun app to play on a lot by how it's similar to fill in puzzles, but you're able to pick out any kind of theme that you to use to do the fill in puzzle(s), and it also has more than just numbers and words kinds of themes to pick out of to use to do the fill in puzzle(s).

Ros. g. Jul 28, 2019     

A good game but settings need tweaking. Some of the colours are too similar to distinguish (ie theres two shades of grey almost the same), and the backgrounds options are 1 dark blue or various browns? I like the options to adjust grid and pieces to insert. With a few tweaks it would get a 5/5 *

Lau. D. Jan 24, 2022     

I am ejoying the variety of themes this apps uses. I don't line the regular ones as much as the number fill it in. This app is addictive.

Mic. D. M. Mar 13, 2019     

Love it! Have had no problems with it for now although I don't use it very often. It is very easy to understand and the layout is very clear and there are helpful hints too! Thank you

Avr. S. May 6, 2020     

This is a brilliant app it keeps the grey cells going. What I like about it. It's not just numbers it's different symbels it makes it all the more harder and interesting. We'll worth 5 stars

Jes. M. Dec 15, 2018     

I hate word fill-in puzzles and I can't seem to fund the numbers ones in stores anymore. This is perfect to keep me focused & my anxiety low.

Rob. N. Dec 17, 2020     

A concussion last year has my brain REALLY MESSED UP still. This game requires me to be present and focused, both of which I haven't been for awhile. Thank you!

ref. k. Jun 11, 2020     

please for upgrade the interface for display game because i think need more improvements 😊 i hope design for ui will better after the updates! thank you finally i find number game like my fab game when i was child 🥰

Son. T. Oct 31, 2019     

Graphics are not so good. I didn't like it at all. But the game and its concept is very unique and interesting.

Mic. F. Jul 3, 2020     

I like the number fit the best. Trying to match graphics can be a challenge

Rus. W. Jan 20, 2022     

Quitting your apps is so difficulty. Most times I have to restart my phone

Les. M. Oct 29, 2021     

Thoroughly enjoying. You've to put up with adverts, however the game is worth it.

Lau. G. Sep 13, 2019     

I love fill it ins I used to get the books at Rite Aid Pharmacy they're so expensive now and then I found this and another one I have 3 total number fill it in games

Ann. P. Feb 18, 2021     

Looks like fun but no way to keep it on numbers. I don't like the image version.

Cat. Q. Feb 9, 2021     

Good variety of different puzzles to do at all levels.

Zac. V. Feb 20, 2020     

Fun game. Not just a typical crossword puzzle.

Roz. G. Jul 14, 2020     

Love working with numbers. It helps me relax and think clear

Tra. P. Aug 21, 2020     

Ads are annoying. The game is fun.

P. B. Sep 19, 2021     

Great game, very weird layout but enjoyably playable.

Ery. O. G. V. Jan 5, 2020     

Not challenging and easy to play.

Kat. G. Dec 16, 2019     

Love the game. Better than all the other word fill games I've tried.

Vic. A. Apr 5, 2019     

i Like the game but they have a lot of ads

Goo. U. Feb 28, 2022     

Lovely and relaxing game.

Nor. A. Mar 14, 2021     

Good but it is not only numbers like title implies.

Ste. T. Jul 15, 2019     

I love this number fit puzzle need more okaaaaaaaay

Ama. F. Jan 9, 2020     

Fun game and many choices to pick from

Nan. H. Jul 22, 2019     

not all numbers, but it is fun

Gra. S. May 1, 2019     

its a super brain game reading writting and fun tk solve the puzzels

Mis. M. Apr 23, 2021     

Love it... Very simple, but that is a good thing in this case

Nic. B. Mar 13, 2019     

Fun and a good time filler.