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Numbers Board

Numbers Board
- A fun way to learn writing numbers for your kids!Features : - All features arranged on a single screen, no confusing navigation - Large Numbers for easy tracing - Attractive sound effects - Numbers background music - Smooth lines - Complete ScenesWant to learn how we built this kind of games from the ground up . check out the link belowhttps://www.udemy.com/unity3d-alphabet-board-game-step-by-step/

Category : Educational

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Reviews (30)

ink. a. Oct 23, 2018     

It gave me something to do cuz I was bored so I installed it

ash. Jan 14, 2017     

this is bad for kids those adds every time and they install on their own wrf!!! and no option to pay to remove adds or a sound off. some rush too fast to make an app i hate that free means you are spammed with adds...sigh. children do not have good drawing... idk how they could get throguh the lines... even i struggled..please make the music off button...

Kat. I. Feb 16, 2016     

Even I'm having a trouble writing those numbers and my 4 year old doesn't stand a chance

Alt. P. Jul 8, 2015     

It needs so much accuracy that my daughter gets frustrated. Very disappointing app. It even doesn't speak the number on the screen.

Jon. D. Dec 24, 2016     

Unless you draw the lines ABSOLUTELY perfect it says it's wrong -- horrible for learning children

Tim. M. Nov 21, 2015     

My daughter draws perfectly but it won't accept it. Uninstalling now

Jac. R. May 12, 2017     

The constant pop ups time download new apps makes this useless for my daughter.

san. m. Feb 8, 2016     

It always when I wrote it goes doesn't give results

Sar. W. Nov 18, 2016     

nothing fun about this and it actively encourages kids to write numbers without keeping pen/pencil on the page... a number 2 should not be formed by 2 different lines!!!

Sar. C. Nov 8, 2015     

Just downloaded this app for my daughter and there was a pop up for a chat/ meet new people site. Not cool !!!!

Tha. w. g. Oct 20, 2016     

Thank you

Jam. C. Nov 17, 2016     

To many ads in this game not cool

Ale. M. Apr 1, 2016     

It seems as if the lines have to be some what perfect. .

A. G. u. Jan 10, 2018     


Ell. D. May 31, 2017     

I think it was okay for my sister because maybe it would have worked but she said she did'n't like but that okay

R. W. Jun 16, 2017     

WAAAAAAAAY TOOOOOP MANNNNNY ADDSSSSSSS!!!!!!😑 (in short i hate this app.)

A. G. u. Jan 30, 2018     

It is a very frustrating app

Ali. C. Jun 9, 2018     

All 3 Stars

A. G. u. Dec 23, 2016     


Dav. H. May 8, 2017     

The ads are easy for a toddler to click on and to install the app that's being advertised. Be very careful that your kid doesn't install something you don't want on your device.

Nic. C. Oct 28, 2017     

It's the worst game I've ever played in my life and it's really babyish for me and my family and friends

Lyn. H. Mar 10, 2017     

The way you're required to write the numbers is kinda messed up. No need to stop writing certain numbers in the places the game says. Example: It should count if you can write a 2 or 8 in one motion. No need to stop on those numbers. Plus the ads are freaking ridiculous! Horrible for kids

moh. z. Jul 31, 2016     

I just downloaded this app but its too sensitive when toching edges not good for children need some improvment.

Amb. J. Oct 27, 2015     

Downloaded it for my 2 & 3 year olds but even my 6 year old gets told oops! Also way to many ads popping up on a KIDS app!

Chr. C. Jul 26, 2017     

This game my my little bro, through my tablet, this game is so messed up

Ho. K. Mar 28, 2015     

Numbers Board Wonderful app, great work, beautiful interface, very useful. i really love it

Joh. P. E. Jan 31, 2016     

It won't accept my writing on number 2 it keeps saying OPPS!

Sac. M. Jan 4, 2016     

Its really learning through fun for kids

Cyn. H. Apr 15, 2016     

Not good at all!!

Rob. s. 1. Jan 5, 2017     

It was so boring!!! 😥😥😥