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Numbers Match Games Free

Created by parents and teachers, "Numbers Match" is the perfect teaching tool for number identification and counting skills combining exciting card matching game play with professional narration, fun music and positive feedback. It's fun and easy for kids to use.
NUMBERS IDENTIFICATION: •Match numbers to numbers •Match numbers to the group with the same number of items •Hear the numbers as you touch them •Discover new numbers, designs and layouts as you play

COUNTING: •Count items and match them to their number •Match picture cards with the same number of items •Pop balloons and hear them count •"Show Me" option keeps cards face up for easier play

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: •Items, numbers and instructions are professionally narrated •Hints and options allow you to customize difficulty •Players are rewarded with balloon popping and positive encouragement •Traditional memory match and color match available for purchase •Parental controls: Turn off sounds, music, purchases and links to our other apps •We do not collect personal information from our users.


Eggroll Games builds interactive toys that promote learning and engage children through colorful interactivity without confusing buttons or menus.

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Category : Educational

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Reviews (30)

Emm. K. Mar 17, 2020     

The is the best game

Dav. H. Apr 11, 2016     

Would be great if it was truly fee my grand baby likes it. But it all about 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵 this is why are kids are behind everyone else....

The. T. B. Oct 3, 2016     

Number matching was fun for grandson

Ell. B. Jan 24, 2016     

Says the name of pictures and also reads the words so little ones can play - my 1 year old loves this game

Kia. Jan 21, 2016     

My four year old can't stop playing. He loves memory games!

Sar. M. Jan 8, 2016     

My four year old loves it.

Mar. B. Jan 25, 2016     

Good for learning numbers and English

A. G. u. Feb 22, 2016     

My sons both in prek and preschool utilize and enjoy this app.

Ino. Z. Jan 15, 2016     

Fast-paced, good music, good game... Needs only a process of assessing progress...

Jef. H. Jan 1, 2016     

This has been the best app for my 3 year old so far. It seems like a very well thought out app to teach young children while holding their short attention span.

Eze. W. Jan 2, 2016     

This app really helps to build a sound foundation in basic number sense. It relates abstract numbers to real life things. Love it!

J. G. Dec 12, 2015     

Great interactive fun with my 3yo daughter. I love playing games together with her over just letting her watch TV.

Bri. B. Dec 18, 2015     

Great for children starting pre school.It shows how much the number is by showing objects.I think its great for kids to see what they are counting to.

Kri. G. Dec 6, 2015     

My son loves this game. It allows him not only to have fun but to learn number recognition as well as counting.

Nev. E. Dec 9, 2015     

And i like the variety of ways to learn. Numb3rs amtched with same number of a random item. Then same item matching and same numbers matching.

Ang. D. Nov 20, 2015     

A perfect app for little kids or anyone that just wants a stress free way to pass the time. Got it for my nephew and I give it a go every once and awhile between calls at work.

Man. L. C. Dec 3, 2015     

Been using it with my 3-year old and it's awesome. We both have fun while learning and it's something that she looks forward to doing.

Ker. B. Nov 24, 2015     

Haven't tried it yet. Also got the rate it to unlock . can't wait to have my 3 yr old try it now.

Ang. M. Dec 18, 2015     

My 4 year old loves memory games. This game mixes patterns up and is very cute.

Man. M. Jan 6, 2016     

Simple game to start with numbers. The pictures should be a little bigger with more spacing so that it becomes easier for the child to count.

Ang. d. S. Oct 31, 2015     

The game should vary the pic cards. It can't always be 5 watermelons or one sun. The kids just memorise the association and potentially lose the concept of what a number means. I do like it though

Mrs. Z. Oct 17, 2015     

Love that its simple to use just had a deal to write a review and unlock will happen so lets see! But the number game is liked by my 5yr old

Mic. C. Nov 4, 2015     

Love this game for my kid. Matching really teaches numbers well.

Don. P. Jan 3, 2016     

My 5 year old nephew loves it. It is great for when I need to keep him entertained at places

J.A. H. Dec 15, 2015     

Just got this so far it good, will up dated after using it more.

Sop. S. Oct 20, 2015     

Download for my little one, they love it!

Eri. P. Nov 19, 2015     

Great interaction and praise to kids. My son love the music!

Dia. C. Nov 15, 2015     

How can I rate if I haven't actually been able to see what all is available? Will update rate later

Kat. A. Dec 5, 2015     

I love the graphics! I also like that you can match numerals to numerals, numerals to pictures, and pictures to pictures.

Aud. D. Dec 12, 2015     

My 3 year old is learning her numbers.