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Oil Price & News

"Jake Wetsch ★★★★

- Good oil price app I like the ease of the app and it's accurate as well. I need to know the price of WTI on a daily basis and it's nice not having to go through Web pages to find prices and news now."
"Rusty Black ★★★★★
- Great oil price app for us sand haulers to keep up to date on oil prices. Thanks."

"Jill Nichols ★★★★

- Great! Finally a WTI app that works!"

5 stars ratings and appluaded reviews, used by both the oil and financial industry, and finally a WTI oil price app that really works! Wait no more, Oil Price & News is free, and possibly the best app out there for your daily checks on crude oil prices and news.

You can easily check WTI Crude Oil, Brent Crude Oil & Natural Gas prices as the price and charts are frequently updated through out the day. Real world news and commentaries can be easily read and shared as well.

You can easily share the app and your favourite news piece to your friends and families via social media.

Download Oil Price & News today, it's FREE!

- Intuitively designed and works on all screens
- Instant overview price summary of WTI Crude Oil, Brent Crude Oil and Natural Gas
- Get intraday, weekly and monthly candlestick charts up to 25 years
- Data and charts are updated hourly and daily
- Charts can be viewed in both portrait and landscape mode. They can also be zoom in and out too.
- Personally curated and up-to-date news feed from 19 oil and gas news sources. News sources include BBC, Reuters, Casey Research, Daily Energy Report, Energy Matters, Energy Post, Energy Trends Insider, Forbes, Google News, Jim Rogers' Commentaries, Marc Faber, Oil & Gas Investor, Platts, Rystad, WSJ, Yahoo News and ZeroHedge.
- Share news articles via e-mail, WhatsApp, WeChat, Google+, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Got insights into the energy industry? Send us an e-mail, oilpriceapp@gmail.com or follow us in http://www.facebook.com/oilpricetool

We welcome your feedbacks and comments.

Many thanks.

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Reviews (30)

ED. 5. Apr 29, 2020     

Just isn't working. It won't load the summary page and only shows the 24 hour movement. All the additional screens are blank.

S. S. Jul 7, 2020     

It looks like an orphaned App where no one is there to fix the issues. Earlier it used to work really well but now it doesn't load charts.

Joh. R. Mar 20, 2019     

its slow. slow loading and slow to get articles. BUT its very well laid out with great looking charts.

mar. r. May 3, 2019     

Ok but the percentage movements make no sense The are plus and minus .

Lat. K. Sep 2, 2019     

Good work. But keep live update and latest news

A. G. u. Mar 21, 2019     

the app has been down for about a week and no one has fixed the issues

Rit. D. Jul 20, 2021     

This app is very very slow

And. P. Oct 10, 2018     

Updated and I get the add then please wait and thats it.

pra. k. D. Jul 11, 2019     

very important information for a trader

Dav. W. Jun 5, 2019     

please add stories about that days oil prices

Ala. G. Aug 9, 2019     

Very pleased with the app. Visually appealing with the graphs. The news area is appreciative as well. < Until now. All it does is show the opening ad, then retrieving data........ it refuses to load. Uninstalled, reinstalled. No difference. Won't open. *sigh*

D. S. i. j. Aug 30, 2018     

Did the update and now prices don't load still

Far. A. Aug 17, 2018     

Why is your app couldn't seen any price update...it use to give a good info and I bought this app... Very disappointed

VER. M. L. Aug 3, 2018     

Sometimes not working even updated

Pet. S. Aug 7, 2018     

I live this app but for the last two weeks it does not update historical graphs beyond 1 day, which is what I use it for. What has happened?

Ram. S. Jun 11, 2018     


Dir. K. Jan 12, 2018     

Good app, but I can't use your widget, because the lettering is cut in half. Please fix and I will give 5 stars.

A. G. u. Oct 30, 2017     

Great app if you have to know the price of oil or if you're interested in the oil industry

geo. b. Jan 11, 2018     

It gives me a quick look at the oil market!

Joh. F. Nov 21, 2017     

Prices are more than 1 hour old . This is not news, is history

Mos. A. Aug 4, 2017     

Is app me further pata keyse chalta hai batao. Current dekh ne to sabko ata hai isme kia further pata keyse chalta hai help

Jef. W. May 11, 2017     

I love this app, it gives me a view of trend in oil prices. The author also quickly released a fix for the chart pages as soon as i reported it. Thanks a lot!

Ran. A. Apr 28, 2017     

Love the new design

A. G. u. Jan 8, 2017     

Please consider adding the option of widgets that update at set intervals. I would definitely purchase premium app if it had the option. Thanks.

Chr. V. G. Nov 15, 2016     

Plenty of information, very detailed current and historical pricing, and has never crashed.

Bry. V. Nov 8, 2016     

I made sure to have this app on my new phone just like on the one I just turned in. 'Continued outstanding info, outstanding format, and outstanding ease-of-use!

Ath. B. Dec 20, 2016     

Very good application for those interested in oil and gas prices. A graph with price history (together with price in the first page) could be useful

Mic. E. Dec 7, 2016     

Now when I open the app I have loud sound of the commercials even if phone is on silent mode!!!

Pau. L. Feb 6, 2017     

Great app guys. Straight forward, uncomplicated and informative giving the necessary information at a glance. Thanks guys 👍🌞

A. G. u. Nov 15, 2016     

Great app.. really has good info and a great help.