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Number Search Challenge

Number Search Challenge is a classic number search puzzle game similar to word search puzzles. Find hidden numbers on board. You can also track you score, and others, challenge you friend. It is great mini game to exercise your brain or kill some time.

TAG: number, search, number search, word search, board game, puzzle game,brain challenge game

Category : Board

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Reviews (24)

A. G. u. Sep 7, 2016     

I wasn't to sure about NUMBERS.. putting them together in this app. Is actually a pretty good time. Its Great for the mind and to keep it going.. I Love Word Searches as well.. So I decided to try this.. I got to say this is the best one I installed of Numbers.. Easy at times and difficult but it's AWESOME TO BE TIMED WHILE PLAYING AT TIMES. ITS AN ADDICTIVE GAME.. ONE I NEVER GET TIRED OF. I LOVE THE CHALLENGE IN THIS APP. TRY IT.. ITS FUN!!

Joa. D. Mar 18, 2018     

Its a lot of fun but it wont let me shift the backround can you fix that be great

Bra. L. Mar 7, 2015     

Love the number puzzles. Find them more challenging than the find the words!

A. G. u. Oct 11, 2016     

I do like this it makes you think. Make some more.

Nic. S. Mar 2, 2016     

I've played many number, word, and number letter search puzzles and this is the best! Challenging!

Gra. H. Jul 10, 2017     

Wish there were daily challenges.

No. N. Jul 26, 2015     

Hate the timer ... Give us option of timed or unlimited options ...

Car. W. Dec 9, 2015     

Love it wish that there was more games like this

Mar. C. Jan 8, 2018     

Awesome game! Hours of fun for any puzzle lover

Ĺin. R. Oct 20, 2016     

I like this game wish there were more of them

A. G. u. May 6, 2017     

Great game,it keeps you tuned in....

img. a. Nov 8, 2016     

Challenges the mind

Law. T. Nov 15, 2017     

It's relaxing

Ste. P. Jan 4, 2017     

Love it

Tho. B. Jul 16, 2014     

Thank you developer for your support this was an amazing experience and I'm glad its working again

Shi. A. Jun 4, 2014     

Yes this is what i like the numbers.,But is a little to fast for me

Tin. V. T. Apr 2, 2014     

I really like the puzzles but not the time limit.

Ngu. H. Mar 14, 2014     

5 stars

Der. M. Aug 26, 2016     

Caused a FORCE STOP error on reaching Level 3 of the Red Theme. Most annoying when I did so well to solve the first 2 levels. Uninstalled as the app may be infected - not a well known developer.

Ter. E. Jan 26, 2015     

I love these type of puzzles and trying it out lookes fun.

Tri. R. Aug 5, 2014     

♡ it, it's so addictive :-)

A. G. u. Sep 11, 2017     

Hi is a very beautiful game

Bra. F. Feb 9, 2016     

Loved it good challenge

Ado. B. Jul 9, 2017     

Love it!!