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Oduu Durii Oromoo Fables

Oduu Durii Oromoo
Oduu Durii (also called Durdurii) is part of Afan Oromo Language oral literature which is equivalent to fables in English. It is type of story which has passed down from generation to generation and told to teach a lesson about different issues. They are usually short stories which illustrate or teach a moral lesson while entertaining at the same time. The message of the stories can be easily understandable or subliminally hidden that one has to wonder around to find out. The stories told could be about animals that can talk and act like humans, or plants or forces of nature. The animals or plants could be able to move and also talk and the natural forces cause things to happen in the story because of their strength. The stories are quite often told by elders to young audience at the sun set or early evening when they make a fire and gather around home. The stories can be categorized in different genre such as Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Historical; Horror, Mystery, Romance, and Thriller. One of the most popular Horror story was the story of Bulguu; Bulguu is a scary animal figure that share similar features with “Beowulf” or “Dracula”.

Hawaasni gara garaa aadaa fi duudhaan isaa osoo hin irraanfatamin fi hin dagatamin gara dhaloota dhalootatti akka darbu taasisuf tooftaalee gara garaan ijoollee isaa barsiisa. Tooftaalee kanneen keessaa kan sabooti adda addaa itti fayyadaman oduu durii dha. Oduu durii saba Oromoo kessatti waan bal’inaan bekkamudha.

Oduun duriin yaroo baay’ee kan himamu ijoolleedhafi. Ijoolleen jiruu fi jireenya kessatti wantoota isaan mudachuu malan ilaalchisee hubannaa akka argatan fi qarooma akka qabaata gochuu kessatti dur durii shoora guddaa taphata. Kana malees ijoolleen waa’ee aadaa, amantii fi seenaa hawaasa isaanii, akkasumas waa’ee bineensotii, mukkeen fi dimshaashumatt uumamaa fi qunnamtii uumamaa walin qabaachun isaanirraa eeggamu dur durii kessatti akka ilaalan fi akka baratan ni taasifamu.

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